Where do you hide your sex toys?

Where do you hide your sex toys?

Waterfall Waterfall
Mine are all stored in their own pouch, in a box together, under my bed when I am home . At school it doesnt matter, because I have my own apartment.
SexYnCute Couple SexYnCute Couple
I buy those shoe organizers for under the bed. I don't get the clear plastic ones, we have children. Each space holds many toys. I have one and my fiance has one. We even bought word pad locks , so no one can get into them. It's cheap and they stay clean in their box or in the pouches.
softkkisses softkkisses
Not that I have that many yet! I have a lock box for them. But I have seen a nice box on Eden that would be nice to have!
usmcwife99 usmcwife99
My roomates and sisters know were my toys are. They know what drawers to leave alone if there looking to borrow a shirt of mine or something.

The repsect my dresser drawer an a few in a bin above the closet. At the same time if I go into there room to borrow socks or something I know were there toys are and to let them be. As far as a bottle of lubeI always have a few bottles in my nightstand an no toys in there. Every now an then one will come in and grab a bottle I havent oppened yet, I usally buy more then one bottle at a time so I dont have to go every week lol.

If I had kids It would be different but for now there not hidden or anything. The house belongs to me and my husband, if people dont like it they can get out lmao....lol
Liz Liz
All-time favorites in the nightstand, favorites in the pretty pink Devine box under the bed, all the rest in a dedicated toy chest.
onehotmomma onehotmomma
They have their own container that goes up on the top shelf of my closet. I would hate for the kiddo to find them anywhere!
I'll Miss You EF :( I'll Miss You EF :(
Originally posted by brokenangel
They are not really hidden they are in my nightstand where if someone just opened one of the drawers they would find a nice collection!
same with mine, I don't necessarily hide them, just for convenience I keep in the drawer closest to my bed.
Dusk Dusk
I voted for 'nightstand' but since I'm in a dorm, they go in a drawer under all of my socks and things.
clp clp
Hehe, I now keep them in a bag next to my bed. The bag is just for organization. The dildos line my window sill like decorations--sorry to anyone that visits my room unexpectedly!
kittycat414 kittycat414
My toys are in individual boxes or bags, all of which are inside a big bag that is stored in a cubby in the corner of my room behind my popasan chair! So hidden but easy to get to for me.
Madeira Madeira
I keep mine in a basket by the bed, and then the floggers on a rack on the bedroom door.
KawaiiMeows KawaiiMeows
in a satin bag in my underwear drawer. It's like a nightstand to me lol
Mr. E Mr. E
With children at home, we have to keep ours in a locked tool chest. It's actually a pretty nice set-up.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Mine are in the nightstand drawer. I have a daughter that would find them otherwise.

@P'Gell - *giggles* I know exactly the little sequence bag you are talking about. I work at Pier 1 and actually thought about grabbing a few of different colors for that exact reason
ToyGeek ToyGeek
Every single one of mine is inside its own pouch or bag, which in turn are inside the Tunti, which is locked and kept inside a foot locker, which is itself underneath a piece of furniture that has to be moved several feet to allow the lid to open. The Tunti key is also hidden. In case the Tunti key is discovered, I have a CD storage system that takes the same type of key in plain sight, unlocked, which is full of unlabeled episodes of Nova on DVD. Anyone attempting to snoop will waste a lot of time being very, very bored.

It takes about ten minutes to extract and unlock the Tunti, which only happens with the bedroom door locked. Yeah, I'm paranoid.

I do, however, keep a Jimmy Jane Little Steel in a much more accessible hiding place, in the company of objects chosen to mislead any snoopers as to its nature, and the Tentacle is in plain sight, surrounded by a display of more innocent marine life themed toys. If any visitors recognize it, they probably assume I don't know what it really is.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Dresser draw for now - but need to find a much bigger space.
lamira lamira
I hide mine in the nightstand. But I guess that's an obvious hiding place.
UrNaughtyaAngel UrNaughtyaAngel
My first toy a pocket rocket in my pantie drawer now in a medium white plastic shopping bag on the top shelf of my closet.
Viktor Vysheslav Malkin Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
Originally posted by Fanny
I've always wondered where it is that people hide their naughty toys and other things. Where do you hide them?
I have so many now a days, that they are in plain sight in boxes. If they are too damn nosy then $%$# em. They have no business going through my stuff.
Midway through Midway through
Originally posted by Fanny
I've always wondered where it is that people hide their naughty toys and other things. Where do you hide them?
I selected a designated toybox. But really, technically it's not. I mean, if I take them with me.. yes. If not, generally I have them in something to keep them clean, and inside a dresser drawer.
wondertoes wondertoes
I don't have many, so they're just buried under my socks. Not clever at all! We don't have kids, so I don't need to really hide anything.
mllebeauty mllebeauty
I have several boxes near the bed. I'm trying to decide how I want to upgrade their storage facilities...
SexyTabby SexyTabby
I keep mine in a box in my closet. Don't need the kids to stumble on them.
CheerfulLoner CheerfulLoner
Found a rather fetching faux-antique chest at a furniture store, going for some $15. It's about a foot wide, a foot tall and a foot and a half long -, all 'aged' wood, buckles and straps. It sits in semi-plain view, beneath my nightstand. Since neither of my roomies will snoop in my room, I've no need to lock them up.

It has a fairly good amount of room inside, and should be able to fit all of my masturbators without issue, though the pump-bottle of lube I got with the first one hasn't a chance... ah well!
butterflygirlxo butterflygirlxo
Mine are not really hidden either. I have one on my bedroom floor at the moment lol still in the box, and the other things are in my dresser.I plan on getting a box from Eden on making one as I buy more.
Lonewolf Lonewolf
Not really hidden. Just stashed in a drawer next to my bed.
Blinker Blinker
They are are nestled in my underwear drawer.

Well, I have a SinFive vibe tucked in its original box, but for the most part, little vibrators and plugs are stored next to my undies. On hurried mornings I may rip out a pair of panties and out comes a dildo with them.
Ajax Ajax
We have a box beside/under the bed usually, but the toys don't always make it back in there. They're kind of strewn throughout the bedroom(lingerie under the bed, in the dresser, hanging on the door. Toys on the dresser, in the dresser, in a box beside the bed, in pouches under the bed, in the bathroom, etc..). Since it's our place and we have no kids I'm not to worried about it.
Unconventional Unconventional
In a box in the closet...where my 2 year old cannot access them. Again.
Deana Marie Deana Marie
Not really hidden, just in my pajama drawer, but I'd love to get a pretty box from here
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