#Roundup - May 20th edition

#Roundup - May 20th edition

Jul!a Jul!a
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #94!

On the Calendar for the next week:
Monday, May 23rd: Eden Lives Healthy 8:30pm-9:30pm EST
Tuesday, May 24th: Screenwriters Club 12pm-1pm EST
Tuesday, May 24th: Naked Reader Book Club 8pm-10pm EST
Wednesday, May 25th: Workshop: Review Program 7pm-8pm EST
Thursday, May 26th: Eden Bloggers 8pm-9pm EST
Wednesday, June 1st: [color-magenta|Porn Club] 8pm-10pm EST
Thursday, May June 2nd: Reviewers Spotlight 6pm-7pm EST
Thursday, May June 2nd: Community Events Committee 7pm-8pm EST

- Did you know that TacoODoom is running her marathon on Sunday? Make sure you stop by and show her some support!!

- Over on the Eden Cafe this week, we're giving away FunFactory! First place gets their choice of any in stock G4 vibrator, a Smartballs Teneo Uno or Duo, and FunFactory's own Toyfluid lube! Second place gets to pick one of the G4 vibes; Tiger, Patchy Paul, Paul & Paulina, Calla, or Elegance.

- Want to know a little more about FunFactory's G4 vibes? You can check out Kayla's spotlight on them.

- Also be sure to check out Kayla's Weekly Buzz thread to see what's new this week!

-Did you see that Bswish has joined our EdenLink?

- If you haven't seen Girl With Fire's Eden Fantasys: The History of a Sex Shop, you should go check it out! The first chapter is the history behind the name.

- This week we had 329 reviews submitted. We beat last week by one, think we can do better next week?

Name that Toy
Post your guess on this Roundup thread. All correct guesses will go into a weekly drawing.
One winner will be chosen randomly and announced on next weeks Roundup. Winner gets a $25.00 GiftCard

VioletMoonstone won the Name that Toy contest last week! The correct answer was the The Zone!

(How would you like to pick the reviews for the Weekly Review Roundup? You get a nifty $25.00 GiftCard.
Send me an email at Gary@EdenFantasys.com – subject line “Hosting the Roundup”.)

This week's reviews were brought to you by Heartthrob.

And now on to this week's picks!

Vaccinium - Don't be Sheepish, Ewe Should Read This - Ever wonder what it would be like to take a nice, sexy, sheep out on a date? They're the sweetest things you've ever met from fairy tales right? Wrong! Vaccinium gives us his story on a date with a little sheep. She turns out to be a real black sheep who likes her sex wild! This hilarious review will leave you lusting for an inflatable sheep or give you uncontrollable laughter.

Tim1724 -A Simple Yet Effective Silicone Ring -Ever wondered how to get rid of the pesky problem of not being able to use those pocket pussies because you just fall right out of them? Tim1724 has the answer in his cock ring review. Not only does he solve the age old problem of the pocket pussies that so many men experience, but he also gives advice on safe cock ring usage.

Tuesday - Incredibly Versatile Restraint -Let Tuesday show you how to restrain your lover where they can't escape! The Neck and Wrist Restraints are sturdy and able to keep your lover in place. But don't think about using this bondage beauty just one way. Oh no, Tuesday will show you how to use it multiple ways to keep the fun going.

P'Gell -Fly Your Kink Flag with this Beautiful Accessory Piece -The glam of Hollywood awaits you with the Marylin wrist cuffs! These jewel studded cuffs are just too dainty to be used in bondage but use them as a sexy, BDSM accessory and you've got it made! The cuffs are so sexy and stunning that P'Gell is getting complements on the street! Way to go!

Dwtim -Teaching Blow Jobs as a JobThe art of giving your man a blow job now comes in an instructional DVD! Dwtim does a wonderful job of breaking the DVD down and explaining everything within it. Learn how to give a basic blow job, a hand job, and of course all the advanced techniques in the porn industry with this video.
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  • Sexy Treats For Her! Gorgeous Gift Set For $60
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sexyintexas sexyintexas
My guess is the Tongue Tickler, lol I was just looking at it.
tim1724 tim1724
Yep, it looks just like the tongue tickler, except in purple instead of pink. It even has that nose...

And thanks for including one of my reviews in the roundup again!
Kindred Kindred
Great week all!
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
Yeah, I'm going to say that you put a lil' color on the Tongue Tickler to make it harder....

ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Good week folks! Congrats to this weeks picks.

Could not miss that nose anywhere or no matter what you do to it.

Tongue Tickle
Sammi Sammi
Another great week - congratulations everyone!
tigerkate tigerkate
That's the Tongue Tickler!
Final guess!
wetone123 wetone123
Great job reviewers!
The Tongue Tickler! Couldn't miss that nose if you tried! Except its purple?
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Those are some pretty great picks this week.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Tongue tickler agreed.. sneaky with the color change

Awesome week everyone
Naughty Student Naughty Student
Actually, I am going to say they we-vibe...

Lol, ok, I just saw it too, it is the tongue tickler, lol. Took me a while!!!
Maiden Maiden
The tongue tickler. That is one weird looking toy!

Congrats to all in the Roundup! Really nice reviews!
Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
Had to do a bit of comparing, but definitely the Tongue Tickler!
Screaming Violet Screaming Violet
No amount of photoshopping can hide the somewhat strange appearance of the Tongue tickler - that thing reminds me of the rolling stones graphic!
MandaB MandaB
Tongue Tickler
Hadespark Hadespark
The tongue tickler
Peace357 Peace357
Tongue Tickler!
Eucaly Eucaly
It's "Tongue Tickler".
Antipova Antipova
That is Pipedream's Tongue Tickler for sure.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
Tongue Tickler, you tricky minxes.
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