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Be Greedy For This Hunk of Metal

The njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is like no other anal toy you'll find to use. It is exotic, erotic, even beautiful. It's demanding, heavy, and perhaps even intimidating, but the unique sensations caused by the plug filling you up have no comparison. This is the 'Rolls Royce' of butt plugs — it's big, heavy, powerful, but also luxurious, comfortable, and almost a work of art due its impeccable design. Be ambitious — you won't regret it!
Stellar design
Gorgeous stainless steel finish
Seriously heavy
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The Pure Plug 2.0 is a hefty chunk of smooth metal intended for neither the timid nor the anal beginner. It isn't, however, necessary to be an anal pro to be able to enjoy this plug. It is an experience in itself just to insert, and as such playing with it during masturbation is a prime use. It can also be kept in during intercourse and orgasm, or just whilst going about life, either in public or private, such as walking around, biking, etc.

Once in this plug demands attention. I don't believe that thrusting with the toy would be pleasurable for anyone besides the very experienced, since it is large and unforgiving. The size of the bulb of the plug is such that it provides constant stimulation to the prostate whilst walking around with it in, and to varying intensity. As the neck is very slim the plug doesn't demand much of a stretch once inserted, and instead the sensation from the plug comes from its weight — 1.3lbs to put a number on it. Having over a pound of steel in one's rectum definitely adds a new dimension to otherwise vanilla pursuits, and the plug will definitely stay put during any orgasm. Everyday activities like descending stairs or pedaling a bicycle become very exciting. Because of its slim neck I've been able to comfortably wear this plug overnight with no issues. Having this much weight sitting against one's inner sphincter can, however, become tiring when each and every step causes the plug to tug against the muscle, as a constant reminder that it's there.
  • Who / How / What
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    • Anally-experienced
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Easy to clean
    • Heavy
    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The material of this plug is partly what makes it so exotic. It's made of super-shiny, smooth, stainless steel, and is as reflective as a mirror. The polished metal has low friction to start with, and a little lube really goes a long way. There are four dimples cut into the surface of the otherwise smooth bulb; these help to keep the weight down and slightly decrease the total circumference, but they're also a place for waste to collect.

As this plug is made out of metal there is no give to it whatsoever. This means that the toy isn't going to make any compromises, and you'll have to take its size on its own terms. With toys made out of rigid materials it's a good idea to be especially careful during insertion, as they don't care if your sphincter is very tight.

You can use any type of lubricant with metal toys, but a silicone lube is especially good as it won't dry up easily inside the body, and allows you to enjoy a smooth ride with this plug for quite a while.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the plug is superlative; from the ergonomic head to the thin neck and the flat ring handle, everything about the plug has been carefully crafted. The curve of the plug matches my anatomy well and provides stimulation to my prostate. I could do without the dimples on the side of the bulb, but I wouldn't wear a plug much heavier than this one, so I guess it's a trade off. The neck doesn't provide much stretch, and the eroticism of the plug has more to do with its weight and material. The handle is large, so I was never worried about it being sucked inadvertently into the body, but because of its size it can be somewhat uncomfortable whilst seated, though I wouldn't worry about people detecting it under your clothes unless they pat you on the ass. The shape of the handle is that of a squashed ring - very oblong - and I can comfortably fit two fingers, almost three, through it, so it provides a great grip. With a couple of fingers through the handle I gain a secure hold on the plug during insertion and removal, and it's a good way to apply pressure. Once in it's very erotic to play with the handle, tugging on and pulling the weight inside in all directions. By simply contracting the anus around the lubed neck the plug slides in up to the handle, and this movement alone provides strong prostate stimulation, but by playing with the handle I can create even more pressure.

The design of the plug is well-considered. Because the basic shape of the head is not spherical, but rather ellipsoidal, it is about 2" long and 1.75" wide. This is a good choice since opening of the anus is likewise longer than it is wide. Unlike a conical plug, however, the insertable bulb of the plug resembles an almond-like shape. The bulb is somewhat stout and therefore the tip is blunt and the diameter increases quickly. This makes insertion more challenging than in the case of a conical plug of the same diameter; it is often helpful to open up with something more gradual first. This is a good plug to work up to for any intermediate users; advanced users won't have any trouble, but I would think this is as large as njoy will go will go with the Pure Plugs, as any bigger and it would just become too heavy. Since the Pure Plug Large is only 1.5" in diameter at its widest point, it's probably only a stretch for the more beginners in anal exploration, so I'd suggest this plug over the Large, even if you have to work up to it. The exception would be if you're looking for a plug that you can use straight away and wear all day, every day.

