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MGX classic MGX classic

Prostate massager by Aneros

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MGX classic reviews

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21 reviews

I have not reached the "super orgasm" yet but the MGX is intriguing enough to keep me exploring. Definitely takes some getting used to, but I have enjoyed getting used to it. I'd give it 5 stars if I could reaffirm the hype I've heard, but it's always been fun at least.

The Aneros MGX is an incredibly pleasurable toy which I recommend for those experienced in prostate play even though it is relatively small.

The Aneros MGX is a perfect toy for starting out with male anal training and a definite go-to for heightening his pleasure before and during sex. It's also my favorite toy for bringing on multiple anal orgasms and can be used anywhere - even worn discreetly under clothing for adventurous outings!

Excellent ergonomic design more than outweighs the uncomfortable handle and the steep price of the Aneros MGX. Worth every penny.

The Aneros MGX is a great toy for beginners to protstate play. Its size and features make it very easy and straight forward to play with. It does however take time to learn how to use the toy properly and it also takes time to learn how the toy affects your body. It requires lots of lube and can be messy but overall it can be a great toy if you have the time and patience for it.

Only one real complaint. The perineum tab is a little uncomfortable during use and I have to reposition it. It feels sharp. Perhaps if it were round like a ball it would be more comfortable and still massage the perineum during use.

Overall it's a must have for the prostate lovers or those that want to try it out. It is worth every penny. Dont hesitate to buy.

I would recommend this to everyone. The only noise that is heard from this toy is from you as it brings so much pleasure to your body.

This will change the way you think about orgasms. The use of this automatically takes your anal game up so many notches that you will be hooked on anal play. That being said, this is a good gift to convince someone that anal is just as good as other forms of sex.

It's possible that I simply haven't worked hard enough to enjoy the full benefits of the MGX yet. Still, I think that with some slight modifications to the parts of the toy not intended for penetration, the MGX would be much more enjoyable and easy to use effectively. If you're seeking the holy grail of orgasms and willing to put in the time, the MGX may be worthwhile. However, if you're just looking for a fun toy, you should probably look elsewhere.

I was surprised with its power to vibrate and massage every little bit of stress out of my body. I did not expect that at all. I was expecting it to feel a little better when inserting, though.

This is the first sex toy I had ever bought. But with all of the information available on the Aneros website, it should convince anyone on the fence about making the plunge. And after multiple uses, there are a lot of great feelings to be had.

Worth the money. Gave me sexual feelings I'd never felt before. I love this toy and plan to use it many times!

The MGX is a great introduction for guys who want to know what their prostate is, where it is and the places it can take you. If you approach it with curiosity and a willingness to take it on your own safari, you’ll reap rewards before you know it.

After the initial exploring, I find this an added element to the conventional sexual encounter, one worth exploring. Alone it will satisfy most men.

This toy feels great!! and gives you body quivering orgasms, it is best used with a partner, but the material really hurts the overall rating of the toy. It is too hard, and rigid, so it will become uncomfortable with extended, or vigorous use.

Easy to insert, easy to clean. The Aneros MGX is an aesthetically pleasing prostate stimulator that rubs the prostate just right. Definitely a worthwhile buy from a great company. Cannot wait to try their other products!

This is a great toy. It's easy to clean and very comfortable to use. It's small enough to use in almost any position without it getting in the way and most importantly, It provides very strong orgasms.

Not for the impatient, but if you take the time to get used to how the Aneros works, it can give you some of the most intense stimulation you can know.

Who knows, maybe it’s just me, but I’d give a try to one of the silicone/rubber prostate massagers before I’d pick this little bad boy up. The material is just too hard and uncomfortable against the perineum. I’d give the product 2 stars.

The Aneros MGX is a fun, safe plug-type design to explore anal stimulation. With a little priming, it can provide a more intense orgasm during your regular stimulation.

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