Yooo are beautiful. Too bad you're not stronger.

The Yooo certainly wins points for its novel design. It offers eight power levels, plus a turbo boost mode and four patterns of vibration. If you don't need super strong vibrations, it might be just the ticket - as long as it fits well with your anatomy. Be prepared to let it charge a long time for a short period of use.
beautifully designed, unusual, waterproof, rechargeable
vibrations are only of moderate strength, awkward for some anatomies, poor charge time to use ratio
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Apparently the Yooo isn’t a wonder toy for all users. I’m saddened to be the one to have a disappointing experience with it. I believe it may not be the best choice for those with clits of steel like myself. The instructions state ‘3 balls, 2 motors, 1 climax.’ Sadly, that accurately describes the number of times I’ve been successful with the Yooo. But for those who don’t need near Magic Wand strength vibrations and who have the right anatomy, I can see how the Yooo’s deep vibrations could be wonderful.

The Yooo is beautifully and innovatively designed. It consists of three partially overlapping spheres. It resembles a water molecule. The larger ball is five and a half inches in circumference. The smaller one has a circumference of five inches. The center of the larger of the vibrating balls is 2 1/2 inches from the center of the other. The slightest touch causes lights under the buttons to glow. Both motors vibrate during use. There is no way to make only one vibrate.

Each ball is somewhat compressible. I can’t tell how thick the silicone and other compressible materials are, but there’s enough padding that I can’t feel the hard motors inside the balls when I squeeze them.

Its moderately loud on its highest settings. Others will hear it outside a closed door unless music is playing.

Any non-oil-based lube is safe to use with Yooo. Caring for it is easy since its non-porous and waterproof. Simply wash with soap and water and towel dry after use. The silicone isn’t textured but has a lot of drag. I’ve had more of a problem with pet hair sticking to it than with other silicone toys.

Yooo comes packaged in a wonderfully styled box. The charger comes in its own box. The instructions however are printed in teeny tiny text on a colorful background. Clearly they weren’t thinking of my farsighted self when they chose the font and colors for that. Prepare to find a spot with bright light and your strongest glasses if you want to read it.

The Yooo is charged by aligning the word ‘Fun’ on the charger with the word ‘Fun’ on the Yooo. A red light on the charger glows during charging and turns off once its fully charged (or falls off.)

When I first charged it, charging took about an hour but the charge only lasted 7 minutes. Charging it again took a few hours but that charge only lasted 5-10 minutes again. I concluded that it was defective. Now charging it takes a full six hours and it lasts only 50-60 minutes w/no turbo and 30 minutes with turbo. That's how long the instructions say it should last. So maybe it wasn't defective after all. Its probably just that the click-n-charge system, which works great on Bubbles, doesn't stay on the Yooo very well. Now I have to position the Yooo just right, propping it up against various objects just so to keep it from moving and place the charging cord just so to prevent any chance of movement from dislodging the delicate, fragile connection.

I thought it was only supposed to take 6 hours to charge the first time, but it takes 6 hours each time. That seems like a lot of charging for such brief use.

Vibration modes
The Yooo is controlled by three buttons on the white plastic part of the large center ball. Press the plus button to start it and move through increasing intensities and the patterns. Add extra strength by pressing the button with the asterisk to move it into turbo mode. Hold the plus button down to start the vibrations.

It has 8 different levels of steady vibration (plus turbo mode) and four patterns of vibration. The instructions say the four patterns give ‘passionate diversity.’ The patterns are:

1) a rollercoaster that moves vibrations back and forth from one ball to the other.
2) a faster rollercoaster pattern
3) fast pulsing
4) even faster pulsing

Yooo’s vibrations are weaker than those of MiMi, Form 2 or the Mystic Wand rechargeable. I have trouble enough trying to climax even with these vibrators. With the Yooo’s weaker vibrations, I’ve been even less successful. I would be successful with the Form 2 if I didn’t have to remove it every two seconds due to its unfortunate glitch.

Relative strength of selected rechargeable clitoral vibrators:
Mystic Wand > Form 2 > MiMi > Yooo > Voila
As for using it, I can see how others call the vibrations deep. I guess they are, but somehow they don't feel strong enough for me. I've been successful once with it and that was a weak success.

I find it frustrating to use. The balls both vibrate and when one is on your clit the other is either on your fur or below the vagina, places where it doesn't have much effect, at least for me. I tried inserting a ball inside me and having the other ball on my clit, but that's not satisfying either. The ball that's only a tiny bit inside doesn't do much and positioning it that way makes it even less effective clitorally.

Maybe things are not the right distance apart on me to work well with the Yooo.

The only way to use it where I stand a chance of success is to hold the small ball in my hand and position the other ball just under my clit and pushing up. This vibrates my fingers more than I like. Even this way I keep wishing it were stronger.

The instructions say its meant to be used as a ‘lay-on’ vibrator. I assume this means you are meant to lie on top of it. I tried that too. I can't see how that would work for anyone. That was my most disappointing Yooo experience ever.

I also tried pushing the two balls together on each side of my clitoris. You can squeeze the balls together but it took too much effort to keep the balls together and they're not shaped right to use it as a substitute Form 2.

It does have cool lights under the buttons though. The light moves around in a circle under the three buttons in a really cool way as though aliens have possessed it. There’s no doubt that Yooo is beautiful and its design is appealing, inviting and beyond cool. I just wish its strength and dimensions worked better for me.
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