The super - realistic dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Cookie Monster Mike

Super Ram-Rod!

Da da da daaaaaaa! It's super dildo! Without a doubt this dildo is one big blue balled fellow! But do you crave a secret desire to be filled deep and wide with a big blue dick? Then I think you have found your perfect match with The Super by Doc Johnson! This thing is sure to please those of you who are experienced and looking for that next fulfilling challenge! I dare you to try The Super; I did and have not regretted a single minute of it!
Thick and lengthy, Made In USA, Large base, Textured and realistic design.
Lint magnet, Generally requires warm up, Head can be overwhelming at first.
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The Super by Doc Johnson is one dildo that is not for the faint of heart. With a max girth of 2" at the head (according to my measurements), this one is definitely not for anyone new to the world of large dildos. The Super is sure to give a deep filling sensation with a nice stretch. The head is rather unforgiving and has 1 3/4" of tapering before it pops right inside of you. The Super is more suited for those of us with a fair amount of experience in the use of larger toys whether vaginally or anally. Even for the advanced users and size queens, some warm up may be required to safely use this dildo. Jumping in too quick and forcing this toy in without warm up can in many cases lead to pain, discomfort, bleeding, bruising and most likely a trip to the E.R.

Do not let the size of this beast intimidate you too much. Size comparisons and pictures can only prepare you so much until it is sitting in the palm of your hand. Without a doubt this dildo is large, but as I said, it is for the more experienced looking for a filling toy and a fun challenge. Assuming you have warmed up with lube and smaller toys, you are ready to use your "Super", I suggest you work on it slow. Don't just go shoving it right in, take it nice and easy until you can work the head in. The head has the most girth and is very pronounced; being offset by nearly 3/8" from the shaft you will definitely feel it inside of you. The textured veins give this dildo a more realistic feel; however some people may find they can be too much. Most of the veins are raised about 1/8", you should feel these veins inside of you as you insert the dildo. Due to the textured design, this dildo is not for those who usually find textures to be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

The Super is a really enjoyable dildo to use for solo or partner play; since it's made of silicone you can definitely use it for temperature play. Doc Johnson does mention that this dildo is harness compatible, however due to my inexperience with O-rings and harnesses I cannot recommend which one to use. Unlike many silicone dildo's I have seen The Super has balls as a part of the design. For those who appreciate realism in their toys, you will definitely enjoy the balls. They also serve a second and more important purpose of making the base large and safe enough for anal use. All in all this is should be a satisfying large dildo for the more experienced looking for the added bonus of a textured realistic design.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Balls
    • Not travel friendly
    • Realistic design
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    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The Super is made of Doc Johnson's famous premium platinum silicone. As usual with such a high quality product like this, there are certain beneficial features compared to other materials. Considered a food-grade material, it is non-porous with a hard to detect odor of silicone and after many uses I still cannot detect any other odors lingering around. With this dildo also being phthalates free and hypo-allergenic, you can feel comfortable using this inside of you without the worry of harsh chemicals being absorbed into your body.

Even though you can clearly see there is plenty of texture to this dildo, the material is smooth with a light drag over the skin. Running your finger tips down the shaft will give you an idea of how bumpy the veins are. The silicone material throughout the toy I would best describe as a medium density, it is strong enough not to collapse on itself while being inserted, but flexible enough to bend it to your needs. The Super is poured into a mold from the base; this means there are no seams but a nice smooth ride the whole time. The underside of the base is shiny with a somewhat natural stickiness to it. While this is not a true suction cup, on certain smooth surfaces such as vinyl flooring and tiles this helps to keep the dildo in one place.

Even with such a safe material as silicone it's generally recommended to use a condom for sharing purposes to prevent the spread of disease and/or infections. I personally rather enjoy silicone material for my sex toys, usually one of this density allows enough comfort without it being too floppy, but strong enough to be put through some abuse. I would keep this one out of direct sunlight as this can discolor it. As far as the color goes, the product page shows a richer deeper colored blue compared to what I received. The Super I received seems more of a pearl and silver sparkly blue and is quite attractive as blue is one of my favorite colors. Finally using water-based lube is a breeze with The Super, very little goes far as the lube will spread thinly and evenly over the toy, but not dripping off.

