#Roundup - February 25th edition

#Roundup - February 25th edition

Gary Gary
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #82!

Over on the Café this week, we're giving away Jopen! Grand prize gets not only their choice of in stock Vanity, but also a Vr2! Don't worry if you don't get the grand prize though, because second place also gets their choice of in stock Vanity vibes

If you haven't already seen what's new to our virtual shelves in the last week, you should check out Kayla's Weekly Buzz New Releases.

On the agenda for the next week:
- Tuesday, March 1st - Holiday Party Planning Committee 7pm – 9pm EST
- Wednesday, March 2nd – Porn Club 8pm – 10pm EST
- Thursday, March 3rd – Reviewers Spotlight 6pm – 7pm EST
- Thursday, March 3rd – CEC 7pm – 8pm EST


- Monday, March 7th - DIY Body Products: Massage candles and Sugar Scrubs 8:30pm – 10:30pm EST
- Tuesday, March 8th – Naked Reader Book Club 8pm – 10pm EST
- Wednesday, March 9th - EPS and Affiliate Stores Workshop 8pm – 10pm EST
- Thursday, March 10th – Eden Cooks 8pm – 9pm EST

After breaking our all time highest record, we have a bit of a light week this week with 339 reviews being submitted! That’s ok, I know next week will be a lot higher.

This week's review picks are brought to you by Darling Jen

And now onto this week's review picks:

Penguin – “Enter the Cock Ring Matrix” A review of the Vibrating Maximizer by Pipedream. Though Penguin can’t explain the odd Matrix reference in the packaging, he does recommend this double ring for cock and balls to any men or couples looking for more all-over vibration and sensation to what would otherwise be ordinary sex. Now enter the matrix rings!

namelesschaos – “How I Became a Treeze Hugger” A review of the Treeze large bubble plug. This wooden plug was namelesschaos’s first wooden toy and he was brave enough to put it in his butt (for experiment and pleasure’s sake, of course). He was blown away by the shape and design and, I’m glad to report, is splinter-free!

Jobthingy – “I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your… Kissa” A review of the Kissa. This unique vibrating, textured, glass toy is made by our own beloved EdenFantasys and Jobthingy gives it a thumbs up for texture, material, and temperature play. Who doesn’t want vibrating glass?

Kayla (Mistress Kay) – “Yooo, My Love” A review of the Yooo by Fun Factory. Everyone’s been all agog with this new adorable vibe and Kayla tells all in this most teasing review. Difficult buttons aside, this is a victory toy from FunFactory! Yooo have talked us all into it, Kayla!

Toying Couple – “Dos Dildos – Stay Horny My Friend!” A review of the Raging hard-ons double dong. Toying couple has mixed feelings about this ‘would be ninja’s weapon’ double dong. They loved the texture and the affordable price but were put off by the extremely porous and smelly material. But it wasn’t enough to dissuade them from putting it in their derrières!
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Kindred Kindred
Another great week and another group of great reviews highlighted!
Jul!a Jul!a
Yay for a great week!
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Originally posted by Kindred
Another great week and another group of great reviews highlighted!
Yay. *wiggle*

And this week really was most excellent.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
HAHA awesome job guys and gals! Does anyone know if there is a Matrix porn?
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Another great week!

Keep up the great work everyone.
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Originally posted by ~LaUr3n~
HAHA awesome job guys and gals! Does anyone know if there is a Matrix porn?
If they made one for the horrid movie "The Human Centipede" then there better be a Matrix one! I want a 360º camera spin around a particularly impressive sex position! Oh! Or maybe the cum shot!

Hm... And why isn't there a "This week's round-up brought to you by..." for this week's thread?
danellejohns danellejohns
Wow, what a wonderful week. Next week looks like it is full of great stuff as well, I can't wait.
Sammi Sammi
Great week, everyone!
ToyingCouple ToyingCouple
Wow! We're honored to be highlighted!
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