This Icicle Melted Me!

This is a great, great toy. It's got a handle for easy use and anal play, and the glass holds temperature well, and it transmits vibrations well. It can be shared between partners and orifices and comes in a beautiful box. This toy has a larger girth and responds well to lubricant.
Made of glass, so it's sterilizable. The ribs provide awesome sensations, and it has a handle.
Doesn't come with a storage pouch, may be too large for some people.
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The Icicles #12 is a glass dildo meant for penetrative play. Vaginally and anally safe, this dildo is incredibly versatile. Glass transfers heat and cold and can be used for sensation play. When cared for appropriately, glass can last a lifetime, making this a toy you can use for years to come with minimal investment. Glass also transfers vibrations well, making this a great toy to pair with a vibrator (I especially prefer massagers for their intensity of vibration).

The toy features several bulbs traveling down the shaft of the toy, making penetration even better. The Icicle also has a flared base, giving it a great handle for thrusting as well as making it safe for anal play. This toy, even though it has a handle, is not recommended for use in a harness because the weight of the first bulb makes it top-heavy, which is not conducive to a harnessed dildo.

As with all glass dildos, you should be cautious when thrusting because you can bruise the tender skin in the vaginal or anal canals. Again, with all glass toys, you MUST check the toy for cracks, chips or other defects before use; if the toy shows any sign of failure you should discontinue use immediately.

Material / Texture

Glass is slick, smooth, odorless and tasteless. Hypoallergenic, nonporous, Phthalates-free, latex-free and trouble-free, glass is great for sensitive individuals who have allergies to common toy ingredients. Glass sex toys, like glass cookware or mugs, is solid and unyielding, this is not a toy that will give an inch.

The box claims that each Icicle wand is hand-blown, making each piece unique and different, which means that sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Design / Shape / Size

The Icicle measures 7 3/4" long, with an insertable length of 7 1/2". Featuring a circumference of 4 3/4", the toy's first bulge is the largest of the four. The first bulb is immediately followed by a smaller rib, then a medium sized rib and a large rib (still smaller than the first) before tapering to the base. The head is made of a pale pastel pink glass, while the rest of the toy is clear glass.

Weighing 13 ounces, this toy is weighted extremely well; it doesn't feel heavy when it's held or used internally.

This toy was a little big for me to be able to use on a daily basis, the first bulb was a little too big. Once I was warmed up, though, I enjoyed all the ribs; they provided sensation that traditional, straight glass toys usually are unable to.

The Icicle is pretty discrete, there's nothing overtly phallic about it; I'm fine with keeping this out on my desk without worrying someone will be shocked.


This toy performed well; I worried that the intricate detail of the rose petals would make penetration uncomfortable or difficult, but I did not find that to be the case. Although I did feel them when I first inserted the toy, following that I could not feel them at all--they were not painful, as the petal details are not sharp, but rounded--but bear in mind, I very rarely feel or am bothered by seams on toys.

The large bulb of this toy mean that it's very filling, and the hard texture of the glass means that this toy feels bigger than it is. On the contrary, the glass also makes it slick and easier to insert; a little lubricant goes a long way with glass, so care should be taken to keep a firm grip on this toy. Even when it was wet, the handle made this toy easy to hang onto and use.

The box of the toy recommends putting this toy in the microwave or under warm water to heat it up (I don't know that I'd place the toy in the microwave, but I can definitely advocate running this toy under hot water. For cooler sensations, run it under cold water, put it in an ice bath or leave it in the freezer. No matter whether you put this toy in the microwave, on the stove in a pot (carefully watching it, of course, no matter which way you pick to heat it up) or in the freezer, you should test it out on your inner arm to make sure that the toy is not too hot or cold for your skin to handle.

Care and Maintenance

This toy, made of Pyrex glass, is easy to maintain and can safely be shared between partners and orifices after it's sterilized. Daily maintenance is easy; you can wash this toy with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. For swapping between partners or orifices you should sterilize this toy by boiling it, putting the toy in the dishwasher, or by using a 10% bleach solution. If you don't want to sterilize this toy in the middle of a session, a standard condom should fit over the largest bulb so you can swap easily.

Unfortunately, this toy doesn't come with a storage pouch. However, the box provides adequate safety for regular storage or transport. If you do wish to purchase a storage pouch, it should be a well-padded bag to prevent damage to the toy.

Glass is compatible with oil, water or silicone based lubricants, so pick your favorite and get slippery.

When cleaning the toy, you should take care to wash carefully in the petals because they have small crevices that might be missed during a quick rinse.


This toy came nestled in a very pretty box with photographs of the Icicles 12 on each side. The box contained information on the toy (the box tells you that it's handcrafted, some suggestions for heating and cooling, things of that nature). Inside the box is a styrofoam-type square with a cutout that nestles the toy. Surprisingly, when I removed the insert I saw that there was a clear window... When I looked at the front of the box I noticed that I could pull it open to view the toy through a window. Super classy! This box would be a great way to present it as a gift. There is a hang-tag for hanging on a store's display, but if that bothers you it can be tucked inside the box.

Personal comments

I've been calling this toy Beauty, because it reminds me of the rose from Beauty and the Beast... It's certainly pretty enough to be that rose!
Follow-up commentary
While I still think this is a great toy, I don't use it very frequently because the large head makes it painful to insert unless I'm extremely aroused. It's nice for every so often, but it's just too big for my daily use.
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