Where do you hide your sex toys?

Where do you hide your sex toys?

Fanny Fanny
I've always wondered where it is that people hide their naughty toys and other things. Where do you hide them?
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HIDE THEM? Why would I hide them?
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My nightstand.
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A designated toy/play box.
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Scattered around the house, like Easter eggs!
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Somewhere so secret, I could never tell.
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Other! (Please explain!)
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Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
I am currently awaiting delivery of a Devine Play Chest and a Tunti Lighted Boudoir Case to store and protect my toys. In the meantime, my toys are mostly inside individual pouches stuffed inside a tote that is too full to close. I have the tote sitting out in our living room, so it is not hidden at all! (Not to mention the fact that there is always about three toys lying out in plain sight drying, in addition to the Tenga Flip Hole Black that we also keep out in plain sight inside its clear container. My Je Joue G-Ki and Njoy Pure Wand sit inside their lovely boxes on top of our dresser.

My husband and I live alone, so it is not exactly a priority to hide our toys. However, if we had other people living with us (or visitors), I would take care to be more discreet. I would probably hide the toys in the bottom of my closet behind long clothing inside some type of protective container (like a shoe box). I would probably also place some toys inside bags to hang from a hanger with a shirt/sweater/jacket over it to conceal it and then conceal the entire thing in the most crowded part of my closet, packed in amongst other hanging garments.
trios trios
We have 3 kids who will one day root through our things (for sure!). Right now they are too small to find our 'treasure chest' and it sits high up in a cardboard box in my closet. Will have to be more inventive tho as they get older!
sexysweetieshan sexysweetieshan
I had most of my toys in my nightstand, and still have some in there, so that's what I chose. However I recently received a Toibocks, so that is where some of my toys are now.
Gatita Gatita
I hide mine in my dresser draws, under the clothes. Have to look into a better option, now with nosey little kids wondering about.
Darling Jen Darling Jen
I have too many to stick them in my dresser. I'd displace a lot of clothes if I did. So I have a designated box for them, which I'm thinking I need to upgrade on already.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I don't hide them. I live alone and although I have quite a few drawers and bins for my toys, there are always ones on the nightstand, always ones on the vanity either waiting to be washed or drying. Oh, and whatever I'm currently working on reviewing is on the coffee table.
Liz2 Liz2
I did hide my toys in a bureau drawer, covered by sweat shirts, and in my night stand. Now they are under my bed in a shoe storage container that has plastic "see through" coverings.
Overall, I stopped being concerned about hiding my toys...there is always something drying in the bathroom, my b/f's masturbation sleeves are on the window sill and a harness may be hanging on the shower rod. But when I expect guests, I do scramble to put things away.
ToiBocksDawn ToiBocksDawn
I keep my regular faves in my ToiBocks (ovi!) and I have a zippered bag in the closet for the ones I only dig out on special occasions!
P'Gell P'Gell
My Man and I have children and some things are just our business, so yeah, we "hide" our toys. Although I prefer to consider it "storage." I don't want to feel I have to "hide" things in my own home. "Discreet storage" is a better way to put it, I think.

I like to use Sugar Saks (which I really really really really hope Eden will carry eventually) they are satin bags, with a drawstring and an bacteriostatic lining, (the Extra Large even has a pocket, where we keep some anal beads) I also have a nice tote bag, I got from a clothing company for buying a lot of stuff from them, where I love to keep my Erotica and my Smart Balls, (in a small satin bag, with sequins, which I got at Pier One.) We have one Sak for our regular vibes and beads and plugs (each plug is in it's own little velvet bag, which originally held jewelry. I guess I like bags) and an other Sak for the cuffs and tethers. I also store lubes and my bullet and countless, useless "arousal jels" in a small cubby in the headboard of our water bed.

Oh, and I also keep the Wahl and it's attachments in a large make up bag, under my nightstand, on top of a bunch of Graphic Novels.

