Yooo, My Love

The Yooo is my newest lover. The vibration levels are amazingly strong, and the unique shape gives me so many naughty ideas. This even makes a great male's toy for the two of us. I just wish the buttons were easier to press; if that was fixed, this would probably be the top vibrator in my toy box.
Amazingly strong, Very unique/versatile, Good variance in low to high vibes, Waterproof, Adorable!
Hard-to-push buttons, Can make fingers numb
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Oh, Yooo, how can I say enough about Yooo? Yooo and your three little silicone bulbs have made me a happy little camper. Yooo are waterproof and charge through your magnetic charging port. Yooo have a little blue LED back-lit display that makes it easy to know when I've successfully pushed your buttons. Yooo are so amazingly easy to control with your +, -, and * controls. Yooo are just, honestly, a dream come true.

That's annoying, right? It's true though; Yooo and I get along just fine. I absolutely am in love with the strength and quietness of the vibrations that Yooo puts off. There are two separate motors. Each one is in one of the side bulbs that Yooo has. This makes Yooo multi-functional because, unlike a vibe which just has one motor for the body of the toy, Yooo can stimulate two different areas at once. I've mostly used it with one bulb (the smaller bulb) up on my clitoris with the larger bulb resting on the vulva. It seems to work pretty well this way, but unfortunately, on the higher speed settings, holding the Yooo on the middle bulb can make your fingers get numb - and fast. This thing puts out some serious power, and while my sexual organs love it, my fingers don't.

I was amused at trying to find some of the non-sex functions. I normally don't do this with toys, but I think it has something to do with the unique shape of Yooo. For one, this works excellently for a massage as long as you use water-based massage oil. (Oil-based will hurt the silicone of Yooo) If you don't use massage oil, the silicone painfully drags along the skin. I don't notice the dragging with sexual use since I pretty much leave Yooo in one place with sexual use. We also used Yooo on the boyfriend's penis as well. Because there's a little alcove between the two silicone bulbs, the Yooo conforms really nicely to be glided along a penis. Again, you need lube to do that or it just ends up hurting. It works really nicely up along the underside of the shaft, but obviously, it'll be fine wherever your guy is sensitive. We didn't try it on his testicles (I may have a record of not playing nice, and he won't "let" me near them), but it'd be possible to rest this along a guy's testicles or along the perineum.

The boyfriend fought with the charger a bit, but he says it's not too hard to line up. It will slip off from charging if something bumps it though, so keep it away from high-traffic areas. He says the light lights up when the charger connects successfully, and we didn't time it, but we took it off four hours later, and it seemed to be just fine. I haven't managed to run it dry of power yet, though.

The vibration-level are just so amazing. Really. It's like my little mini, portable Hitachi. The vibration strengths are rumbly as well, so I really have no complaints to make about the strength of the vibrations. They start off moderately soft for those who enjoy building up, and they go up to "omg!" strength. The vibration levels aren't too loud either. They definitely could be hurt in the same room, but unless you are on the highest setting, I couldn't hear it through a closed door. I own rabbit vibrators that are much louder than this toy. If you are worried, music seems to cover up the Yoo's noises really well.

Controlling your Yooo is easy. There's a plus, a minus, and star button. The plus button must be held down for two seconds to start up the vibrations, and then a simple button press will turn them up from there. The minus button decreases the strength of the vibrations. The star button actually acts as a little "boost" to the vibrations. If you hold it down for a second, it just gives a second of boost, but if you hold it down for a couple seconds then releases, it stays with with the uber-strong boosted setting until you press the minus button.
My only, only big complaint about my Yooo? The buttons. I'm not sure what it is with amazing clitoral vibrators having bad buttons (first the MiMi, now you, my Yooo love), but these buttons are really hard to push. They are so hard that much hand ends up shaking a bit when holding the + button down for the two seconds required to turn the vibrations on. FunFactory vibrators normally have easy-click buttons, so I have no idea why in the world this one managed to get such sad buttons. They really are difficult to click and change, and worrying about pushing down hard enough is not in my list of enjoyable things to do while masturbating.

This silicone, while not amazingly plushy, is still squishy. It seems like there is the motor and everything underneath each ball, so it doesn't flex that much, but you can definitely feel the squish of the little bulbs when you squish them. The silicone material also is a lint magnet (sadface), so be careful which storage pouch you store it in. When using lubricant, Yooo is only compatible with water-based lubricants, and it can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. It can be sterilized by using bleach on the silicone parts, but honestly, I'd probably just avoid sharing the Yooo because it shouldn't be boiled for sterilization, and it's an odd shape to fit in a condom. (You could probably use a hand-glove though)

My Yooo and I are best friends now. Really. It'd be my Best Friend Forever if the buttons were just easier to press. Regardless, I'm still going to be using my Yooo on a regular basis - even with the frustrating buttons. The vibration strengths partnered with the unique shape and great appplications for the shape make this an amazing, unforgettable vibrator in my toybox.

(As a sidenote, the Actual Size widget is very accurate. I own the pink Yooo, and my Yooo is a bit more vibrant in pink than the on-screen color though.)
Follow-up commentary
The Yooo is still a good vibrator; I don't have much against it, but it just really wasn't the one for me. I feel like the design and controls would be perfect for someone who really loves full-area stimulation, but I didn't find too much love for it. Plus, the buttons sometimes fought with me when my nails were of longer length since they were harder to push. I still like you Yooo, but you just really aren't the vibrator for me.
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  • Contributor: MidnightB
    Great review, ive been wondering about this for awhile and didnt think the vibes would be that powerful for some reason, I love rumbly vibes and love the shape; youve convinced me to go for it.
    Thank you.
  • Contributor: acessorie
  • Contributor: laceypanties
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: Cherrylane
    Sounds like a decent toy! So cute too
  • Contributor: fredacarl
  • Contributor: istas
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: lilys
    thank you
  • Contributor: roskat
    Such a fun shape!
  • Contributor: lalapetitee
    Got it!
  • Contributor: Woman China
    Hummm... might have to reconsider the Fun Factory mini toys... Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: RedFreak
    thanx for sharing
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