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Disappointments galore.

If the finish was better this would make a fine toy for the price. As it stands, this toy cannot even be inserted. The material is at best only stainless coated and the "Hand crafted to perfection" claim is just not true. I am so sad this toy's quality was not up to par.
Nice storage case.
Due to the finish it is unusable, Questionable materials.
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My ass loves hard materials, glass and metal toys provide the best stimulation for me. So when the new Metal Worx line from PipeDream showed up in the product search, I jumped on it like a cock on a hen. I mean come on, at the price, twelve dollars less than the Njoy Fun Wand; you also get a really cool case. Furthermore, you get one extra bead on the beaded end. Needless to say my ass was super excited and I tracked the shipment every day until it arrived.

The Curve is designed to be an anal toy; you get a beaded end that has a gentle curve to fit the contours of the rectum on one end and a ball on the other side. The beaded end starts out with a tapered bead that is 3/4” diameter; each bead grows a 1/8” with the last bead being 1 1/8” diameter. There is about a half inch between each bead. Going in, the beads are tapered whereas coming out the beads are more rounded, this will give a nice “Plop” feeling. On the other end there is a 1 1/4” ball. The main shaft starts out at 9/16” diameter at the single ball end and shrinks gradually to a 1/4” diameter at the last bead. Measured along the curve it is 11” long or 10” from tip to tip measured strait across.

You get your toy in an awesome storage box, it has rounded metal edges and a latch to keep it closed. Inside the Curve is nestled in dense foam with a layer attached to the lid to keep it from moving around. There is a picture of the Curve along with the Worx logo on the top and another one with company info and a description of the toy one the bottom. If you like, these can be removed but you will still have the Worx logo and the company name on the top. By far one of the best storage boxes I have, to bad glass does not come with something like this.

Normally, this is where I tell you about the material and how to care for it. Here is where we come to a snag. When first introduced to the site, EF had it listed as “Metal”, after some talk on the forums in which Pipedream stated they were stainless, the material was changed to “Stainless” on the product page. The problem is, the box it comes in states “High quality polished steel”. Now, steel is not the same as stainless, the composition is different between the two materials as is the manufacturing process.

Either way, cleaning is the same. You can use good old soap and water, boil it, bleach it or use a toy cleaner. You can also use any lube you chose.

To further complicate things, when I received the toy, I found some defects in the finish. First, there is two spots that look like brass in color. They look like the outer layer of material was sanded to much exposing the lower layer, much like if you sand the chrome off a bumper on your car. WTF??? To make matters worse, there are lots of little specks of sharp material all over the toy rendering it totally unusable. My asspussy does not like micro abrasions, plus you can see all kinds of sanding marks all over the toy. On the box it states “Hand polished to perfection”, damn was the artisan wearing gloves and half blind?

Here is a picture of one of the discolored spots; you can also see the tiny specks.

At this point I considered sending the toy back for an exchange but after reading another review that the contributor had the same problems and yet another review that had some pictures, I knew that all the toys are of the same low quality workmanship. I decided that I would just fix the issue myself. Some sanding and re- polishing would not be that hard. Things went downhill from there.

I started sanding with some fine sandpaper (200 grit), after a few strokes the silver finish was removed! Again I say WTF??? I grabbed a file at this point and filed this area down. Here is what I found.

Boy was I getting pissed. This looks like steel with a zinc coating that has been dipped in chrome (or maybe stainless?). I just had to prove to myself (And you guys of course) that this was not solid stainless like the other guys sell. To solve this I went and got out my Pfun and filed some off of the handle.

As you can see the material is the same color through the material, this is solid stainless.

Now, nowhere does it say the Worx line is solid stainless, so I cannot judge based on that, but I will say the finish and quality are not the same. Even the weight seems off. I only have the Pure Wand to compare it too; the Curve is bigger in length and overall size but weights less. This very well could be the reason for the price difference between the two brands and it could be that the Curve is just stainless coated. Still, for a few dollars more you will get a better finish and a better quality product from the Njoy line.

In conclusion I cannot recommend this toy; even if I look past the material there is still the issue with the finish. Those little specks of material will cause damage to your anus and a condom will not even help here. I will give it two stars for the case, that by far is the best thing about this toy.
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  • svalentine;)
  • ToyTimeTim
  • Neotigress
    Thanks for the great review and heads up.
  • ToyTimeTim
    My pleasure!
  • ASpiritedSlut
    Thank you for an excellent, and honest review! I knew that, for me, it was worth it to spring for Njoy, but now I have proof that it's more than just the fact that the toy is a knockoff... the quality has suffered as well!
  • ToyTimeTim
    So true, the quality has gotten better but it is still worth the extra few bucks to go with the pure stainless.
  • SneakersAndPearls
    Thanks for the great review! I knew something was not quite right here.
  • Whisper21
    This is a great review! Thanks for getting to the bottom of this
  • Aishiteru
    Thanks, I'm probably not going to try any of the Metal Worx products.
  • shorejen9
    Thanks for the great review. Sorry it was unusable.
  • eroticmutt
    My goodness, I could have never imagined that there would be an issue like this with something meant to go inside of someone's body! Thank you so much for pointing out the problems!
  • chicmichiw
    Good call. Thanks!
  • TransMarc
    It's sad Great review, but I really wanted it.
  • whyknot
    Excellent, instructive review giving detailed information about construction, finish, and the resulting (potential) hazards with this product. Your commentary and photos show what an insightful review should be -- kudos to you!
  • karenm
    Great review, thanks!
  • LavenderSkies
  • ellieprobable
    Thanks for this review. I'm sticking with njoy toys for sure.
  • BusyMe
    Holy crap you went at that sucker. You have total chick balls~ Wehoo
  • BusyMe
    Holy crap you went at that sucker. You have total chick balls~ Wehoo
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