A Great Choice Amongst Stiff Competition

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with this toy. With the right harness, the use of this toy is straightforward and pleasurable for both parties. I was actually a bit surprised on how much my wife got off while using this toy, I thought the thruster's pleasure would be more of an afterthought, but not so. The penetrating end is big, but not huge. Just take your time anally.

You won't be disappointed with this one, regardless of which end you're on!
Great size for experienced anal peggee. Great end for the thruster to mount. Perfect material.
Could use a vibrating model, additional length, more realistic color choice would be nice.
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I find this dildo to be a perfect fit for a pegging curious couple. The dildo offers some satisfaction for the female thruster rather than simply leaving her high and dry with a standard flared base dildo used in her harness. The shared pleasure made a dildo like this a must. Despite my wife's overall hesitation toward the use of this product and pegging in general, she quickly got off (twice!) through simple insertion and light movement (in preparation for the big show!).

However, I would like to mention that there is a smaller Junior model available that may be a better bet if the submissive party (the male receiving this anally) if they're anal experience is slim to nil. I've been masturbating anally for years and even I had to take it a little slow with this one.
    • Gender benders
    • Pegging
    • Long / extended session

Material / Texture

The toy is a bit on the high end of the sex toy spectrum but boy is it worth it. My wife and I began looking into silicone based toys after our rubber dildo's smell really began to bother her. With this material, the smell is gone, much to our delight. In addition, the material is quite firm, but at the same time has a bit of a 'squish' to it with a bendy give.

Design / Shape / Size

I can only speak from the receiving end of this as the male participant, but the design seemed spot on. The angles this toy provides allows the thruster to be penetrated in a familiar angle, while the protruding end ends up angling away from her body at an anatomically (and pleasing to the eye) angle, just slightly less than 90 degrees.

The girth of both ends was sufficient, my wife pleased with her end and me, the anal 'expert', being stretched just enough when hopping straight to this toy (I'd generally recommend more anal prep for newbies though!). We ordered this toy since both the girth and length were larger than the Jr model, but we both found the length lacking a little. My wife was telling me that as she got into it, she was looking for a bit more length to penetrate her, as an inch or so is lost in transition from her pussy to the harness.

The length on my end was about right when inserted fully, but the problem we found was that the protruding penis end was sometimes to short to compensate for our height difference (nearly a foot). She'd try to get closer to me in a missionary position, but lose some length to thrust with. When she mounted me from behind this was less of an issue.

The color is a bit festive, as it is for many toys, and I'd rather this model come in a more natural color, possibly with an actual penis look to it, but it is a small gripe.

A vibrating model would have been a plus as well.


My wife and I were both new to pegging, me anxious, her nervous but willing (after 1-2 years of hinting!), and the toy made our first try at it a blast. I 'shot rivers of cum' she said (like I couldn't tell!). I was worried that the toy might be difficult to insert in a hesitant woman, but it slid in easily with little effort once she became wet. Likewise, the larger end popped into me with only little discomfort (Totally my impatience's fault).

Like I noted above, with our height difference, some positions were a bit difficult to do, but I blame our unfamiliarity with pegging more so than the toy. Once properly positioned, the toy worked wonders, filling me nicely and even providing my wife more pleasure than I figured it would as she thrust in and out. If she were willing to let herself go more (she was more worried about her performance, looks, and my own pleasure than her own) she'd of came a time or two from the unique toys thrusting alone. I eagerly look forward to offering myself to her wielding this toy again soon.

Care and Maintenance

I've only used it once but the cleanup was probably the easiest I've had yet. Other toys, such as those composed of the 'realistic skin', are more porous and necessitate multiple scrubbings. A simple soap and water cleaned this toy up nicely, though I believe this high end material can be boiled for those who might share their toys or are going for that surefire clean.

Only use water based lubes with this, as I believe silicone ones will wear down the surface some.


The packaging was simple, straightforward, and efficient. It comes in a large plastic tube that comfortable encompasses the entire toy, with two plastic end-caps that flip off. I'm using the cylinder as it's storage container as fits so well, though I did have a little trouble popping the caps back on once I was ready to store it.

The cylinder it comes it would surely protect the toy from any bumps and bruises that might be incurred during shipment, and overall is a fine compliment to the toy itself.

Personal comments

This is the toy I chose after LONG deliberation amongst the many double ended, pegging minded dildos. My wife was not even remotely interested in the idea of pegging me for well over a year, so I had a lot of time to research, debate, and re-debate which one I'd love to buy if given the chance.

