P-spot, lend me you knowledge.

P-spot, lend me you knowledge.

tantric tantric
Ok, I have to admit as a straight male I've shyed away from letting anything go "up there". I keep hearing way to much about the great experience of P-spot orgasm and am wondering where to begin toy wise. What do you like? why do like it? For for you pro's think back to those earlier days. What would you have done different? Why? hygiene is a big concern so silicone really sticks out to me. glass seems so rigid but what do I know? The aneros seems an interesting choice. please let me know your thoughts.
thanks, Tantric
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Liz2 Liz2
My b/f just loves the NJoy Pure Plug. Wares it many times during vaginal sex with me and during masturbation. It does hit his p spot and does deliver an awesome climax.
Chou Wang Chou Wang
Originally posted by tantric
Ok, I have to admit as a straight male I've shyed away from letting anything go "up there". I keep hearing way to much about the great experience of P-spot orgasm and am wondering where to begin toy wise. What do you like? why do ...
Hell where to begin? I guess the best part is being introduced to the anal/prostate play by your partner. But solo play is a start too. But let's go through your questions one by one.

* What do you like?
This is a wrong question. As you can see from many reviews here, the same product might have two completely opposite reviews. I guess it's time and patience which will help you to find out what exactly you like. I like to be a bit tipsy when I play with my ass. Feels more intense, goes easier.

* Why do like it?
Fun, screaming orgasms, better sex, healthier pelvic muscles, healthier prostate. As a consequence longer sexual vitality.

* What could be done different?
Well not much except that I fell for certain hyped toys. (see my reviews) I guess I should have started it much earlier.

* As for materials and hygiene. I personally believe if you properly care for your toys the material doesn't matter. Silicone is great for sure, but there is nothing better than UR3 or Cyberskin. Glass and metal are excellent at a bit more advanced stage. They are rigid and if your muscles are not used to this activity you might hurt yourself. An enema before the play is a must but that's my opinion.

* As for Aneros. Well it's certainly not a bad thing, but you have to have your sphincter under total control. Most people get frustrated too soon with it as this is a hands free toy.

I guess getting a small soft (don't take Jelly material) dildo is a very good start. 1" should be OK in diameter. Also a vibrating G-spot shaped dildo/vibrator with a soft tip (!) is a good thing to touch the prostate and a the same time relax the sphincter through vibrations. A butt plug is also a decent addition to the collection. Browse reviews to see what suits you best.

There is no how-to and there is no general guideline except the obvious, hygiene, patience and fun. You will figure out what you like more be it size, vibration, P-Spot massage or altogether...

Have Fun!
Beans Beans
I find prostate stimulation alone to lead to a different type of orgasm. You might try experimenting using some lubricant and your fingers to see how you feel about it.

I haven't had much luck hitting mine with things like the Rude Boy, however using dildos I can usually hit it. Falling back to manually using fingers usually always gets it for me.

There is also quite a bit of enjoyment of a combination of many different types of stimulation.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I think Chou Wang did a great job of explaining things, and I won't go into that much detail, but I would like to add my own thoughts.
Prostate stimulation and eventually prostate orgasms are a new and different area for most guys. I like to explore my sexuality, and this was a great way to do it. I had done some anal play before and enjoyed it but didn't understand why. This gave me a greater excuse to experiment with anal play and gave me something to shoot for.
What would I have done differently? Although I think it is a good idea to start with a softer (preferably silicone) toy, I invested in a few too many silicone toys at the beginning, so I might do that over again. Personally, I prefer the extra stimulation that a firmer material (preferably steel or glass) can provide.
I agree with Chou Wang about the Aneros. It takes a lot of work and patience to achieve the hands free orgasm, plus I think they are all made out of plastic, so sterilization is out the window. It is nice to have and try out though.
Just relax, take it slow and above all, have fun!
Snappy Snappy
I suggest the Aneros Peridise Beginner Set and some nice thick lube (Hathor Aphrodisia works nicely).
Ciao. Ciao.
Originally posted by tantric
Ok, I have to admit as a straight male I've shyed away from letting anything go "up there". I keep hearing way to much about the great experience of P-spot orgasm and am wondering where to begin toy wise. What do you like? why do ...
Whether you actually orgasm from it or not prostate stimulation feels really good! My (female) partner and I love playing with a strapon, and the sensation of penetration is really enjoyable whether I'm actually focusing directly on trying to achieve a p-spot orgasm or not.

I've never tried out the aneros line of toys, but have heard good things. I'd definitely recommend silicone or glass, because they're very easy to keep clean, try something small in width for starters, but I would recommend something you can manipulate pretty easily maybe a simple silicone dildo. Try it out see how it feels for you and then go from there. Plugs can be great on their own as well, and would be an easy way to start exploring but wouldn't allow you as much ability to directly explore your p-spot since you couldn't manipulate them quite as much.
Kestrel Kestrel
I see some posts recommending a soft toy for first time prostate massage. I'm thinking of just taking the leap and bypassing the soft toys and going right for the Pure Wand. Is that nuts?
ScottA ScottA
I hear great things about the Pure Wand, but I'd recommend starting with a finger or two. Fingers are small, sensitive (so you know what you're pressing on), and most people have a few laying around already. Also, they can move around on their own.
ScottA ScottA
The big question with hard toys is this: do you know enough about your personal layout up there and are you going to be slow/careful enough to avoid bruising something. If the answer to both is yes, then you can go ahead and go for it.
csweatc csweatc
I started with the Aneros MGX and have since gone through most of the Aneros range and on to other plugs, massagers and vibrators. My first several times with the Aneros really didn't yield anything for me except the feeling of something foreign inside me. I tried it off and on for several months, managing to achieve familiarity for how it felt inside of me, and to use it as an aid to regular masturbation, which incidentally felt great. Doing this I was able to stop touching my penis at a certain point during a session, then eventually orgasm from the massager alone. This was a regular orgasm that was quite a bit more intense than through regular masturbation or sex. Eventually though I got disinterested with not ever achieving a super O as the people in the Aneros forums call it, so I put it away. I eventually started using it again, and I tried it after I had smoked weed. This was an epiphany for me. After a couple of these sessions I was able to have a super O.
So over the course of a couple of years I got the Helix, the Eupho and the Peridise beginners kit, along with some cheap useless p-spot vibrator. Out of curiosity, I found this site at some point, and really started to get interested in other types of toys after reading the reviews that had been posted here. All the while, the intensity of my prostate orgasms and my ability to have them grew. My first real toy outside the Aneros line was a Don's Wands Bent Graduate. The feeling of this toy was much different than what I was used to, but I got immense pleasure from it, and achieved more and different orgasms with it. This has led to getting a Cyberglass perfect P Spot glass plug, which is my new favorite toy, and more recently a new larger plug that EF sent over for review which I will post up in a week or so. So far this new toy has given several extremely intense orgasms. What has struck me is how different each toy is, and how good all of them are (save for the poorly manufactured ones).
I think my particular path, starting with the Aneros and working up to larger toys worked out well. I really can't imagine starting with the Cyberglass Perfect P spot and wanting to continue attempting to get pleasure through my prostate; that would have just been too painful I think. There is a misconception amongst ardent Aneros users though that this toy is the only one worth trying in order to experience this sort of pleasure. My experience has been that the possibilities are varied and exciting, and that the Aneros toys are excellent, but so too are all sorts of other devices. I think the hardest thing about all of this is the stigma that is attached to it. Most people are freaked out and conflicted with the idea of putting something up the butt, so it hard finding someone to share this intense pleasure with.
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