It's better as a piece of decoration. - BRUTALLY HONEST Review

If I had the choice to either promote this toy or warn people from buying it, I would gladly tell everyone I know NOT to get it. However, like I said, there's always that one person who enjoys the one thing everyone else hates. This is either a toy you will like or dislike. So try it, or don't try it. But I would definitely not advise you to.
Horrible design, Painful, Needs tons of lube, Doesn't fit the vagina well, Not good for anal
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Here we go, everyone. My very first BRUTALLY HONEST glass toy review. There's never been a glass toy that I hated with such passion until now. And please forgive me for sounding so upset, but the fact that I wasted my hard earned cash on this toy and endured so much pain really pushes my buttons.

I have had Icicles No. 12 for a month now and I'm still having issues figuring out just how to use it. I can't really say that I'm "still" having issues, because I've given up today and I'm done ever even touching this toy again. It's obviously a dildo, which means it obviously goes inside of you... But what to do after that just isn't as obvious.

First of all, getting this toy into a tight pussy is not fun no matter how wet and aroused you are. The petals of the rose and the awkwardly shaped tip makes it painful to insert, and the lack of curve causes quite a bit of pain to my inner bits. Thrusting is really out of the question - it is just so uncomfortable that rather than squirting, I'm peeing myself. Literally peeing myself. Not even the fat little Icicles No. 24 or the highly textured Two Way Bumpy Fantasy had this happening to me. Something about my anatomy just doesn't work with this toy. From the shape, I can't see how it would work for anybody.

So let's say the toy "works" for YOU. Well, here's what Icicles No. 12 has to offer:

- 4 humps/bumps in total (including the base of the rose)

- Smooth, high quality glass with no bumps or cracks

- Interesting texture on the tip of the rose (Which I'll admit is good for clitoral stimulation with the use of a vibrating cock ring)

The rest, my friends, is up to you. I am completely lost with this one...
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Material / Texture

All Icicle's products are made of 100% Pyrex glass. Also known as Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with the main glass-forming constituents silica and boron oxide. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (~3 × 10-6 /°C at 20°C), making them virtually resistant to thermal shock, more than any other common glass. Pyrex glass can be heated to temperatures between 425°F - 600°F, depending on the production company. Nonetheless, you could easily heat a glass toy in the oven without self-destruction. However, this is not recommended. Such glass is far less sensitive to thermal stress and is commonly used for the construction of reagent bottles.

You can also find Pyrex glass in your kitchen. Glass baking dishes and mixing bowls are often made of Pyrex due to how well they can withstand heat and cold. This makes Pyrex glass great for temperature play. Just be sure not to go from too hot, to extremely cold, TOO quickly. This can actually result in your toy breaking. You should always let your toy either warm up or cool down to room temperature before switching.

You will not need a lot of lubricant with most glass toys, but if you plan on inserting this one, PLEASE use as much as you can stand. Although glass is slippery, the awkward tip on Icicles No. 12 is going to leave you in quite a bit of pain if you don't do so.

I have to go right ahead and say that this toy is for ADVANCED users only. I personally thought I was amongst those advanced users, since 80% of my collection is glass. Well, the Icicles No. 12 proved me wrong - or at least proved that my vagina cannot handle all shapes and sizes.
    • No curve
    • Not flexible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Absolutely HATE the design. I thought it was awful before I bought it, and still think it's awful after a month of trying to solve this frustrating puzzle. The shape is just all wrong, and I can't see how it would be any more useful than a bracelet holder or something pretty to put on grandma's mantle.

I have no idea how the hell this thing works, and I haven't come close to finding out. The only useful part of this dildo is the tip in which could possibly be used for cervical massage or clitoral stimulation. I wont lie, I tried both of these out but I still ended up in pain. My body just doesn't agree with this dildo.

This toy is not a good fit for average users. I supposedly have a normally shaped vaginal canal, and I can use pretty much any glass toy BUT the Icicles No. 12. I could only imagine the pain this toy would give someone who didn't have a normally shaped vagina.