    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Overall I like the design of The Super being a larger dildo. This is one of my newer toys I have been using that has more of a textured surface and more pronounced head. For me personally the length is great, even though I cannot take it all the way in, it leaves plenty of room to grab a hold of and use. The base makes a great addition in riding the dildo on a flat and smooth surface it can slightly stick to. The shaft is not 100% perfectly straight, if you were to look at the dildo as it was standing up and the balls facing you, the shaft is listing slightly to the left. The head on this dildo is like none other I have experienced yet; it has more girth than the shaft. The head is probably the biggest challenge with this dildo which is why it is important to warm up first. Just remember, the head will always be stretching you more than the shaft as you insert it.

As already described, The Super is not for inexperienced users but rather advanced and size queens. Its overall length and girth makes it larger than the more average dildo. Its size can make it difficult to travel with, I would personally place it in a large zip lock bag and wrap it in clothing. Is this dildo discreet? Well, obviously no, I mean seriously if someone were to see this big blue dildo with a large head and two balls I'm pretty sure they are going to know what exactly it is. We have all heard the warning "Keep out of reach of children" correct? This one should be labeled "Keep out of view of children".

Below I have included 3 pictures of The Super, my own size comparison with a standard 500ml water bottle, a close up view of the beastly head and finally measurements I took of the one I received. You can clearly see in some of the pictures the details of the veins and how large they are. The size comparison picture is in natural sunlight, I know it's bright but I wanted to show the coloring in that picture. The measurement picture is in more average lighting in the kitchen of my apartment, generally this is how the shade of color is most of the time.

    • Not discreet
    • Not for beginners
    • Realistic


How does The Super perform you might ask? Very well I must say! Honestly when I first received it I was shocked at how large and thick it really is. Right away I knew in order to use it safely that warming up would be required. Overall for how it is supposed to perform as a dildo I think it works great. It provides a nice thick realistic head that likes to pop right inside of you, this is quite a stimulating sensation for the sphincter. You can really feel the head inside of you, stretching you as you insert more of the dildo within. My sphincter could really feel all the veins sliding inside which was rather enjoyable.

Upon first the use and still first insertion each time I use the toy, it is slightly overwhelming and uncomfortable just for a few seconds until I can stretch and warm up to it. Slow penetration is what I recommend at first, gives you time to adjust and warm up to the bumpy veins. As far as thrusting goes I personally did not enjoy it, I think maybe the overall texture was too much of a sensation for me. However if I were to position myself to ride the dildo, it was more comfortable to speed things up for faster penetration. Overall I think I enjoy the head the most, every time you insert it or pull it out, it's quite an enjoyable feeling of it popping in and out.
    • Large in size
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Are you worried about cleaning and maintaining something such as The Super? Well worry no more, this dildo is "super" easy to clean and maintain. With its high-grade silicone material, cleaning is a breeze and there are many options you can follow. First I will start with how I personally like to clean mine---After use I immediately thoroughly wash The Super with mild anti-bacterial hand soap (generally from Bath and Body Works), usually I will use the foaming hand soap and hot water. There are still many other ways clean The Super, you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, use it in the top rack of your dishwasher, use toy cleaner or even boil it in water for at least 3 minutes to fully disinfect it. With so many cleaning options, you can choose your favorite or the easiest. I have been cleaning all my silicone toys with anti-bacterial hand soap and hot water for awhile now, and occasionally I will boil them to further keep them safe and disinfected.

