Good head sucker - candy by Doc Johnson - review by Beck

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Red Hot Oral Sex

The Good Head sucker is available in four delicious flavors. Each flavor adds something unique to your oral sex performance. These yummy, juicy, and suckable treats are great for before, during, and after. The Cinnamon has a powerful flavor similar to Big Red gum and this flavor is long lasting. Cinnamon is meant to give a wicked warming sensation that will leave you both hot and bothered, but will also freshen your breath. Once you start sucking, you won't be able to stop.
Flavor selection, long lasting, great flavor, oral sex enhancer, and only 70 calories.
Overwhelming flavor, burning sensation, and contains sugar (could be infection causing).
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Good Head sucker is an edible treat used to enhance oral sex. It is available in green apple, blueberry, berry, and cinnamon, but each flavor has its own purpose. The green apple is to help you salivate, the blueberry gives a cool crisp feeling, the berry gives a numbing sensation, and the cinnamon gives a warming sensation. These suckers can be enjoyed by everyone for any kind of oral sex, not just head.

Nutritional Information:
Serving Size- 1 25g (Only one per container)
Calories- 70
Calories from Fat- 0
Total Fat-0g
Saturated Fat- 0g
Cholesterol- 0mg
Sodium- 150mg
Total Carbohydrate- 17g
Dietary Fiber- 0g
Sugars- 13g
Protein- 1g
0% Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium.

Ingredients: (Cinnamon) Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Lactic Acid, Red 40, Blue 1.

Sugar- edible crystalline carbohydrates, that are mainly sucrose, lactose, and fructose. It is used as the sweetener.

Glucose Syrup- aka Corn Syrup, it is made by hydrolysis of starch. It is used as a thickener, sweetener, retain moisture, and maintain freshness.

Natural and Artificial Flavors- Natural and Artificial flavors added to make the cinnamon flavor.

Lactic Acid- aka milk acid, chemical formula of C3H6O3, it is a carboxylic acid. It is used to help with flavor and lower PH.

Red 40- a color additive.

Blue 1- a color additive.

Taste, Scent, and Performance:
Fresh out of the package you will smell the scent of Atomic Fire Balls. The sucker itself is not sticky or gooey, so it is rock hard. The cinnamon has strong flavor that burns the tongue, but tastes like Big Red gum. This flavor is a bit overwhelming and even coats your entire mouth in cinnamon flavor. Once you begin to suck on the sucker a decent amount of saliva naturally occurs, but the cinnamon flavor helps bring it on more than usual. If you go down on your partner while eating your sucker, the cinnamon burning sensation can transfer over to their genitals; this would most likely not be desirable, so you will want to rinse your mouth out with water before performing. It is important to remember that exposing sugar to the genitals is unhealthy and it can cause infections, so do not use the sucker on the genitals.
My Thoughts:
I wish I would have got a different flavor, because to me the cinnamon was so overwhelming it was almost sickening. I would have loved to have any other flavor. I also was not a fan of the burning sensation going on in my mouth. This sensation coated my entire mouth and I could even feel it in between my teeth. I did try to perform oral on my partner after sucking on this sucker. He noted the the cinnamon burning sensation transferred onto his willy; it didn't make him go running - however, it still burnt. I recommend rinsing your mouth out before performing oral sex. The sucker combined with the flavor also help to provide a decent amount of saliva, so you can have slippery oral sex. Overall I would purchase a Good Head sucker. It would make a great naughty gag gift.
Follow-up commentary
As this sucker was never added to the stock, I never got to try any of the other flavors. As it stands, I don't like this sucker. The flavor was too strong. It almost made me sick. I know I wasn't the only one who felt this way. It's too bad because it had potential.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • mpfm
    Thanks for the review. Cinnamon sounds way to strong for me.
  • Kitka
    Great review! I think the cinnamon flavor would be too much for me as well but it does sound like an interesting product, thanks for reviewing this Beck!
  • Beck
    Thanks all.
  • unfulfilled
    Thanks for reviewing this Beck. Not something I'd like.
  • unfulfilled
    Thanks for reviewing this Beck. Not something I'd like.
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Great review Beck, loved the video. I want to try these but some say not so good.
  • Beck
    The flavor is just overwhelming. I am glad you like my video.
  • MrWishyWashy
    Thanks for sharing, great job!
  • Beck
    Welcome, thanks for reading.
  • oldman
    Another review also said the flavor was ultra-strong and it didn't taste like it was suppossed to. She suggested mints for a lot less money!!
  • richsam
    Thanks for the review
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