Turbo Boosty!

Fun Factory's Boosty is a truly unique anal plug, the likes of which you will not find elsewhere. Best used by intermediate anal aficionados, it still has plenty to offer for more advanced users. With its stacked, bulbous design and comfortable base, Boosty is stimulating while still being unbelievably comfortable. If you are interested in stepping up to something bigger, or if you'd like to try a smaller, yet stimulating butt plug, Boosty can make a cute addition to your collection.
- Unique, stimulating design
- Ultra-comfortable base
- Hygienic material
- Super cute
- Seam along the entire midsection of the toy
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Boosty is Fun Factory's newest butt plug, a close relative to the very successful Bootie. Living up to its name, the Boosty has a little more oomph at its disposal than its smaller, less bulbous cousin.

Boosty is designed primarily for anal insertion, though perhaps the bulbous head would be interesting for vaginal use. As I cannot vouch for that, I will not delve into that topic. Boosty truly shines as an anal plug, owing much of its pleasure potential to its unique shape and comfortable design. One may insert the Boosty with its "blobs" tilted towards the front, which is excellent for P-spot or indirect vaginal G-spot stimulation. Conversely, it may be turned 180 degrees, creating a different, but still very pleasurable sensation that may be a little more comfortable for longer-term wear.

Use of the Boosty is similar to that of other silicone anal plugs. If you are purchasing this toy, chances are you've already tried using smaller ones, or plugs of different designs. The same rules apply to Boosty as to any anal-toy use. Warm up first by taking deep breaths and relaxing. Use a lubricated finger with short, smooth fingernails to massage the external anal sphincter, and when you are ready, gently insert your finger to apply lubricant to your anus and to further relax and warm up.
Once you feel ready, prepare your clean Boosty by generously lubricating the main body of the toy with a compatible lubricant. Water-based is preferred. Proceed to place the tip of the topmost bulb against your anus, and bear down gently, relaxing your butt around the bulge. Take things slowly, especially if you're not a particularly advanced user, and gently encourage the plug in by holding its base and pushing with minimal force.
Boosty has the benefit of several insertable bulbs, all of somewhat different sizes. This allows you to take a "rest stop" if necessary, to get used to the sensation and stretch. Proceed at your own pace, and stop if it's too much for you.

I prefer to insert Boosty with the bulbs facing my front. If I feel like positioning it the other way, I simply turn it around by the base while it is inserted. This actually generates a unique sensation all its own, so it's worth trying if you are comfortable with it.

My favourite use for Boosty is as a longer-term plug. It's not overly large, though I consider myself to be a bit of an advanced anal user. The design is what makes it excellent for this purpose. While it does not provide the fullness of a larger plug, its shape is very stimulating. Its neck is pretty narrow, and its base is extremely comfortable. More on that later!
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

Boosty is made of 100% silicone with a velvety, matte finish. It is completely nonporous, phthalates-free, odourless, tasteless and hygienic. The silicone used in the making of this toy is firm, but a little squishy, and is especially pliable in the thin base.

It is rather a lint magnet, though. I could only get it in black, and you will likely notice in the review photos the fresh layer of dust that clung to Boosty just as I got it ready for photographing. It's a silicone fact of life, it seems!

You may notice, upon first inspection, that Boosty has a rather noticeable seam all along the mold-lines of the toy. While it's quite visible, I found it to be imperceptible during use. Some particularly sensitive individuals may find it a little irritating, particularly around the neck. I have read anecdotes about people filing down the seams, but I have no experience with this. If you are to attempt it, do so at your own risk.

I very much enjoy Boosty's texture. Lubricant stays put on its matte surface, and it feels smooth and supple, easing insertion. The medium firmness is ideal for the type of toy it is, and makes long-term wear more comfortable.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

It's undeniable - Boosty has a truly unique design. I've never seen anything quite like it... I've never felt anything quite like it, either!

Don't let its unique, stacked shape and angled body intimidate you. While it may seem unusual and almost alien in appearance, it's really very cute and comfortable. From top to bottom, Boosty consists of two main "blobs" of increasing size, followed by the curved main body on which they lie. The neck's diameter is about 3/4 of an inch in diameter, and a little over an inch in length, depending on where you consider the neck to end and the body to begin. Finally, the base is a 3.5" thin crescent shape that nestles nicely between the buttocks while in use.

Boosty - Size

Boosty stands at a total length of 4.5", with upwards of 4" insertable, depending on your anatomy. It will stick out a little due to its long neck, bear that in mind.
Its maximum diameter is 1.5", making it less than ideal for anal beginners. If you wish to try out a similar plug with an equally comfortable base, the Fun Factory Bootie may be just the thing for you.

