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Not-So-Perky Purple Peen

It's not that I don't recommend this toy, I just think you should carefully consider what you're really looking for out of a "strapless strap-on" before investing in it. If you're perfectly fine with finding a harness that will be compatible and think the length of the giving end will work for you, give it a shot! It's a gorgeous, quality product.
- Silicone is pretty and high-quality
- Fun for things other than penetrating partners
- Awkward middle portion.
- Giver's end too long
- Just won't work well for what it's meant to do
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The Nexus Sr. is designed to be a strapless strap-on for partnered sex without a harness. It can be used in a variety of orifices, both on the giving side and the receiving side. The receiving end is best suited for being held in a vagina because of the toy's overall length and shape but I can see it also being held in by the anal muscles if you're willing to sacrifice some length and the middle won't get in the way of your anatomy. It is perfectly safe for anal on either end of the toy because there's no way in hell this thing is going to slip up into anyone. It's far too big and heavy.

Another use for this toy is for people to use when masturbating solo. With the Nexus, you can have your own cock to stroke and doing so will move the internal dildo, so it actually feels physically as well as psychologically good.
    • Couples
    • Gender play
    • Solo

Material / Texture

The swirly, purple silicone of this toy is one of its nicest features. If you can't have dual density silicone, this is second best. It's softer than most silicones I've handled (It even stretches a bit in my hand) but holds its shape well on the end portions. It is delightful to hold and squeeze, both in your hand and in whatever orifice you decide to insert an end into. It's also just plain beautiful to look at. One of the reasons I got the Nexus Sr. instead of the smaller Jr. model was because I just loved the aesthetic value of this one.

Unfortunately, the squish factor is not enough to take away from the fact that this thing really is huge. With Vixskin toys, you can go up in size quite a bit from what you usually like because of how much it can be squeezed down. This won't happen with the regular silicone of this toy. This is unfortunate because what I really wanted in size was something between the Jr. and this one.

The whole toy is very smooth and free of things like veins, so if you simply must have texture to enjoy something this is not the toy for you.

Like my other Vixen toys, the silicone is taste and odor free.
    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design is one of the best and worst features of the Nexus Sr. unfortunately.

The positive aspects:
- The giver's end has some subtle ripples in the silicone to help with grip.
- The receiver's end is a very nice shape with a pronounced head.

The negative aspects:
- The middle is too big and floppy. It only serves to make this toy stand up less when used in the manner it is supposed to be used in. Now, my kegals are pretty strong and I could definitely hold this toy in with my body's muscles, but there is no way in hell I could penetrate someone while holding this thing in alone. If the base wasn't so big, I would have a fighting chance but as it is it does not stand up and cup around my crotch the way it's supposed to. The shape also doesn't do a very good job of cupping like that even when held up in the right spot. That said, I was able to get it to stay in place all right with a pair of button-fly jeans. A harness would work fine... If you could find one to fit that base.
- The giver's end is just way too long! I don't know how other people's bodies have handled it, but inserted all the way it hits my cervix in a bad way and unless I do the toy is even more floppy.
- The difference in size between the giving end and receiving end wipes out all possibility of this being used without a harness. The front side is too heavy to be held up well by the smaller, giver's end.

Actual size specs:
- The giver's end has about five and a half inches of insertable length, and is 1 and 1/4" in diameter.
- The receiver's end has about six and a half inches of insertable length, and is 1 and 5/8" in diameter.
The whole thing is over a foot long altogether.
    • Partner play


To me, I thought the giver's end was too long to be held in well. If it was a little shorter and thicker (Maybe three and a half inches long and 1 and 3/8" diameter?) it would maybe stay in a little better while keeping the right shape. Don't get me wrong, it will technically stay in if you clench your PC muscles around it but it's not going to stick up at a jaunty angle like an actual erection. It just kind of hangs there and the middle portion offers no clitoral stimulation whatsoever down there.

It will work perfectly fine as a strap-on if you use it with a pair of button fly jeans or something, but it won't stay in the right position for strapless, partnered sex without help.

As a solo toy, it's pretty awesome though. The feeling of stroking a big, silicone cock to move the one on the other side is a lot more fun than grabbing at a regular dildo's base.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is very easy to clean thoroughly. I generally wash mine with antibacterial soap and water if I have no intentions of sharing them but they can also be boiled or washed with a bleach solution to disinfect them further.
The biggest issue with cleaning this toy is its sheer size and shape. Finding a pot in which to boil this is quite a challenge for example. The silicone also loves dust and lint so you're going to have to run water over the whole thing multiple times to get it off.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean


The Nexus Sr. arrived to me in a giant, clear plastic tube with red plastic caps on either end. It was just like the one I have for my Spur dildo, also by Vixen Creations, except much bigger and different color caps. I finally figured out that to remove a cap you squeeze the clear plastic and tug on the cap. I wish I had figured this out before I cut the one on my Spur's container!
While not discreet, I love Vixen's tube containers. They are a little hard to store but they keep toys nice and contained in a reusable way.
Follow-up commentary
This is just such an awkward toy to use. It's a great concept with delightful materials used, but the design needs work. Or maybe my body just doesn't work well with it. Either way, I haven't gotten a whole lot of use out of this thing.
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    Great review, thanks.
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    Nice job!
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    Excellent review! Sucks you have to use your pc muscles to keep it in. Mine aren't strong enough to do that.
  • GONE!
    Thanks unfulfilled! Yeah, I was okay with the idea but exerting so much effort for it to completely flop over was... Annoying to say the lease.
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    Great review, been trying to decide between this and the Feeldoe and this info is extremely helpful, Thanks
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  • GONE!
    Not really understanding the downvotes. Are there any questions you guys want answered? Feel free to contact me if so!
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    Thank you very much for the review.
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    Oh, I don't know, maybe people were looking for images? I know a lot of people upvote if you have lots of images in your review. That doesn't seem like your reviewing style, though. I wouldn't sacrifice that.
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    great review. looks kinda odd.
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