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Ace Plug Small vs Ace Plug Royal (Large)

This review will compare the Tantus Ace Plug Small and the Ace Plug Royal. It will cover why I consider the Ace Plug Small to be a better designed toy in my opinion but that the Ace Plug Royal still has a place in my toybox.
Very Comfortable Base, Well Designed Toy.
Wish it was bigger... oh wait that's what the Ace Plug Royal is for.
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I wanted to write this review as a comparison between the Ace Plug Small and Ace Plug Royal to see what differences there are between them and how they effect me differently or the same. In my review of the Ace Plug Royal, I noted that I love this toy but that the base is the only real negative I have. As you will see in this review, I think the Ace Plug Small keeps a lot of the good features of the Ace Plug Royal and fixes the uncomfortable base and does not require as much warm-up as the Ace Plug Royal.

When I first started this review, I was mainly using the Ace Plug Small since I already have quite a bit of experience with the Ace Plug Royal. I immediately fell in love with it and thought I had no use for the Ace Plug Royal. Not true. After using both of them during the same session, I can confidently say that they are both better at different uses.

Ace Plug Royal Better For:
Due to its increased diameter both in the neck and head, I would say that the Ace Plug Royal is better suited if you are wanting to stretch for anal sex. The Ace Plug Small may work but I would say the Ace Plug Royal is better suited for this task

For masturbation, I really like the Ace Plug Royal. It's not that there is something wrong with the Ace Plug Small. It's merely that its smaller size is not as stimulating as the Ace Plug Royal.

Ace Plug Small Better For:
First and foremost long term wear. The head and neck were very comfortable on the Ace Royal but the base made it uncomfortable for extended wear. This is NOT the case with the Ace Small and it is actually very comfortable. I will say that because of its slightly longer neck, the Ace Plug Royal is internally still a little more comfortable than the Ace Plug Small but I think overall the Ace Plug Small is still more comfortable.

Ace Plug Small is also better suited for those just getting into anal stimulation. I wouldn't recommend it as a first toy as the head still has a fairly quick taper but is a much more manageable diameter than the Ace Plug Royal. As a more advanced anal user, I still enjoy the Ace Plug Small despite the smaller size. It still provides a decent amount of stimulation but takes a lot less warm up to get it in. This is what I've been looking for lately as my wife and I have been incorporating more anal play in our time together and so it's nice not having to stretch as much since if we're using plugs we're wanting to get to something else.

While both toys can be used during intercourse, the Ace Plug Small has an advantage here due to its superior base which makes more positions comfortable with it in. I've also noticed that it seems to move more inside of me during intercourse than the Ace Plug Royal. I think this is because the base on the Ace Plug Small is smaller and doesn't grab onto my butt cheeks as much as the Ace Plug Royal.

The best way to summarize the best uses for each butt plug is that the Ace Plug Small is great for when you want to include anal play but it's not the primary focus and the Ace Plug Royal is better suited for when anal stimulation and the Ace Plug Royal itself is the main focus.
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Material / Texture

Both plugs are made out of the same 100% ultra-premium silicone. My Ace Plug Royal is pink in color while my Ace Plug Small is purple but is lighter than my Ryder butt plug. I still like the Ryder's darker purple better but the light purple color of my Ace Plug Small is still an improvement over the pink color of my Ace Plug Royal. The pink color is very flat looking with no shine to it and is pretty boring looking. I wouldn't call the purple color glittery but it does have a pretty good amount of shine to it and sparkles in the light.

The Ace Plug Small seems to have a more glossy texture and the Ace Plug Royal a more matte texture. Because of the more glossy texture on the Ace Plug Small it doesn't seem to hold onto lubricant as well for longer sessions. I use baby oil gel and so I'm not sure if this is the same with all other lubes or if its specific to that. Please note that oil based lubes are not compatible with condoms and that the color of the silicone may be affecting the texture.

Even though these two plugs share the same silicone, the fact that the Ace Plug Small is smaller makes it feel very different from the Ace Plug Royal. Squeezing the Ace Plug Royal in my hands, it really doesn't have much give to it and is very solid. Trying to twist or bend it is very difficult. The Ace Plug Small on the other hand is totally different. Squeezing it in my hand, it feels almost more like Jelly (very soft). It can easily be twisted or bent over almost all the way. It's really amazing what a difference the thickness makes in the properties of Tantus' silicone. I noticed a similar effect with the Tantus Compact which is also very thin and has the same properties of being really squishy and easy to bend.

Pulling the Ace Plug Small out of it's packing I immediately smelled it and didn't notice much of a smell. I smelled the hint of a berry type scent which my wife smelled as well. I do not remember there being any smell with my Ace Plug Royal
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

It's hard looking on Eden's website to tell much of a difference in size or shape of these two plugs. That is why I have uploaded several angles of these two plugs to give you a visual idea of the differences between them.

