Sexy spades medium - butt plug by Doc Johnson - review by Jimbo Jones

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Push ‘til It Hurts and a Little More

Doc Johnson’s Sexy Spades (medium) glass butt plug looks like a work of art. The blues and browns swirling about the head really give it an exceptional appearance especially for such an inexpensive piece. It is easy to care for and is safe to use with any type of lubricant, just make sure you don’t drop it on to a hard surface from too high up. The material and overall size of the plug makes it a great choice for those looking for a little stretch in their anal play.
Glass looks terrific; the size is great for those looking for a stretch; stays in place very well.
No give in the material makes insertion more difficult; transition to full diameter is quick.
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The prolific sex toy supplier, Doc Johnson, is now offering some of their inexpensive anal glass toys for sale through Edenfantasys. These have been given the name Sexy Spades and start with a spade-like head (hence the name) followed by a narrower neck before ending with a round flanged base. The toy is provided with some color via browns and blues swirling about the head while the neck and base are left clear. Overall, it makes for a very nice look. The head of the medium plug has a 2” diameter, so the overall size is very substantial and since it is glass the plug has a decent weight to it as well. The neck is still relatively large, for a plug, with a diameter a little larger than one inch, but the transition from the head is sufficient to allow it to stay in place very well once it is in.

Be aware, however, that this plug is large. Unless one is used to large anal toys, it will require some effort to get the medium Sexy Spade in place. The glass material makes getting it in somewhat more difficult still as it has absolutely no give to it unlike softer materials. Since it is spade shaped, it does narrow to a point which allows for somewhat gradual stretching and expanding, but a slightly longer transition might make the process easier. The flanged base is excellent for making this a safe anal toy as it should be sufficient to prevent accidental over-insertion. Since it is a fully round base, it doesn’t sit as well between the cheeks as some other butt plugs, so long term wear is probably not a great option with this plug.

Also, since this plug is glass, it is very easy to care for and very safe from a bacteriological standpoint. It is safe to be shared because it is non-porous and it can be sterilized via boiling, bleaching, or cleaning in the dishwasher. It is also safe to use with any type of lubricant. One needs to be careful not to drop it because, since it is glass, it could break. Overall, this represents a great plug for someone looking for a way to stretch their anal play up to a full two inches.
When I was assigned the Sexy Spades medium glass butt plug, I was excited because I had been meaning to try a glass plug for a while. When I looked at the size information I was a little nervous because it was bigger than anything I had taken anally before. Plus, it being glass, I knew it might be difficult to work up to. I swallowed my fear and accepted the assignment. So, was it easy for me to get in? Absolutely not! It took two separate solo sessions with many different size toys, quite a bit of Boy Butter, and then quite a while with the plug itself before I was able to work the medium Sexy Spade into its intended location. I will admit there was some discomfort in getting to that point, but once it was in, my ass was able to rest around the neck and it stayed in place very well. In fact, I was pretty satisfied with myself knowing that I had been able to work myself up to it. Being as curious as I am, I had to pull out a hand mirror and see what it looked like in place. It was pretty interesting to look at the base of the large plug and see my flesh wrapped around its neck. My partner was able to get a better look with a flashlight and everything and thought it was pretty fascinating. It would probably be even more interesting if the plug was completely clear and then you could really get a look inside your rectum. I should also mention that we put the plug into my partner’s vagina and she had no trouble getting it in and it was interesting to look through it there as well.

I wore it for some time while we did some other sexual activities and I was able to please my partner very well while the plug stayed right where it was supposed to. When I finally was ready to come myself, it was an odd sensation, but I never reached my orgasm with it in. With some additional discomfort I pulled it out and we finished off our activities without the plug. I don’t know if I was just unable to relax enough while it was in or if there was still a little too much discomfort, but I just didn’t see things going the right direction for me to climax. Maybe next time.
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