#Roundup - March 04th edition

#Roundup - March 04th edition

Gary Gary
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #83!

Over on the Café this week, we're giving away some Little Secrets! First place gets their choice of any two in stock Little Secrets vibes! Don't get picked first? That's ok, second gets their choice of one Little Secrets vibe!

If you haven't already seen what's new to our virtual shelves in the last week, you should check out Kayla's Weekly Buzz New Releases.

Welcome New Sensations to our Eden Link.

On the agenda for the next week:
- Monday, March 7th - Eden Gives Back - 7pm – 8pm Eastern
- Monday, March 7th - DIY Body Products: Massage candles and Sugar Scrubs – 8:30 pm – 10:30pm Eastern
- Tuesday, March 8th – Naked Reader Book Club – 8 pm – 10 pm Eastern
- Wednesday, March 9th - EPS and Affiliate Stores Workshop – 8pm – 10pm Eastern
- Thursday, March 10th – Eden Cooks – 8pm – 9pm Eastern
- Saturday, March 12th – Workshop: Female Health – 7pm – 9pm Eastern


- Monday, March 14th Eden Lit – 7pm – 8pm Eastern
- Tuesday, March 15th Eden Photographers – 7pm – 8pm Eastern
- Wednesday, March 16th -Workshop: Review program – 6pm – 7pm Eastern
- Wednesday, March 16th – Eden Kink – 8pm – 9pm Eastern
- Thursday, March 17th – Community Events Committee – 7pm – 8pm Eastern
- Thursday, March 17th – St. Patrick's Day Party – 8pm – 10pm Eastern

We had 370 reviews submitted this week! Let's see if we can beat that number next week!

This week's review picks are brought to you by Sex & Lies.

And now onto this week's review picks:

Pleasure Piratess - "MiMi Is For Me! Me!" - Pleasure Piratess pens an adorable, fun to read review of Je Joue's MiMi. She gives us a comprehensive run-down of this powerful clitoral vibrator's amazing functions and intensity levels - all ten of them! She notes that though MiMi's vibrations can make fingers sensitive after prolonged use, this vibe may just replace our favorite luxury toys such as the Form 2.

Kindred - "Sex And A Few Mishaps" - This is an excellent review of the high and low points of Love and Other Mishaps by Digital Playground. Kindred is our guide through the lusty scenes involving the star of this porn - the delicious Stoya - and her co-stars Sasha Grey, Mick Blue and others. Though he felt the sound and storyline cohesiveness could have been better, our reviewer reminds us that if we love Stoya then we will not be disappointed by these sexy scenes!

Tuesday - "Red Decadence" - Tuesday gives us a fantastically informative review of Dai-Do #3, the largest toy from this six piece anodized aluminum line. From its rich decadent hue (called "Red Devotion," how sexy is that?) to its undulating curves, this luxury dildo is as fun to use as it is to look at. Tuesday does warn us that this toy may be too intense for some, but size and texture kinds & queens can rejoice with the Dai-Do #3!

Epicurean - "Not-so-tiny Bubbles" - Epicurean writes us to declare herself another convert of the popular and pint-sized Fun Factory Bubbles vibrator. In her thorough review of the toy, she explains that though she initially felt Bubbles "looked like the Michelin Man," she was quickly won over by its filling girth, deep vibrations and orgasmic pulsation patterns. She suggests treating the toy like "anal beads for [the] vagina" for a sensational experience.

Dwtim - "All Storage Pouches Should Be This Nice" - Need some extra swaddling for your delicate glass toys? Dwtim gives us the 411 on the Phallix Pleasure Pouch, a "super padded" toy pouch that comes in a variety of colors AND sizes. With this bag you can choose just how much space you'll require for that beloved but fragile pleasure object of yours, and Dwtim provides us with some great pictures to illustrate the dimensions.
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Kindred Kindred
Another great week! And I am honored to have my porn review highlighted this week
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Awesome week and really amazing reviews were highlighted!
Sammi Sammi
Great week - congratulations, everyone!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Man the Awesomsauce is flowing freely at Eden! Great week everyone and nice picks! Honored am I to be picked with such great reviews.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Awesome week everyone
Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
Great job everyone! Congrats! I love this community!!
Kayla Kayla
Great week! There are some exciting events coming up!
M121212 M121212
Wow, that is a lot of things going on!
danellejohns danellejohns
Another wonderful week! Great job everyone.
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