Ingrown hairs, what do you do about them?

Ingrown hairs, what do you do about them?

Gina RPG Geek Gina RPG Geek
I HATE ingrown hairs! I can't seem to get rid of them or keep them gone. Does anyone else suffer from this? What do you do about in-growns?
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Peggi Peggi
I no longer get them but I have a friend who gets them often, and I sent her this link once and she said some of the tips helped. Especially the one about Salycilic acid

here's your awesome link!!!
indiglo indiglo
Using better products has helped me a TON! Now I use Dona Shave Gel and AfterCare After Shave Oil. Those products have helped me a ton - I have this one area on my right leg that always gets ingrowns, but after using these new products for a month or so, I'm not getting ingrowns there anymore!

The other things I do (including in my bikini area) are to use a scrub with 2% salicylic acid (like Peggi mentioned) on an exfoliating cloth. I give it a good scrub, then let the salicylic acid scrub sit on there for a few seconds, to really get in there and do its trick. Ingrown hairs can basically be treated just like acne: the more you pick at it the bigger it will be, and prevention and regular treatment are the best way to treat them.

Also, if you do decide to dig it out with a pin or needle, DO NOT pluck it. You will want to, but don't give in! Just keep exfoliating and let the hair grow a little, until the next time you shave.
Woman China Woman China
Four words for you:
Ex-Foil-li-ate (spelt wrong, but good pronunciation!!!)

For myself I shave daily never missing a day. I find that if I do not shave for one day I get all itchy with regrowth that it is almost painful. I use Dove original body wash (all the others cause issues) or an olive body wash. Shave daily. That is the first step.

Every other day, I make sure I take either my loofa with some Dove soap or a sea sponge and attack everywhere I shave to get rid of all the crud in the pores.

Now that I am doing a health kick, I still use Dove to shave my pussy, but use more natural scrubs to exfoliate the rest of my body. Since I've been using these natural scrubs I've noticed much less irritation and ingrown hairs on my face and body, where before I might have gotten one or two a week, I've had no new ones form.
Anne Anne
I usually just pluck them out.
Zombirella Zombirella
I pull them out with a tweezer and apply some gel that you put on pimples.
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