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The Icicles Number 12 is a glass dildo that resembles a rose and stem. It actually looks better in person, and it ends up being a quality dildo if you enjoy insertion. The base makes a great handle to avoid using a slippery glass sex toy.
Very unique design, Looks better in person, Stands up for decorative purposes
No storage bag
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The Icicles Number 12 is a rose glass dildo produced by Pipedream Products. It's part of their Icicles line which has caught a lot of glass-lover's attentions. This is made greater by the fact that Pipedream does know how to take pictures of their glass, so they all come out looking like elegant pieces. The Number 12 is a Pyrex glass dildo that is about eight inches long and is about an inch and a half at the widest point. The "View Product Size" feature seems to be pretty accurate. My base is slightly smaller, but these toys are hand-made, so that makes sense. Glass is a quality material, and with proper care, this should last a lifetime.

The packaging for the Icicles Number 12 is pretty basic. It comes in a cardboard box. The front panel of the toy can be opened to show the toy inside the box. When opened, the Icicles Number 12 comes out in a foam tray. This tray, luckily, does not shed pieces like some of them can. It stays together nicely. The toy is really protected in the foam, and it's a really nice way to store the toy. This box is really nice and suitable for long-term storage. I just went through all my toys and got rid of a bunch of boxes, though, and to that effect, I wish this pretty glass sex toy came with a storage baggie.

Sometimes I try not to be a brat, but sometimes that just doesn't work. When it comes to my glass dildos, I must say that I've become a bit spoiled. I expect my glass sex toys to come with storage bags. Since glass is so breakable and (usually) expensive, it makes sense that glass toys would come with storage bags. Unfortunately, this one does not. It made me a bit sad since now I have to purchase a storage bag for it.

An odd thing about this dildo is the fact that it is widest at the top. Most dildos usually go from smallest to largest, and instead, the Icicles Number 12 does that backward. The rose is easily the widest point, and then, once you conquer that, the bulbs slowly work themselves back up to a larger size again. Anally, this actually can be a difficult toy to insert just for that reason. Going from a huge 1 1/2 inches then going back down again just doesn't seem to be natural in terms of stretching. Of course, if you naturally take toys that size, that's no big deal. Vaginally, it's interesting. The vagina can easily stretch to 1 1/2 inches, but it's not usually of a hard glass.

I haven't had any success using this as a g-spot dildo, but it's not curved, so I wasn't expecting any. Some women might have a better shot with the larger head though. (Lucky sensitive g-spots.) That makes it work well if you have a shallow g-spot that is easily stimulated by large objects. The toy, while a bit awkward to insert with the giant head first, can easily be inserted with just a small bit of lubricant. It slides in really comfortably and ends up providing a strong, rigid surfaces for thrusting. I enjoy a slight rocking motion more than thrusting though.

A plus-side to glass toys is that they have the ability for temperature play. This dildo can be placed in warm water or cool water, and the dildo will take on the temperature of the water. Even better, the dildo tends to stay at room temperature, so you're never going to have to deal with a frigid sex toy when you pull it out to want to play. Don't microwave the dildo though. That's a bad idea.

This is the one time where professional EF lighting doesn't seem to have done the product any justice. The white background and bright light ends up making the pink portion look a lot more faded than it actually is in real-life. The EF picture of the dildo's box is a much more accurate representation of the color of this rose glass dildo. Unlike other glass dildos, this one actually looks very pretty without direct lighting, and it's a very pretty sex toy that I almost feel bad for using. This toy does show fingerprints pretty easily though; the stem of my toy has all sorts of fingerprints on it just from my video review handling and text review handling. (The fingerprints seem to go away after washing after use though.)
This glass sex toy seems to be pretty sturdy. I'm not scared of the stem breaking; it seems to be well-made. The foam should keep it away from any type of large harm while it's in storage. It's compatible with all different types of lubricants, and it can be easily washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. It can be covered with a condom easily, or it can be bleached if you need to sterilize it for another partner. I'll probably be purchasing an EF storage pouch to store the dildo in my glass dildo drawer.

I like the Icicles No. 12. It's pretty, it's quality, and it's safe for my body. I want to just leave it out on the furniture as decoration, but I'm afraid it's going to get tipped over and break. It really is discreet, and it looks more like modern art than a dildo. It's probably one of my favorite-looking glass sex toys, and it's so unique that I'm proud to own it. Pipedream Products makes a great glass sex toy.
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    If it is hand blown glass, then it shouldn't break easily at all!! I was in Venice and they took a hand blown glass cup and threw it on a wood floor and it didn't break!! Thank you for the vid, it's really pretty and I would probably leave that out by my lamp. X-) Thank you again!
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    Thanks for the great review. I wish it came with a pouch. There is something so unnerving about hearing glass toys "clink". Great video.
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