Icicles No. 37 - probe by Pipedream - review by AmethystQueen

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I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!

This glass anal probe is for intermediate and advanced anal players. For those who are wanting to get their feet wet in glass anal toys (and are NOT beginners), this is a perfect start to your collection! Just be careful of the nubs....or not!
weight, size, texture, handle, color, material. This thing is just about perfect!
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Icicles No. 37 Anal Probe

The Icicles No. 37 is listed as an anal probe, but it can definitely be used as a vaginal toy seeing as it is made of glass and won't transfer anything if cleaned properly.

I used it like an anal probe and a butt plug by keeping it in for extended wear. I also tried my hand at all-night wear, but that's where this reminded me it's a probe, not a plug.

Although it looks long enough, neither the shaft nor the bulb is shaped well enough to keep this inside you if you want to move around. Even when lying in bed, this toy wants to come out. You'll especially have trouble keeping it in if you add too much lube.

I tried to walk around the house with this in and eventually it slipped right out. I had used a bit more lube than needed, but I think it would have squiggled its way out anyway after the juices lubricated it. All you need is a little lubrication, and your glass becomes a slippery liability.

Since it is classified as an anal probe, I used it anally, so this whole review is based on using this toy in your backdoor.

Since this is glass, and a rather girthy glass toy, I suggest only intermediate and advanced users try this out. Anal play beginners, stay away! An intermediate or advanced user will very much enjoy and appreciate the nubs, weight and firmness of this toy.

I suppose when using this vaginally, you could practice your kegels with it. The weight of the glass will automatically pull down with gravity and it would be your job to squeeze your muscles and keep it up inside you, but that seems like quite a feat and only for the strongest of kegel muscles.
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Material / Texture

The Icicles No. 37 is made of glass, which is just about the best material to have a toy made of. It is totally non-porous, so even if you keep this toy in for long periods of time and encounter... stuff (when being used anally), the smell won't be retained on the glass! It'll just wash right off and down the drain. I think that's just lovely. A definite step up from my other toy which does retain a smell after long term use.

Officially, the toy is made of borosilicate glass, which is just glass with boron added. The boron makes your glass toy able to withstand a hard impact without spraying little pieces of glass everywhere, which are sure to cut you up. If this falls on a hard surface, it'll just break in half or into other big chunky pieces. Yes, you will be sad for your loss, but at least you won't have to heal up as well.

This toy does not feel realistic at all, except for the width of it. It will definitely gape you if you leave it in long enough. The nubs on the outside are wicked looking, even before you wear it. When wearing it, I just could not stand twisting this thing. I just kept thinking of my poor soft tissues back there. I know... wimpy. I will get to the twisting in my follow-up though! While going in, the nubs aren't really a big deal, but add a wonderful sensation when moving the plug side-to-side, thrusting in and out or moving it around in circles. Good heavens, if you take your time enough and are patient enough, I am quite positive you will be able to use these nubs to help you have an anal orgasm. That's my quest anyway.
    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Icicles No. 37 Width Measurements

Icicles No. 37 Length Measurements

As you can see, the measurements in reality are VASTLY different from the measurements listed on the product page. Mainly for the width or diameter of this toy. The listed measurement is 1 1/2" which is quite a big boy. The reality is 1 1/8" or at the most 1 1/4". I'm hoping that's just a typo or innocent mistake and not the intentional inflating of numbers to get sales. I based my purchase on those numbers, and while I wasn't disappointed, I am quite shocked to see such a difference in listed size and actual size. Maybe this happens all the time. Maybe I'm just naive. Either way, my eyes are opened now and I will DEFINITELY have my eyes peeled for ACTUAL measurements in the reviews. Let that be a lesson everyone! PLEASE take accurate measurements (as much as you can) in your reviews!

Now, on with the rest of the review. The handle on the bottom is perfect for gripping, even if your hands are a bit slippery. You'll still be able to thrust and twist to your heart's content.

The nubs are killer! They will tantalize and tenderize your precious tender hole like none other! Twisting this thing, which is how you get the most out of the nubs, will make you feel like you're turning yourself inside out! The nubs just grind on you with no mercy! It's sweet surrender, though.

The round base is big enough to put any anal player's mind at ease about losing it inside, but is also small enough to not get in the way (mostly).

The weight of the toy seems to keep this in the probe category instead of a plug category. It's just too heavy to stay in all by itself. Though, the weight is PERFECT for playtime either by yourself or with a partner.

I particularly loved the shaft size, weight, texture, handle, material and color of this toy. Just about everything except that rounded base. This is one of the reasons why this toy ends up being a torture device during extended wear. The round base just doesn't fit with your anatomy at all. That's my one pet peeve with this thing. It looks cute and gives the overall idea of a lollipop or sucker or pacifier for your booty, but practically, it doesn't help its versatility at all. That's okay. It just lends itself more to partner play, which is more fun anyway!
    • Intermediate / advanced user
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


100%! No, 1000%! No, 10000%! Catch my drift? This thing performed like its life depended on it! It DELIVERED! As a butt plug or probe, the Icicles No. 37 RULES!

I LOVE THE FIRMNESS! I was scared of it at first, reading through the reviews, but I'm a convert now! That hard feeling doesn't stop! It finds your tender spot and is relentless in the pressure, which feels so good!

When I first used this, I acted like a glass newbie and smeared lube all over it. Not needed in the least. All you really need is a little bit at the head. The rest will slide down to the shaft, so you don't need to lube the shaft.

For me, I had to find just the right angle for this to slip in. I thought it wouldn't fit at first, but after playing around with it, I was able to help it slide right in. I was standing when I inserted it and maybe that will work for you, too!

