Charmer - dildo by Tantus - review by Cinnamon Chambers

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The Charmer is an intense toy that is great for anal and vaginal penetration. This is a creative toy that has been designed to work with your body to charm you with erotic sensations. Take it slow, enjoy being caressed, and let this toy show you what intelligent design and the highest quality of materials can do for you.
100% silicone, medium size, can be used in a variety of ways.
Ripples can be little too pronounced for thrusting comfortably.
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Tantus is committed to creating toys that are safe and designed with your anatomy in mind. The Charmer is an excellent example of creating a product that perfectly compliments the human sex organs. The end result is a G-spot specific toy that will milk you for all you are worth.

With the Charmer, you get a 100% platinum grade silicone toy that is flexible, firm enough to use easily, but also is soft enough to bend and give when pressure is applied. My Charmer is purple and has a nice shimmery appearance to it. The length of it is a little shy of seven inches, with about six and a half being insertable. The width of this one varies from about one and one eighth to one and one fourth inches in diameter. There is a thick and sturdy base making this a nice choice to use in a harness and for anal pleasure.

The end of the toy is blunt, and has a thick angular bulge for the head. Along the shaft there are a total of four protruding ripples that will provide constant stimulation of the G-spot during use. They taper, gradually getting smaller as they flow down the toy. These can also be very useful in stimulating the prostate gland. The ridges are very easily felt during use. With vigorous thrusting, there can almost be too much texture to be pleasurable. Going slowly in a caressing motion is the best method I have found for using the Charmer vaginally.

Using this toy for anal penetration is a bit trickier. Though it is not a thick or overly long toy, the bulges on the shaft are very pronounced. This provides a continuous feeling of the anal sphincter being stretched and penetrated as each ripple passes by. Again, going slowly and being gentle has proven to be how this is best used for pegging as well. The ridges that feel so great when slipped in slowly and gently can seem angry and violent if the toy is used aggressively.

Even though this toy is silicone and is not porous, it still needs to be covered with a condom or sterilized between uses if it is ever to be shared. Using a silicone based lubricant can damage this toy, so only water based lubes are recommended. This toy does attract lint easily, so it is best to rinse it before each use, and to wash it with antibacterial soap and water, boil it for three minutes, wipe it with a ten percent bleach solution, or wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher with out detergent. If you are looking to add a little variety, use very hot, or cold water when rinsing the toy before use, as silicone is temperature sensitive.
When I first tried the Charmer, it was used to thrust in me fairly forcefully. This left me very sore afterward, though it was only mildly uncomfortable in the heat of the moment. Unlike the Echo, the Charmer is a little too rough to ride. When we next tried it, the toy was in a harness for pegging. Again, it seemed to be a little too much texture for thrusting anally as well.

The next time this came out to play, I took it slowly with my partner and introduced each segment slowly and very gently. He found this to be very pleasurable. I used only my hand to control the toy by the base, and it was very easy to take my time and let him enjoy each stretch of the bulge that entered him.

Since he had such a good experience taking it nice and easy with it, I thought I would try it that way as well. I again used the base as a handle and guide, slipping it in and only applying light pressure to my g-spot with each ridge. Using the toy to make love to my body, and letting the design of the toy work its magic on my vagina was euphoric and delightful.

Though this toy is not very thick, it is intensely textured with the ridges. They are flexible, but can still create painful friction with thrusting. Always use adequate lubrication, especially for anal play. If any pain is experienced, stop! Pain is how you body signals that something is wrong. My advice is take it slow, let your body adjust to the ridges, and listen to what your body has to tell you.
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  • PurpleReign
    Thanks for the review CC; definitely looks like a slow-go toy, as you found out.

    The photo almost makes those bumps look eerily like a saw blade...
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    It is a slow toy. Thanks for the comment. It is not as intimidating in person as it is online, but the ridges are angled and pointy for sure.
  • Sammi
    I don't mind the ridges like that for vaginal toys, but I think it would be too much for me as an anal toy.
    Great review!
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Thanks! It was not bad duing sex and thrusting with the ridges, but I was very tender for a couple days afterward. I still like it though, I just have to remember to be gentle with my bits.
  • TinyTease
    I have this in pink and you are so right - it can be bit much, even tho the points are rounded! Slow and steady is the way to go!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Wow! This certainly looks very angular. And neither my ass or vagina have corners. LOL

    Good review though.
  • ~LaUr3n~
  • Naughtyboy
    Thank you!
  • Stark
    great toy, but i found once you get use to it, you can go as fast as you like
  • Petthekitty
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review
  • MK434
    Nice review!
  • BlooJay
    Great review! Thx!
  • amazon
    Great review!
  • ashboo32
  • GingerSpice
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