Does anyone else hate the Hitachi?

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Yes I hate it!
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Originally posted by Wicked Wahine
Yeah, I hate it & I make no apologies for that.
Whoa! I just found out mine is a knock-off! I was looking at the customer pictures on the product page & saw some that showed the difference between the real, which is sold here on EF & the fake sold elsewhere, (I got mine at Am*z*n, just another reason to shop the store you can trust, NOT where I did - in my defense I never heard of EF back then) !

DigitalSweety included the comparison photos & info on this, in her review, under personal comments. Thanks to her, for enlightening me!!!

Here's the link to her review: link
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Originally posted by Beck
I wasn't impressed with it. It's far too big. It vibrates everything. I want localized vibrations to the clit. I don't need my whole labia stimulated. I don't hate the Hitachi though. I definitely don't love it.
yeah this is exactly what puts me off of it
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Originally posted by NoneNone
The itch was a thing for me too. I can't figure out why though? Any thoughts?
I've heard that happens because it is tearing your sensitive parts. It happens to me too and it sucks!
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As a sex toy, I hate it! As a back massager it's great!
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To say that I hate my Hitachi would be blasphemy.