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Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd

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Learning Curve

Despite its fancy packaging and rave reviews, the Titus just didn't cut it for us. It's our first prostate massager, so we'll keep trying in case we're just not using it right. The ridges are a bit high and the pressure on the perineum and prostate were not sufficient to bring about miraculously great orgasms. There's definitely a learning curve!
Neat packaging, comes with its own cleaning device, easy to clean material
Ridges may be a bit high, takes time to learn how to use it
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If the Nexus Titus were a person, he would come with his own tuxedo, tie-pin, and shoe-polish. As is, Titus comes outfitted in a sturdy black box, complete with a little tool to help dig out the roller ball for cleaning. All the instructions for proper use are right on the back of the box. I would have preferred a little pamphlet instead - I don't usually keep the packaging for my toys because they take up too much room.

I was busy preparing for finals this past month, so I left the Titus at my boyfriend's with instructions that he try it out for himself and get familiar with it while I was gone. We made plans to do a couple's run with the toy after I was done for the semester.

His first run with the Titus he described as "meh". "The ridges are too high," he said. "It doesn't feel big enough." I had suspected that this would be a problem, since to date; he had only used butt plugs and other such "fillers". I told him to keep trying with the toy when he could and I would see if I could get it to work better once we got together after exams.

The night that we tried the Titus as a couple, I threw down a towel on the bed to catch any unprecedented mess and waited for my guy to get himself ready. I started out with a nice slow blow job, and then switched to my hand while I lubed up his entrance with silicone lube. I applied a generous amount of lube to the head and shaft of the Titus as well, and then attempted to insert the toy into his anus.

The Titus functions primarily as a prostate massager. That is to say it doesn't aim to be especially "filling", as it does to administer precise pressure to the male g-spot. The stalk and head of the toy are rather slim and do not require extensive preparation to insert. However, my boyfriend complained of discomfort so I removed the toy, prepped him a little more with my fingers, added more lube, and then tried again.

Once properly inserted, the Titus stays in easily enough. The roller ball applies pressure to the perineum, which, while reported to be quite nice by others, barely provoked a reaction from my boyfriend. Likewise, the pea-shaped head of the massager stroked his prostate, but didn't apply enough pressure to really milk it.

I dug out my bullet, and while the vibrations didn't travel exceptionally well throughout the Titus, my boyfriend reported that it felt pleasant. When I got into Reverse Cowgirl and rode on top of him while keeping the bullet on Titus, I could even feel a little bit of the vibration coming up through his penis. It wasn't incredible, but it definitely felt nice! It's an interesting alternative to those who want their Titus to vibrate but do not want to spend the extra cash on the Nexus Vibro. Of course, the bullet that comes with the Vibro looks a lot nicer than my bullet that I obtained at a sex toy party, but for lovers on a budget, it's a good way to find out if a vibrating prostate massager is for you.

When we were done for the night, I removed the massager and asked my boyfriend his opinion of the toy. He said that he still prefers butt plugs and other things that have more girth. He didn't experience orgasms that were any more amazing than the ones he usually has, and noticed little difference in other areas. The Titus was our first prostate massager, so it is possible that we simply haven't found the right way to use it yet. It really is a well constructed toy with a great curve that seems to have a bit of a learning curve. We'll keep trying and I'll report in a few months if this toy gets better for us. I've seen rave reviews for the Titus, so we'll not give up yet!

Titus is made of plastic, so it is relatively easy to clean. There are many ridges, however, so it may be helpful to use an old toothbrush in conjunction with an antibacterial soap or your favorite cleaner to make sure that all the icky stuff is taken care of. If you plan on sharing this toy, consider covering it with a condom for added protection. Titus is compatible with all lubes.
The Titus could be used as a g-spot massager, but I am reluctant to test it in this capacity until we are absolutely sure that my guy can find no benefit from using it. Despite his track record of stealing toys that I don't use very often, he'll give up on a toy designed mainly for his use if he finds out that I enjoy it!
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