If you're just using the toy as it was intended (a probe), this is designed just about perfectly. My beef with the round base won't even factor in as you play with this like a probe (thrusting, twisting and moving it all around or just leaving it in like a thermometer).
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Since the Icicles No. 37 is a glass toy, you can clean it very easily. Use soap and water, toy cleaner, boil it, put it in the dishwasher, bleach it, no problem. I just used soap and water, but will maybe bleach or boil it before I switch it to vaginal use.

Usually, just a nice clean with soap and water will do, as glass will not hold onto any cruddy organisms that carry smell or diseases. You're completely safe when just using this on yourself. However, if sharing with a friend, I'd suggest boiling or bleaching to make sure everything's killed off before you hand this one over.

Lube is just as easy to pick for this toy. Water-based, silicone or oil will do just fine. I've been wanting to use coconut oil on my toys as a lube for a while. Now I can!

The toy does not come with a bag, so you're going to have to provide your own, or just stick it in your sock drawer for storage. Mine is at the bottom of my underwear drawer.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Icicles No. 37 Packaging

As you can see, this product comes very nicely packaged. That open flap feature shows off the product beautifully. The little pull tab to open the flap is a classy detail that I'm so glad the designers added. You feel like you stepped up in your choice of toys when you get this box.

On the outside, there's a picture of the toy on the front. The sides just showcase the toy some more and the back holds important information and instructions, which are the same in the inside flap. I guess I don't mind that so much, since the instructions for care are all written out, but it would have been nice to see something different on the back than on the inside flap.

Icicles No. 37 Box Instructions

Here's a closer pic of what is on the inside flap. It talks about temperature play, material quality and how to care for your toy after each use. There is no other instruction sheet, so this is all you get. Your toy is clearly seen on the other side of the instructions through a transparent plastic window.

Icicles No. 37 Foam Packaging

Once you open the package, your toy is actually confined in a foam rectangular cutout. The cutout hugs the toy so that you could hold the foam upside-down without the toy coming out (just don't shake it while upside down). You have to hold the toy by the handle and put some strength behind your pulling to get it out of the foam.

The packaging is so nice, I wanted to use it all the time for storage, although the box is boxy and you may not have the room to store it in the box.

As a present, this packaging fits the bill as a nice presentation to someone. They'll definitely be impressed and think you bought a very high end toy for them.
    • Contains good information
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

This toy is not for extended use, but it's just too yummy for me to only use one way so I made it extended use. I sat on it for a while. I'd either lay on my hips, or I'd let the toy lay a bit on the seat (soft couch cushion. It would be harder to get it to stay in one place on a hard wooden chair) while I was more upright. I LOVED IT in the more upright position. I could control how much I felt, I would rub against the firmness, move side-to-side with it. It was just marvelous. My weight plus the rigidity of the probe worked so well together!

When I went to bed with it, I rigged up a harness with some stockings and tied the stockings around me to keep it in place while I slept. The hole in the handle works PERFECTLY for tying something to it or running something through it, like I did.

Another thing I tried, was rubbing my Hitachi against the handle. WOW! I highly recommend it. There are so many more different sensations you get from the vibrations. I was only brave enough to try it on the low settings, but go ahead and be my guest to try the high setting. Sometimes it would vibrate smoothly. When I moved it at different angles it would bump against the handle. It also did everything in between. Can't recommend this experiment highly enough! I really felt like I would achieve my first anal orgasm if I kept at it and learned a proper sequence. This is where partner play comes in REALLY handy. It's very awkward holding the Hitachi to move against the handle all by your lonesome.

I tried to use this in DP with my Joy Pad, but to no avail. THEY BOTH WOULDN'T FIT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! Not without a whole lot of stretching anyway. I didn't even know what was stretching, so I just stopped in case I ended up in real trouble. Oye... it sounds like such a wonderful idea. Guess I'll have to revisit it with smaller toys.

I gave the Icicles No. 37 five stars because it certainly deserves it. It's so versatile! You'll spend many delicious hours discovering all the wonderful ways this toy can make your bottom feel. I know my bottom was smiling something big after using this. I'm so glad this was my first glass anal probe!


This is my first ever glass anal probe and I am BLOWN AWAY! I LOVE how rigid this feels and the nubs are just scary... a good kind of scary!

I was so excited to try this, I almost forgot to take pics of the packaging before I tore into it. After trying it out, I went all bold and brave and decided to try it out for an all-nighter. I didn't make it past an hour, as the reminder of it was a bit too intense for me. I keep feeling that rounded base digging into my cheek. I was tired, but couldn't stop feeling the base. I will try again, however. This feels that good. Call me a glutton for punishment if you will, but I am going to achieve victory over the all-nighter glass anal probe!!! Oh, yes indeed!

Okay, enough of all the grandiose claims, I have to come back in the follow-up and give my real-life account. I hope I accomplish my goal.

By the way, if you are needing to punish someone overnight, this is DEFINITELY the toy for you. I can just imagine a very bad sub suffering (oh, so deliciously) through the night with this thing in. Just add a butt plug harness and you're good to go, you sadist/masochist you!

I loved how this felt while thrusting, however I was left craving more. I wished the shaft extended a bit more so I could feel the nubs deeper inside me. Picture the whole thing as a long shaft, maybe 8" long, 1 1/4" wide and nubbed all over! Now THAT would be a probe!

Another thing I didn't check out is how this feels as a vaginal toy. So sorry. I'm an anal girl. I do vow to add that to my follow up though!
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