Because silicone is in most cases a lint magnet, I recommend rinsing it off under warm water before each use. As for storing The Super there are options for that as well, but because of its 8 1/2" of total length, many toy boxes might be too small. I currently use a shoe box and also Devine Toy Box Croco; the Croco tends to be too small to store The Super leaving little room to put other things inside. So I usually store mine wrapped in a lint free towel inside a shoe box. There are a few things to be cautious of with silicone toys and storing them however. To be safe, you will want to keep this dildo wrapped in a towel, or placed in some sort of a zip lock bag. If the silicone material comes into contact with other materials such as silicone, rubber, jelly etc they can react. Generally what happens is the material on a molecular level starts to bond together, another term for this is "toy melting". When this happens I would recommend not using the toy anymore and recycling it. I have stored all my silicone toys together for a long time wrapped in towels and experience no issues with material damage.

In the same sense that materials can bond, using the wrong types of lubes can cause damage to the silicone material. The Super is safe for use with water-based lubes; even then I recommend still doing a compatibility test spot on a section of the toy (preferably the underside of the base). Silicone-based lubes you will run into the issue in most cases of the silicone in the lube bonding or damaging your toy. There have been cases where some silicone lubes have been successfully used with silicone toys, but it would be best to be safe and use water-based. Finally as a reminder from earlier in this review, direct sunlight can cause discoloring, so storing in a dark location (toy box/shoe box) will extend the lifetime.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance


As with all my other Doc Johnson toys I have ordered, this one came in with the clam shell packaging. For the most part I like the style of packaging as it has plenty of information and can even be used for storing the toy. Generally though I won't use the packaging and will end up trying to recycle it. The packaging is a heavy duty clear plastic that is PVC recyclable number 3, if you want to correctly recycle this type of packaging you may need to contact your local recycler.

I would say there is more than enough information on the packaging about what this product is and all the different features and qualities it has. They do list the company's Twitter page, Facebook and website for further cleaning instructions and additional information. I have included a picture below of the backside of the packaging since the product page offers a front side view. As you can see, there is plenty of information and some in different languages; the packaging is reflective as you can tell. I would say this is not discreet at all and would give it as a gift privately rather than in front of a group.

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I really enjoy Doc Johnson silicone toys; they are just designed so nicely including this one as well. I can easily see these toys lasting many years without needing to replace them. While the prices do seem to be somewhat high for most silicone toys, one thing to remember is that it will last you a very long time providing you take good care of them. I feel comfortable in recommending this dildo to anyone who is experienced and looking for a nice fulfilling challenge. I personally like the blue color compared to the beige, I have a Doc Johnson plug that is in the beige and it is not very attractive.


I have been having quite a bit of fun with this dildo lately for many reasons. I recently purchased the Doc Johnson Super Big End which is significantly larger in diameter making it a much harder challenge. The Super has been an important dildo in helping me warm up to use the Super Big End. As far as warming up to use The Super, I usually found using The Big End from my collection is a good starting toy. Moving on to The Original I am then able to slowly take The Super without any major issues. I consider myself a fairly experienced anal enthusiast so this was a comfortable way for me to warm up. Other people may need to warm up more gradually before using The Super safely.

All in all I tried many different positions using this toy, doggie style, lying on my back, both my sides; standing up with my leg propped but in the end riding this beast seemed to be the most enjoyable and easiest. I like being in control and allowing my body weight and gravity to do a lot of the work in allowing the head to pop in. I feel if you are too focused on trying to force this thing in with your arm, then it takes away from the overall experience and makes it that much less fun. So in conclusion if I am craving a nice deep fulfilling stretching textured sensational orgasmic experience, I grab The Super!
Follow-up commentary
Dubbed the "Cookie Monster Penis" (Thanks for that one JR) this is one monster of a dildo that I still use from time to time. When I originally ordered this I knew to expect something large that I would not reach for every time for anal play. This is definitely something that I use when I am just craving that extra stretch along with a nice big head that 'pops' in.

This one still requires warm up for me, it's not like I can just lube it up and shove it right on in. As usual the silicone is of high-grade and I have not experienced any lingering odors from use or cleaning. I have been storing this in a large zip lock bag and that seems to be working out fine. My only new thoughts are that I recommend you take special care in cleaning this around the much defined head. Be sure to get into all the crevices and around the bumps to fully clean it. Otherwise this is still a great toy and I am glad I ordered it.
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