We have the damn things all over the bedroom. I am a pretty detail oriented person, so I usually remember which toy is where. My Man is always forgetting and looking in the wrong place, except for the Sak we keep in HIS drawer, which is under the water bed.

I'd love one of those Toi Boxes, but, I'd have to make room for it.
Envy Envy
Box and such, under the bed.
Annemarie Annemarie
I have an ottoman that I keep them in. The smaller ones (like my buttplugs, Smartballs, Mia, etc) I keep in my foot-long toy case, and the larger ones I just keep in plastic bags out of the case. A few I keep out all the time, like my Gigi.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We have a bureau drawer dedicated to toys - and also keep some in the nightstand drawer. Both are full now - so every new toy means that an old or unused one must go!
Jul!a Jul!a
There's a few in our toi tissue, but mostly everything else resides in a dresser that everybody else knows not to go into, lol
gone77 gone77
I keep mine in toy storage containers. I've got a huge table stand thingie that my TV sits on, and it's hollow inside. I just open up the two little cabinet-like doors and fit everything in there. It's very handy.
Passionate Pastor Passionate Pastor
We have 2 small kids so hiding the toys is a must. Where we do so changes slightly but as the collection grows, we are running out of places.
SydVicious SydVicious
I have small plastic bins that I keep my toys in. The bins about 9x12 but only like 3 inches tall, so I can lay toys in there and stack the bins. That way toy s can be separated. I am hoping to get a Devine toychest very soon also.
Avant-garde Avant-garde
I made a safe that I put my novelty items into.
Kindred Kindred
Right now we don't really hide them at all. They're mostly laying around or in our nightstand for storage. However, with two young kids, I'm going to have to figure a better place to store them soon.
bzzingbee bzzingbee
I keep most of them in either an old cosmetic case that came from one of those luggage sets from the 70's or a smaller box marketed specifically for toys. But, the ones I'm currently using get to live in my nightstand. I rotate them to that coveted spot as needed.
deadpoet deadpoet
most of my toys are in a special bag, but then others are just out in the open. this may sound weird; I still at my parents, but I don't feel like I have to hide them.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I don't bother hiding them, but I did buy an antique 1930's steamer travel trunk that I am filling up to save space.
Fanny Fanny
Originally posted by Annemarie
I have an ottoman that I keep them in. The smaller ones (like my buttplugs, Smartballs, Mia, etc) I keep in my foot-long toy case, and the larger ones I just keep in plastic bags out of the case. A few I keep out all the time, like my Gigi.
i like the ottoman idea! I should get one of these.
A sex ottoman! Doubles as sex furniture!
Alicia Alicia
Right now we have them in our nightstand drawer and then a dresser drawer that's right next to the bed. We have three kids so we need to make sure they're always put away. As they get older and get to be more into snooping we'll have to change our methods and get something locking, but for now this works
Sanjay Sanjay
Originally posted by Fanny
I've always wondered where it is that people hide their naughty toys and other things. Where do you hide them?
No kids here and we don't have guests over very often, so most of the time they are in plain sight... if someone is staying the night though I might toss them in a closet in a box or something, but that is rare.
TheCleansing TheCleansing
In a box under the bed.
Sera Sera
I have a box for them, that I keep with stationary, so that that's what they seem to be.
Love Buzz Love Buzz
I keep the majority of my toys and other bits & pieces in my dressing table/night stand, but must admit I have a few other hiding spots all over the house!
new southern girl new southern girl
Originally posted by Fanny
I've always wondered where it is that people hide their naughty toys and other things. Where do you hide them?
Although I chose other the main pace they are is in the desk next to the bed. But, since our toys are at his house and he has older children, they get put in a lock box when they come home! I mean at least if they found them they would know their dad actually has a sex life! I think it's kinda funny though.
brokenangel brokenangel
They are not really hidden they are in my nightstand where if someone just opened one of the drawers they would find a nice collection!
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