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AKA Circle of Death

The California King card game is a drinking game that is great for breaking the ice and loosening up party goers. It can be played over and over again and never really gets long as you like drinking and are not a floozy!
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Purpose / Audience

The California Kings card game from Evolved Novelties isn't a card game that I was virgin to. It turned out to be a card game with rules that I already knew. Any modern partying college student knows this game...AKA Circle of Death (with a few missing cards, probably due to trade mark). I learned it as freshman, one of my first nights out on my campus. It is a super fun drinking game with the aim of getting you shit faced drunk, FAST. The more players you have, the less you will have to drink. Although a game for 3+, it still can be played with two. The more players you have, the more fun it is though. If you don't drink, this game isn't for you since it requires drinking in every single turn of the game. P.S. This game has no sexual acts or parts at all.
    • Good for parties
    • Ice breaker

Rules / Content

Basically, the cards explain the rules which is such an awesome part of this game. With Cirle of Death you use a regular deck of cards and often find yourself explaining the rules over and over the more drunk people get due to lose of memory. However, with these, each card tells you exactly what you need to do.

For set up, each person needs a fresh drink. They can have their weapon of choice. It is probably the most fair to play with bottle of beer since you can see in them and they all have around the same alcoholic content. However, you can choose to drink whatever you want. After everyone gets a drink and puts fresh ones near by, shuffle the cards and spread them out in a circle. One by one each person picks a card and does what it says until there are no cards left. The cards are as follows:

2. Drink for 2 seconds or make someone drink for two seconds (depending on the suit).
3: Drink for 3 seconds or make someone drink for three seconds (depending on the suit).
4: Thumb Master. The last person to put their thumb on the table drinks.
5: Five is for guys. All guys drink.
6: Six if for chicks. All girls drink.
7: Seven is for heaven. Last person to raise their hand, drinks.
8: Drink date. Pick someone to drink with you.
9: Rhyme time
10: Last person who drank, drinks again!
J: Take it back and finish you drink! Get a refill for yourself and whomever else needs one.
Q: Categories-For this card you choose a category such as condom brands. Going around the circle, each person has to come up with a condom brand that has not been said before. First person to repeat or draw a blank has to drink.
K: Make a rule. You get to make up a rule that exists for the rest of the game. E.g. Before drinking, you have to give a toast or else you have to finish your drink.
A: Social-Everyone drinks
Wild: You can use your card as any other card of your choice.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


The cards a re really high quality. They have pretty graphics on the faces, while the other side is read with the king crown and name of the game. The cards and laminated nicely and wipe off easily if you have someone as clumsy as me in your group spilling drinks. The cards slide into a standard size card box and are great for travel.
    • Attractive design
    • Sturdy
    • Travel friendly


I was thrilled when I got this game. Although not the exact same as Circle of Death, it is close enough. I love that I don't have to explain the directions to people as they join the game. It lasts a pretty long time which is great too. It is excellent for ice breaking and getting to know people. Even though the best amount of people to play this with is 5+, the minimum is 3" without changing the rules. My partner and I sometimes wanted to use these without our friends and we just modified a few of the cards (like thumb master), to be more two person friendly. really does get you drunk if you don't have a high tolerance, are playing with only a few people, and or are not used to drinking so much in such a short period of time. In the amount of time that you play, you will also have a lot of laughs trying to come up with categories and things that rhyme. The game never really gets boring and can be played over and over until the keg is empty or you are too drunk to continue. Shack up for the night!
Follow-up commentary
My boyfriend and I have gotten a lot of use out of these cards. Even though the game has a few slight differences from Circle of Death, using these cards beats the hell out of explaining the rules every time. They are a hit at parties or small get togethers and we even continue to modify the game to use them for just us.
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