Boosty - Base
The super comfortable base!

In terms of discretion, Boosty's design can only be described as unique... That being said, it doesn't resemble anything used every day, and even though it's quite artistic, you won't likely convince anyone that it's a whimsical silicone paperweight.
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic


I feel that the Boosty can be considered an intermediate anal toy. Being more of an advanced user, I bought it because its shape intrigued me. I'm quite glad I did. The angled, stacked bubble design provides a great deal of stimulation for me, and I love how manageable the size is. Even those of us who love being stretched out by a big plug can enjoy Boosty's unique charms. Its design lends itself very well to long-term wear, being super comfortable but also very stimulating. It's definitely worth trying.

Boosty has quickly become one of my favourite plugs. It's probably my favourite smaller plug, to be honest.

My favourite aspects of Boosty are its whimsical-yet-effective design, its ultra-comfortable base and the fact that it can be worn front-facing or back-facing.
My only issues with Boosty was the seam running along the entire toy's middle. While I couldn't feel it during use, it surprised me, as I expect a bit better from Fun Factory. As it didn't affect my comfort during use, I don't consider it a major flaw.
    • Comfortable
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Boosty is made of one of the best sex toy materials -- pure silicone.
Since it has no tiny pores in which bacteria can hide, cleaning is so simple. I tend to just use warm water and gentle liquid soap, but I've also employed toy cleaner to great effect. Boosty can also be boiled for 5-10 minutes, wiped down with a 10% bleach solution or placed in the top rack of your dishwasher, without soap. I always clean my Boosty after use, and rinse it again beforehand. As anyone who regularly uses silicone sex toys knows, it can attract a great deal of lint. I keep mine in an airtight plastic storage box, so it's not usually too bad.

Storage can be achieved with a separately bought storage container, bedside table, or whatever it is you do normally... Or you could opt to use the box it came in. I didn't keep the box because it was a bit bulky, but it makes for decent storage. The box isn't terribly discreet however. I wish I'd kept it so I could show you, but I didn't really think of the review when I first received it.

I recommend using only water-based lubricants with the Boosty. I have done a silicone-lube patch test, and Boosty was unharmed. I then proceeded to try using Boosty with silicone lubricant. It was a bit harder to wash it all off, but the toy seems to be OK. However, I don't risk it anymore, just in case. The fact that it was more difficult to remove the lubricant made me nervous about attempting it again.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Boosty comes packaged nicely in an opaque, thin cardboard outer sleeve. This box is far from discreet, as it has a very large picture of the toy, as well as the Fun Factory label, the text, "Boosty Anal Toy" and a picture of a clothed butt. It might be more likely to give away the toy's purpose than Boosty itself!
The inner box is more discreet, but still carries the Fun Factory logo and the text, "Your Perfect Moment."
Open the box to find a cardboard flap with a "user manual" (which is really just pictures of other Fun Factory toys) and the Boosty itself, nestled in a smaller, red cardboard compartment.

The box is adequate for storage, particularly the inner, more discreet box, but it takes up quite a bit more space than Boosty itself. I just let it hang out in the same storage container as the rest of my toys.

The packaging makes for a good gift box, provided you're giving it in private. It's a revolutionary rectangular prism shape that is easy to wrap! It also adds the fun of unearthing the toy from layers of packaging.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Boosty has become one of my more frequently used toys. I love its design, and while it doesn't fill me as intensely or as fully as my A-Bomb, for example, it provides unique sensations all its own. It's enough to keep me going back for more, so I can honestly say that, even as a somewhat advanced anal user, Boosty has plenty of appeal.


Boosty is one of my go-to plugs for long-term wear, the other being the Njoy Pure Plug Large.
Often, I'll pop Boosty in and go about my day. Unlike much larger plugs, Boosty does not become too uncomfortable over time. The thin, flexible neck and contoured base make for very comfy long-term wear. Shifting around in my seat, I can feel its bulges massage me internally, which is very nice. I've worn it for many hours at a time with no issues.

Insertion of the Boosty feels rather interesting because of its bulges. I have, on occasion, used it for slow, gentle thrusting. It yielded something akin to the sensation of anal beads or the Tantus Ripple Large, but it's not really long enough for this use.

On a final note, some people might be concerned about Boosty falling out during use. I have never had this issue, and I feel that the bulge in the body is adequate to keep it in, even during a sneeze. Yes, I've done the sneeze test, although the sneeze was by accident...
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