The Feeldoe nearly won out, but looked a bit too rigid to me, making me fear it might limit positions; and the bulb didn't look as enticing to me (for my wife's pleasure).

The Share had the nicest look (I like the natural color), but looked far too flimsy in a Youtube video I saw.

There was another one (started with the letter T...I can't recall its name), that I believe was once offered here, but is now out of stock. It actually would have made a strong contender, being a sleeker looking Feeldoe clone with vibration.

Nevertheless, I am thoroughly pleased with my eventual choice. The end that penetrates the thruster has admirable length and design, and the half that entered me was perfect.


As noted above, this was our entry dildo into the world of pegging as a couple, and while I've got a lot of anal penetration experience under my belt (literally!), neither of us really knew if this particular dildo would fit the bill, and we ordered it with a little bit of hesitation after debating the others.

Once it arrived though, I knew it was perfect. Taking it out of the tube, I was already hard with the thoughts of things to come, feeling its contours, knowing that this was the best choice. My wife on the other hand, was backpedaling a bit, and was holding back on trying it. With a little bit of coaxing though, she agreed to press on.

We quickly inserted it into the Spareparts Harness we'd purchased along with it, and we slowly guided it towards her pussy. I was unsure how easily this toy would enter her, not knowing if the material would stick or drag at all, and if she'd need any prep before insertion, but my worries were unfounded.

I slid the slightly ribbed end into with ease and she moaned lightly. She quickly took over and pressed its entire length within. She quickly found that tugging on her fake dick would affect the internal end so with one hand tugging her new penis, she pressed the other end further with the other palm and was cumming rapidly shortly.

Enough of the solo play I figured and laid back to have her enter me in a standard missionary position. Lubing up the dildo was quick and easy and I was ready to go. A bit more patience would have done wonders though, as the initial insertion was a bit uncomfortable, but only for a moment. The bigger problem was that with our height difference, she couldn't get close enough to use the limited length to its full thrusting potential. Lifting my legs back further towards my chest helped some, but only a little bit. I'm hoping with more pegging experience, this will improve, as I'd like to be able to see her doing me from time to time.

Switching to a position we knew would work, I got on all fours and she slid it back in quickly, picking up her pace. After probably some of the best anal I've ever had (never allowed someone else to do me before, outside of her guiding a dildo once in a while), I propped myself up so we were both upright, while she was still behind. This allowed her shorter arms to give me a reach around, which was too much for my pent up desire being fulfilled. I shot a lot, hard, and far, screaming, before collapsing. She keep screwing my ass though, finally starting to enjoy this, before finally pulling out of me, capping off my pleasure.

This dream finally coming true left me with more than enough strength to climb on top of her (without the harness unfortunately, it blocks vaginal access...and she's not into anal...yet!) and go another round. This toy has topped my sexual experience charts, and the fact that all this occurred on my birthday was just an added bonus.

I am thoroughly (Inside AND Out) pleased with this toy.
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  • Contributor: Kayla
    I've always looked at these, but never actually bought one. The price is pretty high. Thanks for a good review, though.
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Welcome! Very good first review!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Good review Smile

    Welcome to the community!
  • Contributor: Finallypegged
    Thank you for the kind words.

    The price was a bit daunting, especially for it being our 'let's try it' toy, but looking at the cheaper options in the strap on arena, you can quickly tell that they're likely not to hold up as well. In addition, we were really looking to avoid that rubbery smell that really turned my wife off with the last probe we bought, and all the quality material is rather costly.

    Nevertheless, it was money well spent....it also helped to be a bit in the mood whilst ordering, fogging my financial judgment...lol.
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Good review! The other double is the Tango which I feel is #1 but the Nexus is a close second and the one I was going to purchase.
    Don't know about your height difference but with you leaning over the arm of a couch, a table or chair might help.
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    This is a perfect review. The Nexus seems to be great for such play. I am just curious whether Vixen Creation plans a VixSkin version of this.
    We were talking about these toys recently and found it better than the Tantus line (better material quality etc.)

    Thanks for the review!

  • Contributor: Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Wow! You went all in for your first time. Good for you! Great review by the way. Thanks!
  • Contributor: lezergirl
    Impressively lengthed review! You covered all the bases
  • Contributor: zeebot
    Awesome review, thank you!
  • Contributor: C4ss
    Great review. Thanks!
  • Contributor: froggiemoma
    great job! thanks!
  • Contributor: Teacookie
  • Contributor: Hibangel
    great review!
  • Contributor: Tantric Tendencies
    Thanks for review.
  • Contributor: fufucat
    cool review
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
  • Contributor: sugar&spikes
    thanks for the review!
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