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The Metal Worx Curve is a good steel dildo that definitely has its own niche where it will succeed. It comes in beautiful packaging, can reach deeper than other metal dildos, and is longer for easier handling also.
Reaches longer and deeper than similar toys, Pretty packaging, Smooth, Inserts easily
Not as polished as competitor items, Can be a bit heavy
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The Metal Worx Curve is a steel (according to the packaging) dildo created by Pipedream Products in their new line of steel sex toys. It looks comparable to the Njoy Fun Wand, and this dildo also includes two ends. There is a end with a bulb on the tip for g-spot stimulation and an end with multiple bulbs for a more textured preference. Due to the length, you could probably use this anally as long as you are careful about it.

The packaging for the Metal Worx line is really nice. It comes in this sturdy steel-like box that is hard and really doesn't allow any harm to the toy. Honestly, when I was doing the video review, the boyfriend was whining about how I was going to hurt the furniture banging around the packaging, so this is definitely some heavy-duty packaged. There are labels on the toy that show off the toy, but those are stickers and can be easily removed for easy, discreet storage.

Most people, at first glance, are going to compare this to the Njoy Fun Wand, and that's a pretty accurate comparison. After all, they look very, very similar! However, what the pictures don't show you (that my comparison video does), is that the Metal Worx Curve is much, much longer than the Fun Wand. The Fun Wand looks pretty small-sized in comparison to the Curve. The Curve's g-spot, non-bulbed end goes deeper than the Fun Wand's end does, and the Curve has an extra bulb on the bulbed end. Both ends are about the same amount of curve that the Fun Wand has, but for both ends, the Curve goes deeper than the Fun Wand does due to the longer length. This also means that the Metal Worx Curve ends up being heavier than the Fun Wand as well.

To be honest, I'd read other Metal Worx reviews that said that the toys were unusable due to finishing defects. I'm happy to report that, at least for me, that's not true. What is true, though, is that the polish/shine/body on the Metal Worx Curve does not quite equal up to the same standard as the Njoy FunWand. There are a couple dings and small indentations in the body of the Curve that are no where to be seen on the Fun Wand, but it's nothing that the average person would probably mind. I like to collect my toys, so I analyze/look over them pretty in-depth, but for the average person, I don't think the little marks will even make a difference (they are very, very hard to see, and my camera wouldn't even really pick them up during the video review, so again, very small.)

For use, I think that the Metal Worx Curve is actually pretty pleasurable, and in comparison, I prefer it to the Fun Wand. The Curve gets much deeper than the Fun Wand does, and it feels very, very pleasurable because it can hit those deeper g-spots. The bulbed end has never really been my favorite, but if you enjoy the tight squeeze and the pop when things enter/get removed, that end might be for you. For me, I'm sticking with the g-spot, one-bulb end, and I honestly do prefer it over the Fun Wand. It hits my g-spot much better, and the longer length makes it so much easier to rock up against.

As this is steel, it's very easy to clean. You can actually boil it in water for sterilization as well. It's compatible with all types of lubricant, and you'll probably want to use two condoms for each end if you want to use it with another person and use condoms. For storage, it stores pretty nicely in the packaging that it came with, but if you want, you could pretty much place it anywhere where the finish of the Metal Worx Curve won't get scratched, so it's easy to store.

Between other options and the Metal Worx Curve, the Metal Worx Curve fits into its own little area. It does have a couple imperfections that don't effect its use, but it also is more affordable than some of the other options. It's larger, and it reaches more deeply than other steel options can, and it has more bulbs. It also, however, is heavier because of the extra length, and as steel is pretty heavy already, if you have wrist problems, this may not be the best option for you. Otherwise, between this and other options, I recommend you think about how deep you like your stimulation because, function-wise, that is where a lot of the decision-making will come in.
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