#Roundup - April 03rd edition

#Roundup - April 03rd edition

Victoria Victoria
We had over 125 total reviews come in this week – not too shabby, ya’ll.

Our fourth voting thread finished this week, another big howdy to our 7 new Advanced Level reviewers!

The fifth voting batch is up and has been put into 4 groups on 4 separate voting polls. These polls are open for votes until Tuesday, April 7th at 7:30pm – get your read on and vote...please!

This week, we have a basket full’a goodies:

Sisters are doing it for themselves...in Erocktavision’s Toys over Boys – a hot new all girl porn release. Gabe talks about the steamy but realistic strap-on scenes, the elaborate fantasy sets and the refreshing special feature montage of kissing scenes. Not a perfect DVD, but not bad either.

Tantric gives a great breakdown of the book Superdate: how to be one, how to get one and points out that most of this stuff is instinctual if not common sense. Heartfelt, yet pragmatic advice from one of the nice guys, who muses about how some of these situations just don’t apply to everyone.

The instructions she gave the Tickling tongue cock ring were simple: “lick the clit and rock the cock”. And according to her review, Cinnamon Chambers got her wish...over and over. This 5 star rated vibrating cock ring sounds pretty awesome – especially for being touted as making Miss C2 come too quickly!

Carrie Ann indulged her sweet tooth with this simple and very orange g-spot toy, the Sugar Drop. Her photos really show the size and presentation of this little piece of art, just a shame it can’t sit in its stand on her desk all day!

You’ll shoot your eye out!!! Well, maybe...or your partner’s eye...as that saucy minx Red warns in her excellent and hilarious review of the beautifully efficient Curve by Fun Factory. G-spot orgasms and squirting ahoy!

So, these are just a few...which others were your favorites this week?
Springbreak fever is still running rampant, finals loom and conventions are wrapping up – busy times for many out there. Hope you all find the time to get down and dirty – have a great weekend!
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Sammi Sammi
I liked Carrie Ann's review of the Sugar Drop, and also this one by Darling Dove:
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
The two that stand out for me are Backseat Boohoos review of the sensuous massage oil (cuz I LOVED that she tested it on so many people) and Sleeping Dreamers review of the Jasmine (cuz I've longed for it for so long).

Lots of great reviews this week, though, as always. So much talent, so many toys!
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
And thanks for the mention!
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
This is bad; now I want these toys even more. NO MONIEZZZZ!
Red Red
I liked Baby Sinead's review of the Unicorn Horn link

Thanks for the mention In The Pink!
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