Obviously, there is no realistic look to this dildo. It looks like one of those glass flowers you can find at the dollar store... Actually, it might as well be one. They look extremely similar. Therefore, this toy is discreet. I guess that's an upside. No one would ever guess what this dildo was unless they saw it right off of EF.
    • Advanced users only
    • Discreet look/design


The best thing about this toy is... Well, that's a hard one, now isn't it? If you've made it all the way to this part of the review, I'm sure you know how displeased I am with this dildo. I think the best quality is either that it's cute to look at, or that it has an interesting texture at it's tip that can be used for cervical massage. At least for those who can stand it.

It's obviously not great because it hurts to use. That's a given. Nothing that hurts to use is going to get a good rating from me. I actually bled twice trying to give this one another shot, so I almost want to say that the shape is NOT SAFE. But there's always that one person who enjoys sticking outrageous things inside of themselves.

This dildo does have a base, leading me to think it could possibly be harness compatible. But who would ever want to thrust this into anyone?
    • Hard to figure out

Care and Maintenance

Since this is a Pyrex glass toy, it is non-porous. You don't have to worry about using any specific soap, or using any specific cleaning method. You can boil, dishwash, or simply scrub this toy down with antibacterial soap and water. Whatever works best for you. Just be sure to inspect your massager for any air bubbles, as this can propose a risk of breaking under pressure.

For example -in the dishwasher. Each Icicles toy comes with a box which contains a specially fit hole to store your toy. If you don't want to have a sex toy box laying around, you should definitely consider buying the Phallix Pleasure Pouch. This will ensure your toy is protected from any damage.

Please check this toy up and down for any cracks, or pieces that are sticking out when you first recieve it. I can't imagine what elsed could go wrong if this toy was damaged. It's so hard to tell if there are cracks or imperfections on the tip because the rose has so much texture. So please look very carefully. I always find it easy to wet my hands that way I am soft and I can feel imperfections easier.


Every Icicles toy from Pipedream comes in its own, specially designed box. The cover simply says that the box carries one "glass massager". There is nothing suggestive unless you actually know what "massager" means. The cover also shows a picture of the toy, life-sized with a matte background. When you open the front flap you get a basic overview of the toy you have purchased on the left side. On the right, your toy is safely nestled in a pre-fitted crevasse. The front flap is magnetic, and shuts pretty darn tightly. So you don't have to worry about the toy rolling out or anything like that.

Personal comments

The only thing you MIGHT be able to use this dildo for is an actual massager of some sort. Maybe you would enjoy rubbing someone's back with this. I didn't think of that until now, and it may not be the best solution if this one doesn't work for you, but I'm just throwing it out there.


Bad, bad, bad experience. Probably the worst I've every had with any dildo in my entire life. And believe me, I own some crazy shaped dildos. I was personally surprised that this one hurt me. Something about the design is just all wrong. No curve to fit the vagina, the tip is hard to insert, and you need so much lube that you might end up with a UTI after all is said and done.

You know, I really hate writing these types of reviews. I really wish there was some sort of use for this product that I could tell you about. For me there is usually a good side to most toys... But this one is just one of those, that in my opinion, should never have made it out of the factory. I've been put through so much pain just to get enough experience out of this dildo to even write this review.

I have bled, bruised, and even come near crying. I just don't want to tell anyone that this toy is safe. You could potentially injure yourself if you thought about sticking this thing in your bum, let alone in your vagina. I'm very worried for others who are wasting their money on this dildo. I just can't respect Pipedream for releasing this one.
Follow-up commentary
I still don't like this "dildo". It was painful to use, price wasn't worth it, and I don't recommend it to anyone. If you want to know more about my horrible experience with this toy... read the review.
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  • Contributor: Toy Fiend
    Fab review!
  • Contributor: Nezzie13
    I'm terribly sorry it hurt you, and I hope you don't think I'm being insensitive, but I was just looking at this item and I thought it looked like a lovely ornament but a terrible toy. Thank you for warning others and I hope you're all better!
  • Contributor: Fun2
    thanks for reviewing
  • Contributor: Falsepast
    Ouch. Sorry you didnt like this one
  • Contributor: lilacviolet
    It LOOKS awfully painful, it looks more like a torture device than anything. Doesn't look pleasant.
  • Contributor: xOhxSoxScandalousx
    Thanks for the review
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