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Oh, Yooo

The Yooo is pretty decent for aiding in massages, but as a sexual aid, it falls a little flat. The size is easy to hold in the hand and maneuver, but the two balls just seem to get in the way if you want anything internally while you're masturbating.
Deep rumbly vibrations, Rechargeable, Waterproof
Doesn't work that great as a clitoral vibe, Shape can be awkward to use sexually
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The Yooo is a fun and unique little toy. It won't be a perfect match for everybody, but if you own it you should be able to find something to use it for. It's meant to be used as a clitoral vibrator, but you can easily use this for massages or stimulating plenty of other erogenous zones.

It comes in a nice little box that has it on display in a clamshell. The charger came in a separate box. When you pull Yooo out of the shell of the box, you'll find that the pretty background is actually an insert and behind that hides a manual, a little product book, and a little sample pack of their toy fluid. The instruction pamphlet tells you that you need to charge your Yooo at least 6 hours before using the first time and that you should get 30 minutes or so of use, but if you're not using the turbo boost the whole time it should last longer.

Yooo is coated in a super soft, super lint grabby silicone. It does like to pick up just about everything under the shining sun. It rinses off easily, but still, something to keep in mind. The top cap where the buttons are located is made of plastic. Yooo is easily handheld, even for those with smaller hands, coming in at just about 4" in a total length and the center "handle" ball being about 2" across. The other two balls aren't equal sized with one being about 1 1/2" across and the other being about 1 3/4" or so across. Each one of those balls has a motor in it, and they vibrate together when you have the toy on.

Charging is simple, so long as you can get everything positioned right. Yooo charges magnetically by attaching the magnetic charger so that the FunFactory logos line up and lights up. After you've charged your Yooo on up, you're ready to use it. There are 3 buttons on top of the toy that you'll use to control the vibrations; +, -, and *. + will turn the toy on and cycle up through the vibrations. - will turn the toy off and cycle down through vibrations. * is the turbo boost mode, where even on the highest level of vibration, you'll get taken to something even higher. After you go through all 8 steady levels of vibration (from a very light vibration to enough to shake your hand) you can press and hold the + button again to access 4 different vibration patterns. To me, they're hard to tell apart but they're supposed to be the vibrations going back and forth from one ball to the other, that same pattern but a little faster, and then a pulsing followed by a faster pulsing.

The vibrations themselves are deeper and more rumbly than a lot of other vibrators out there. They're good for getting kinks out of the back too, but they can make your fingers a little numb if you're trying to hold onto the balls. Something that I've noticed is that on the higher settings, the vibrations feel like they're pulsing to me and they shouldn't be, they should be steady. On my level 8 I can't tell any difference between that and the actual pulsing modes. The buttons also light up all pretty like, which is very nice. I'm not sure why, but my buttons seem to randomly light up. I know it's got a good charge, so it doesn't seem to be an indicator light or anything like that, but it does it. Doesn't seem to be detrimental, but I know mine isn't the only one that does.

Since Yooo is waterproof, you can bring him along to all of your underwater adventures if you like. Cleaning is also a snap since you can fully submerge him to wash him with warm soapy water. A toy spray would work as well, but beware that its lint grabbing abilities mean that you might want to let it air dry. You shouldn't need any lube really, but if you want an extra slick feeling, you can use a water based lube. If you're wanting extra glide (and you probably will because this has quite a bit of drag) for massages, a nice water based lube can work as a great substitute for a massage oil. You should try to store him somewhere he won't try to act like a Swiffer Sweeper, whether that be in a plastic bag or in a drawer by himself.
As a sexual aid, Yooo was fairly lackluster for me. The vibrations are deep and resonate nicely, but I just can't seem to get into using it clitorally. I've got to hold it so that the ball doesn't get in the way of anything I want to use vaginally, and it's just too big to work between us during sex. But truth be told, I bought it to use as a back massager, and it works pretty well for that. It doesn't always get all of my kinks out, but it is nice and relaxing for both of us. It's tough for me to say "you'll love this buy it" because honestly, it's got a limited market I think. If you can find a way to use it for you, you'll probably enjoy it. It works better for massages than for the clit as far as I'm concerned. So if you're looking for a waterproof, rechargeable massager, this is not a bad choice. Otherwise, there are better clit vibes out there.
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