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Wonderful ergonomic dildo, S shaped for optimal pleasure. The Curve is a versatile double ended dildo. Use it for solo play or with a partner, this Curve is sure to leave your knees knocking.
Sexy, Firm, Defect Free, High Quality Polished Steel, Storage Box.
Not for those with weak wrists.
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PipeDream’s new line of Metal Worx toys is simply amazing. The Curve is a perfect example of the quality craftsmanship of these products. Although early production of this line was plagued with quality control issues, the current line is spot-on perfection.

The Curve is a high end dildo that is ergonomically designed like an S. This shape is not only easily controlled during solo, but also works great with a partner. Double ended, this dildo works great for g-spot stimulation or anal stimulation. Sure to hit all the right spots, the steel feels great between your legs and leaves you week in the knees.

Here’s The Facts:

The Curve is perfectly designed for g-spot or anal play. Its single bulb end is ideal for squirting and the descending bulges feel great during anal play.

Shaped like an S, the Curve is ergonomic and easy to control. No worries about not being able to comfortable reach around to control your toy, this S is perfect to use in any position and allows you to grip without the stretch.

Each end of this piece is designed differently. The largest bulb sits alone at the tip of the most pronounced curve. This is the end that I find ideal for g-spot stimulation. The large bulb rubs across your g-spot with firm pressure and feels amazing. The opposite end is slightly curved and has 4 bulges shaped similar to a tear drop. These bulges increase slightly in size descending down the shaft. Perfect for p-spot stimulation, the curve is just right for the anal play. No need to worry about using this toy for anal play. The drastic curve and the large bulged end keep it from slipping in too far.

The Curve is made from quality Polished Steel. The polish leaves this toy with a mirror finish. Also, it has no texture, seams, or defects. In addition, it has not smell or taste.

Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free

Great for temperature play the Curve is easily cooled down or warmed up. Although as a word of caution, metal retains warm up quicker than most materials. Therefore, always cheek the temperature on the inside of your writ prior to using the toy.

Also, if your Curve has been sitting out in the room, it is common for the metal to have a cool feeling and cause a gasping reaction when it first touches your lady bits. On another cautionary note, steel is very firm and does not have any give, beware of placing this piece into your mouth and accidently chipping a tooth.


The Curve weighs eighteen ounces. Therefore, it is a heavy toy to use for solo play. Those who have weak writs may find that that it is best to use this with a partner.

Length – 11 ½ inches along the entire piece. 10 inches from tip to tip.

Largest single bulb – 4 ¼ circumference.

Shaft with no bulges – 4 ½ inches.

Multiple bulges from small tip to the largest in the series – 2 ¼ inches cir., 3 inches cir., 3 ½ inches cir., 3 ¾ cir.


To clean your steel toy, wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, rubbing alcohol or your favorite toy cleaner. You can also boil this dildo to disinfect it. After cleaning your Curve, dry it with a soft cloth to shine it up before storage. It is best to always store metal toys in a cool and dry place.

Also, although it is safe to use any type of lubricant with this toy, they can tarnish the finish. To clean discoloration of your Curve it is best to use a commercial stainless steel cleaning powder/paste that does not contain abrasives. Follow directions on the cleaning paste.

To store your Curve it is simple with the included storage box. Although this box has a heavy duty metal look to it, it is actually plastic. The box contains a preformed and cut out cushion to hold your Curve safe and secure.
I was intrigued by the shape of this toy. It looked easy to control and comfortable to use. Also, the large bulb end appeared to be just what my g-spot needed. Looking like the perfect piece, I ordered it and waited in anticipation of what was to come.

After I received my Curve, I was surprised by how heavy it was. Then it hit me; duh, it is metal. Metal is heavy. Even though I knew my carpal tunnel wasn’t going to like the weight, I ran off to the shower to try my new toy. Wow, is all I can say. The warm water running over the Curve quickly heated up the steel, it felt great. Feeling the large bulb hit my g-spot just right made my knees week, before I knew it I had dropped my Curve and my juices were squirting all over. This toy was amazing.

Latter, when Hubby came home, I told him about my experience and he headed straight for the shower to get ready for our playtime.

When the time came, Hubby tied me down to the bed and grabbed the Curve. I knew this was going to be great. Slowly, Hubby teased me with the cold steel. Every time it started to warm up he would dip it back in a cup of ice water. The sensations were much colder than when we play with our glass toys this way. After a while, Hubby slide the cold hard steel inside of me. Gasping, I tugged hard against the restraints. As I got hotter, so did the Curve.

The hard steel thrusting inside of me was unlike any other toy we have tried. With each thrust the bulb seemed to hit firmer and firmer on my g-spot. I tried with everything inside of me to hold back and feel the steel a little longer. But, it was in vain. The Curve felt too good thrusting against my spot and before I could say stop, old faithful was blowing. Hubby quickly pulled out the Curve. Cupping his hands to catch what he could of my hot juices, he poured it onto my stomach and rubbed it all over me.

The entire experience was mind numbing. I had squirted before; sometimes, whole lot. This time was different. Using the Curve seemed to make the flow more forceful and a higher quantity. Our bed was soaked, Hubby was soaked and he made sure I was too.

Although this toy is has a nice curve and bulge, making it totally safe for anal use, we do not like pointy toys. Therefore, we have not tried to use this end for anal penetration. Also, for the same reasons, I have not tried this end vaginally.

Over all, we love our Curve. Although I cannot use this toy for long periods of time solo, Hubby loves to use it on me. He has found that the descending bulb end words great as a handle. He can even use it like a crank and the bulb grinding around inside of me is erotic.

I highly recommend this toy to anyone who is curious about squirting or using firm materials. Once you try the Curve you will be hocked.
Follow-up commentary
This is one of our go to toys. It is perfect for g spot stimulation and really does the job well. The metal still looks wonderful and has a nice shine to it. Since the heavy weight of it prevents me from play solo with it, Hubby is in full control of this piece and he loves it.

Over all, we are very happy with our purchase and recommend it to anyone who is interested in metal toys.
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