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Better Than The Real Thing?

The super is not for everyone, but if you're an advanced player who likes to be filled and stretched, this toy is a fantastic match for you. It has size, it has texture, and depending on your color choice, it's awfully attractive as a realistic toy.
Realistic Look (for some and in beige).
Too Weighty For Some Things.
No Suction Cup Bottom (a con for me anyway).
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The super is made as a large toy solely to be used by those who want to be filled up and enjoy a challenge. While it's O-ring compatible, it's also quite heavy, so if you wish to use the super for harness play, you might want to work up to being comfortable with that sort of weight and also to invest in a quality harness. The large balls on this toy also give you something to grab onto to simulate thrusting, though you're not going to be burying this big boy deep in very quickly. The super can also be used as an anal toy given those sizable balls, but this would be useful only for a VERY experienced anal user.

Given its size and weight, the super doesn't have a suction cup bottom, which makes it less useful in certain positions (such as if you prefer to ride your dildos). The super is also going to intimidate beginners and even many users of average experience. I do believe that size queens can find satisfaction in the super. As far as safety precautions go, on the first attempt to use the super, I would recommend using a lubricant and going slowly. I also wouldn't recommend that you just hand this toy straight off to a partner without trying it for yourself first to make sure that you can take the super comfortably or at least work up to it. Finally, though you can't accidentally turn the super on (since it's a dildo and not a vibrator), I certainly wouldn't call it travel-friendly. It's definitely not a discreet toy, and it takes up a lot of space! If you open your bag up, expect someone to notice this toy as it's an attention getter!

Material / Texture

The super is made of silicone...which is kind of super. If I pay more than $50 for a toy, I like for it to be sterilizable and long-lasting. Silicone is a 10 on the safety scale, it can be sterilized, and it offers a flexibility that is a MUST with a toy of this size. Don't get me wrong...the super is firm, but it has a give to it as well as opposed to glass for instance. Silicone can also be soaked in warm water to absorb warmth, and that might be exactly what some users need to warm up to this toy. My favorite aspects of silicone are the lack of smell and the fact that it lends a more realistic feel to a realistic looking toy. There is a slight drag with silicone at times, and that's why I would recommend lubricant with a toy of this size. However, drag is something that I've experienced during real partnered intercourse. Therefore, I do find the drag to also lend some realistic aspects to play. Finally, there is a texture to the super, but I'd call it mild. With the super having the girth that it does, to incorporate anything more than a mild texture to this toy would lessen its appeal. The texture can somewhat be described as similar to the ripples of the skin on a man's penis.
    • Harness compatible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The super looks like a realistic penis...just a large one. I purchased the beige because I enjoyed the realistic look, but this also comes in a pearly blue. The balls are a little larger and somewhat unattractive to me at times, but they make a good base. Plus, I need something to hold onto! Prior to this, the biggest circumference I had endured in awhile was from the Leo, which is marketed as 5 1/4" circumference. There is really a significant difference (though I still prefer the Leo at times for its suction cup bottom). Therefore if you haven't experienced a circumference of at least 5", I would say to maybe go that route before moving on to the super.

From Eden:
8 1/2"
Insertable length:
7 1/4"
1 7/8"
Harness compatibility:
O-ring compatible
20 oz
    • Realistic


I do have an O-ring harness, but it's been in a box ever since it arrived. I'm hoping to review it in the future if I ever have a suitable partner. However, I am discouraged by the super's weight for harness use. With that being said, I've tested the super quite a bit otherwise. I've thrusted with it, I've turned it in circles, and I've even taken pictures with it. The super rocks my world and leaves me huffing like I have asthma after a session. Still, I wish that there was a way for the super to have a suction cup bottom that worked well yet that wasn't huge. The balls are okay for a base, but with no suction quality, they just don't thrill me for shower use and such.
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is easy to clean in all but one aspect. The silicone of the super does tend to attract lint and hair. However, the super can be sterilized by boiling. It can also be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, thrown into the top rack of a dishwasher, antibacterial soap and water, or any form of toy cleaner. Silicone cannot be placed next to other silicone, and it is meant for use with water-based lubes. Finally, I do find the super hard to store due to its size and the large packaging. I'm going to have to make some attractive silicone-toy suitable pouches.

Personal comments

Have you ever watched a food challenge? I'm talking about challenges where competitors must eat 100 hotdogs or a 13 lb. burger or whatever. When I saw the super, that's how I thought of it. Can I take it? How deep can I take it? How long can I take it? Then, when I took the challenge and came out victorious, I was a weird kind of proud. So, I imagine the challenge tagline to be something like this "Are you lusty enough to take the super challenge?!"
Follow-up commentary
I love the super. As of this point (May 2013), it is my absolute favorite dildo. The texture provides the most realistic feel for me. Also, despite my belief that a dildo that actually looked like a penis would creep me out, I don't feel that way at all (at least about my super). The blue super does still turn me off. Why make it look realistic if you then ruin it with an unrealistic color? To each his/her own I guess!
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