#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (03/04/11)

#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (03/04/11)

Kayla Kayla
This week, we have a ton of new products to hit our virtual shelves. Aren't you excited?

First up, we have the new Noir Wrist Bands restraints from Sportsheets. The button-closure cuffs include a D-ring for easy bondage use, and for those who like their items completely synthetic, these restraints are vegan-friendly. They are optimal for those who want strong, reliable cuffs but also take solace in having any easy way out if need be. Laurel sums this up perfectly in her review: “I really liked these cuffs more than I expected to. They are not heavy duty but they suit my purposes more than well and knowing I can get out of them should my partner keel over dead or run screaming from the room (worst case scenario people, you gotta think ahead!) I won't expire waiting for someone to come untie me.” Looks like the Noir Wrist Bands are a good choice! If you prefer your cuffs in red, we sell the Rouge Wrist Cuffs which are the same product in red.

Looking for an easy way to use a vibrator during doggy style sex or do you just want more leverage for deeper penetration? Again, Sportsheets has you covered. The Vibrating Doggy Style Strap features a strong strap for deeper penetration and a small bullet-area that will hold a bullet vibrator up against the genitals. It kills two birds with one stone! Gabe is really fond of the Vibrating Doggy Style Strap. He says: “With this strap, rather than holding onto her hips themselves, I held on to the strap handles, which were six inches further back. Doesn't seem like much of a difference, right? Just six inches? But it is. With the extra six inches, I could pull my cock out further than before, allowing me to make larger strokes in and out of my partner. I also got a better view of my cock sinking into my partner's cunt, which, let me tell you, was a huge turn on.”

We released a couple Basixs Dongs this week, and the Basix Dong with Suction Cup was one of them. It's a realistic-looking dildo with a suction cup to take your pleasure wherever you'd like to take it. It's body-safe, and according to other Pipedream Products suction cup reviews, the suction cup holds pretty well also. While this information was all about the Basix Dong with Suction Cup, we also added the Basix Slim and Basix Dong. Check them all out!

Bondage been on your to-do list lately? The Elastabind Corset Restraints are Sportsheets-made restraints that look attractive while binding at the same time. The restraints can be used in the variety of ways, and it will look a lot more sexy than traditional cuffs. Sex Fairy, in her review, says “Try this on and model it as a sexy surprise to give your lover some fun new ideas, or for a sexy photo shoot!” Sexy bondage? Elastabind Corset Restraints have got you covered!

Have System JO lubricants been on your wishlist for awhile? Did you know that we just added a bunch of new System JO products to the system? Have you been interested in the System JO 2 to Tango lubricants? The set is basically two his/her lubricants that interact together to make an interesting, sexy sensation. There's one warming lubricant and one cooling lubricant. The lubricants are latex-safe, and her lubricants are both paraben and glycerin-free to help avoid irritation.

Interested in the other lubricants that System JO is offering? You can have your choosing from a variety of our new additions! The System JO H2O Flavored Lubricant is now available in chocolate, tropical fruit, pineapple, tangerine, banana, peach, lemon, and pomegranate. System JO H20 Lubricant has also been added to the website as well as System JO Premium Cool Lubricant, System JO Silicone Warming Lubricant, System JO Premium Cool Anal Lubricant, System JO Premium Lubricant, and System JO Agape Personal Lubricant.

We released other products this week as well. As many of you know, our porn club DVDs for this month are The Interns and Almost Heaven. Both of those DVDs were released for purchase this week.

We're so excited that New Sensations is now joining us here on EdenLink! Not only do they make some sexy adult DVDs, but they also make some pretty unique-looking sex toys. New Sensations uploaded the Tatu Sin and Tatu Lust to our “Upcoming Releases” this week, so while you can't purchase either vibrator yet, you can add them to your wishlist to be first to know when these unique-looking traditional vibrators become available for purchase. Both feature really unique artwork designs on them; pick whichever one suits your fancy!

Which one of our new releases are you “jonesing” for?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Noir Wrist Band Restraints
Miss Madeline , Nacht Stern
Rouge Wrist Cuffs
Vibrating Doggy Style Strap
pinkcupcakes , buzzvibe , Stagger13
Basix Dong with Suction Cup
Basix Dong
Basix Slim
Elastabind Corset Restraints
ZenaidaMacroura , Sammi , ellejay , Red Vinyl Kitty , Miss Madeline
System JO 2 to Tango
Shellz31 , namelesschaos , pinkcupcakes
System JO H2O Flavored Lubricant
ZenaidaMacroura , Coralbell , danellejohns
System JO H20 Lubricant
ToyTimeTim , ZenaidaMacroura , namelesschaos , Kindred , Coralbell
System JO Premium Cool Lubricant
Darling Jen , Mliketheletter
System JO Silicone Warming Lubricant
System JO Premium Cool Anal Lubricant
System JO Premium Lubricant
ToyTimeTim , Kindred
System JO Agape Personal Lubricant
The Interns
Almost Heaven
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I have the System H20 and the Premium lubes coming and I am super excited to try these out. I have heard good things about them. The Tango could be fun too.
ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
I don't know how well they'd work, but those corset restraints are pretty cute. I could always use some more lube, too.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I curious about the lubes especially the silicone warming lube, these are the only warming silicone lubes I know of.
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by ZenaidaMacroura
I don't know how well they'd work, but those corset restraints are pretty cute. I could always use some more lube, too.
The corset restraints just look amazing for a sexy picture. I think I'd love to have them just for that.
Miss Madeline Miss Madeline
I so want the corset restraints. Of course, I'm pretty easy--give me something that restrains me and I'm all over it.
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
Noir Wrist Band Restraints
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