Though I suppose it does look like a plug, it also looks more like some kind of sculpture. I'd say it's quite travel-friendly unless the airport staff would be put off by a 1.3lb hunk of steel.
    • Ergonomic
    • Exotic
    • Futuristic


Once you have the plug securely inside your body it's not coming out again without some effort, and I never worried that it might fall out on its own. Similarly, there's no chance that you'll swallow the handle, as it's just too wide. Because of its weight, relaxing your outer sphincter allows the handle to slide down about an inch. The sensation of moving about while relaxed in this way is very intense and unforgettable. The 'tug' of the metal pulling down against your sphincter is both insistent and powerful.

Because it's metal you can heat or cool the plug before insertion with exciting effects. Prepare to writhe about once your sphincter closes around this plug when it's cold; for those short moments you are under the control of the cold steel inside of you. Inserting a hot plug is less exciting for me than a cold one, but it's stimulating in its own way; imagine a hot chunk of steel lodged inside you for a few long moments.

Though the experience of this plug is unique and remarkable, long term wear may be too much for some. I found that my ass felt a bit tired after a few hours with the plug in, but I expect my tolerance will increase. It's a very erotic experience in any case.
    • Comfortable
    • Mostly discreet
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

There's no easier material to take care of than stainless steel. Some soap and water is good enough to restore this to a like-new shine. It can also be totally sterilized since it is non-porous, just by boiling it for a few minutes. You can also put it in the dishwasher to make things even easier.

Take care not to use anything abrasive when cleaning the plug, however, as the chrome finish scratches more easily than might be expected. I don't believe my plug has been in contact with any rough materials, but there are still a couple of barely-noticeable scratches on the surface. They are almost invisible, and have absolutely no effect on the performance, however I have heard of others who drop the plug, or brush it against something abrasive, and are surprised at the damage to the finish incurred. Even though the steel is very durable, keeping a perfect shine on this plug requires more care than one might expect.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


njoy package their toys well, and this plug is no exception. It arrives in what looks like a jewellery box, and inside is a Styrofoam insert which is molded to the plug's shape and covered in a satin purple fabric. Overall it's swanky, discreet, and presents the plug nicely. Keep the box for storage; it's perfect.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Luxurious

Personal comments

When I first purchased this plug I hadn't taken more than a 1.5" diameter dildo before, and had been trying to decide between this plug and the Pure Plug Large. I expected the 2.0 to be a challenge, but I also knew that I was unlikely to be satisfied with the Large, while knowing that this plug was out there waiting for me. Having spent some quality time using the 2.0 I'm glad to be able to report that I was right on both counts; initially it was a challenge, but I am very glad I sprang for the 'king' of the njoy Pure Plug line.


As a consequence of my limited experience with larger-diameter toys, I failed on my first attempt to insert this plug. The design of the plug, and the material, work to simultaneously make insertion both easier and harder. It's easier because the shape of the plug is not spherical but rather taller than it is wide, like the anus, and harder because the stainless steel does not give one millimeter. On my second try I was able to get all but the widest part in without difficulty. By breathing in deeply and relaxing, and with a bit of additional pressure, the lip of the plug's underside passed through the two sphincters and the whole thing slipped into place. If one isn't used to toys with a 2" diameter then the fact that the plug is made of steel makes the last stretch all the more intense, as there is no give and no relief. Lying back immediately after insertion and feeling this large bulb of cool steel inside my body was an exotic and intensely erotic sensation. Whilst walking around I can get the plug to slip out an inch or so by relaxing the muscle, then suck it back up again by tensing.

Because of its size you never forget about the plug. I've kept it in for 3 hours without a problem, but since the sensations from this plug are so strong, I find that I grow somewhat tired and sometimes slightly distressed by them after a few hours. When every step triggers an intense pull and tensing or relaxing causes the plug to slide in and out, I find it simply tiring to be so constantly aroused. It's not an ultra-discreet plug because of the size of the handle. Sitting can be uncomfortable since the handle gets mashed between the buttocks, but it's not too bad and any discomfort can be reduced by sitting forwards or otherwise modifying one's position. The handle is rather large and is a flattened ring, but is not visible under anything besides very tight clothing.

My last comment regarding my experience with the Pure Plug 2.0 pertains to removal. Generally, I like to remove plugs over the toilet just to be safe, however, squatting with the plug aligned vertically (anus pointing down) maximizes the pull of gravity acting on the plug. For this reason, when I begin to relax ready to remove the plug in this position, the heavy weight of the plug causes it to try to escape faster than my sphincter would comfortably allow, and so I have had a couple experiences when removing the plug hurt to a degree. In order to avoid this I now remove the plug while bending over rather than squatting, and by gently pulling on the handle while pushing it out instead of letting gravity take over. This has a far more comfortable result. Additionally I've found that working up to other toys with diameters in excess of 2" has made the Pure Plug less of a stretch and removal relatively easy.
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