Wanted: clitoral stimulators with less intense vibrations

Contributor: springbaby springbaby
Hi! I'm new to the community and thought I would dip my toes into the discussions. Right now I'm looking for any input that y'all might have regarding clitoral stimulators.

I'm the odd woman that DOESN'T like strong vibrations. I don't mind moderate, but anything beyond a certain point is just painful and numbing for me. I guess I have an overly sensitive clit. I'm searching for a clitoral stimulator that has less intense vibrations. I ordered the Bcurious and received it today, but after charging it and just running through the vibration levels on my arms and over my yoga pants, I can already tell that all of the levels are way too intense for me. I guess that means that I'll return it. I really do want to add a toy specifically for clitoral stimulation to my toy chest, though. I'm mostly looking to use the toy on myself during solo sessions and maybe as foreplay with my partner, but not necessarily for use during penetrative sex.

I've been picking through reviews and discussions, but just can't seem to find enough information. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: - Kira - - Kira -
Hmmm....well, I thought Nea was way too weak for me, so that may work out well for you. Also the Zini Seed is REALLY cool, but didn't cut it for me strength wise. The Seed goes up to four vrooms though, so that may be "too much" maybe? You could always use the lower settings. The Nea on low almost feels like it's off. I believe the Lily has the same motor (it's for sure the exact same shape) but with a different material in case you don't like Nea's plastic.
Contributor: Antipova Antipova
Hey, you're like me! The only clitoral toy that doesn't numb me (though, granted, I haven't tried very many, after trying a few that did numb me I turned sort of sour. But this one cheered me up!) is the Tantus Spoon---it's a modest li'l bullet vibe, covered with a really pretty orange silicone (and there are some other shapes, just search "Little Secrets" if you want a more teasing tickling sensation---the Spoon is good for pressure, though, which I like)

Let me know if it works for you, too
Contributor: springbaby springbaby
Thank you both so much for the suggestions! Will definitely look at all of those options.
Contributor: indiglo indiglo
You might also want to check out the RO-150mm Slimline Bullet. It was too weak for me, but sounds like it might work out really well for you! It has many different settings, so you can get the pros of the stronger toys, just with less power.
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
Maybe you've already tried this, but I have a very sensitive clit too and what works for me is to hold the vibe about 1/2 inch away from my clit so the vibrations have to travel through my skin. It makes the vibrations subtle enough to work for me.
Contributor: Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Fun Factory's vibes usually have a nice vibration range, starting out so soft you can barely feel it and escalating gradually from there. LELO's Alia is similar and you can use the patterns on any strength if you happen to like them, though it's more expensive.
Contributor: Missmarc Missmarc
I have the Lelo Alia, I think you'd enjoy that.