I also took a number of measurements for that prefer numbers vs pictures.
Ace Plug Small
Base Length: 2.5"
Base Thickness: 3/8"
Base Widest Point: 1 and 3/8"
Base Narrowest Point: 1 and 1/8"
Neck Diameter: .75"
Neck Length: 1 and 5/8"
Head Diameter: little over 1.25"
Head Length: 1 and 3/8"

Ace Plug Royal
Base Length: 3"
Base Thickness: 9/16"
Base Widest Point: 1 and 15/16"
Base Narrowest Point: 1 and 7/16"
Neck Diameter: 1"
Neck Length: 2"
Head Diameter: little over 1 and 5/8"
Head Length: 1.75"

The first and formost thing I would like to point out is how much thinner and less wide the Ace Plug Small base is. While the measurements aren't that much different, it feels totally different. This is a huge improvement over the Ace Plug Royal and now makes this a five star toy.

The second significant difference is in softness of the material. When I first felt the Ace Plug Small in my hands I couldn't believe how soft and squishy it was in comparison to the Ace Plug Royal. I was a little worried at first that it may too soft and bendy and make for difficult insertion but this isn't the case.

I'm not sure which came out first or if they came out at the same time but it seems plausible to me that they made the Ace Plug Small and then the design was so good they decided to make a larger one that doesn't work as well. Just my guess though. My reasoning on this is that the Ace Plug Small is so well designed. It's not too hard and not too soft. It's not too big and not too small; it's really one of the best designed plugs I've seen.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic


Because of the Ace Plug Small's smaller size and being more comfortable, I find that I am using it quite regularly in sexual activities with my wife. As I said above, the design is really fantastic on this plug. One other nice thing about the Ace Plug Small is it doesn't give that pinching feeling I feel at the apex of the head on the Ace Plug Royal. I have not worn it around the house so I can't comment on extended wear too much but keeping it in for longer sessions has not been a problem. Walking around and sitting down with it in are both comfortable to me. Like I said above, the Ace Plug Small doesn't seem to hold on to lube as well so reapplication may be necessary for extended wear. I really can't think of any negatives with this toy other than wishing it was a little bigger.

The Ace Plug Royal is able to hit my prostate fairly well due to its head diameter and length. It's not a really firm pressure which I actually like better a lot of times but I can feel it. With the Ace Plug Small, it's hard to tell if it's stimulating my prostate or not. It feels almost like it's barely touching it when I completely raise my pelvic floor muscles but other wise I can't really feel it on my prostate. I'm not sure if this is because the length isn't long enough or if it's because the head isn't as big and is hitting my prostate but without as much pressure. This isn't the end of the world though as it still stimulates the anal nerves quite while and still provides a decent stretch that is quite pleasurable. Like I said, I enjoy the Ace Plug Royal for times when I want to focus on my butt, but for the rest of the time I really like the Ace Plug Small.

One other note, I have not had any issues with either the Ace Plug Royal or Ace Plug Small popping out on me at any point which is another reason why I like this design of plugs with a longer neck to aid in retention.
    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

Both toys are made out of the same silicone and require the same basic care. First silicone lubes can react with silicone toys so they should either be avoided altogether or spot tested on an inconspicuous part before using on the toy. Silicone toys can also react to other silicone toys so it's best to not have them touch each other. You can either keep the Ace Small in its original packing or in something else. I keep just about all my toys in plastic baggies to save on space.

Silicone is very easy to clean because it is non-porous and so a little soap and water is plenty if you are only using the toy by yourself. If you wish to share you should either use a condom or sterilize the toy by either soaking in a 10% bleach solution or boiling in water. Following these procedures, your new toy should last just about forever.
    • Easy to clean


Unlike my Ace Royal which merely came in a plastic bag with cardboard sleeve on top, the Ace Small came in a clear plastic case with some basic information about Tantus' silicone. There were no instructions on how to use the toy but the information there is still somewhat informative. It took me a little while to figure out how to open the case. I'm still not sure if I opened it up the right way. I was trying to be careful to try and open it the right way for those that are interested in storing it in it. During the course of this review, I have kept it in this case and I have to admit it does look rather nice in it. I will more than likely soon remove it from the box though as it is fairly large at 3" by 3" by 7" and put it in a little plastic baggy. If you don't have a lot of toys or have plenty of room then keeping it in the original packing should work great. Below are some pictures of the packaging.

    • Good for storage

Personal comments

If you are worried that the Tantus Ace Plug Small may be too small for your taste you could look into the Ace Plug Royal. I would love to do a review on the Tristan though as my guess is it may be the perfect larger compliment to the Ace Plug Small since it supposedly has a better base than the Ace Plug Royal.

For full openness, I received my Ace Plug Royal from Tantus directly on closeout and the Ace Plug Small from Eden so I'm wondering if this may contribute to some difference between these two plugs or if the differences are merely because of the size difference between them.

I think the Ace Plug Small is a great toy for its price and would recommend it. I'm not sure if it will go on sale, but if you are willing to wait you can also take advantage of Eden's "Set Alerts" feature below the add to cart and add to wish list links on every product page. This will send you an email if and when that specific product goes on sale or gets back in stock which is nice.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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