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Get out of the wave pool, we're going to the ocean!

Guys. Guys. I have a confession to make... I'm shifting my alliance from Fun Factory to Tantus. This toy is just SO perfect in every way, and it's almost the exact match for my body (but I've always been a girth wimp.) The silicone is just lovely, it's super versatile, and the tip is awesome for us ladies with shallow g-spots who are unnerved by the giant lower half of the toy.
Fucking amazing, lovely silicone, versatile design, super for g-spotting, body safe
May be too big for some, only one setting on bullet, can't 'ride' with bullet in
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This toy is one of those that can be listed and used in many different ways. Vibrator? Dildo? Both, you say? It's versatile, and that seems to be something that Tantus does well. The main purpose of the Tsunami by Tantus is to use it internally. It's great to thrust with, especially because of the shape and texture, and it's got a great tip to use for g-spotting.

You also can use this toy, or just the bullet that you can insert into the toy, externally. It's a great size and shape to run in between my labia in order to warm myself up for the large girth. The bullet that can go into the base is also awesome to use externally if you're more interested in pinpoint stimulation.

This toy is also anal safe, though it is massive. The flared base not only makes this safe to thrust with, but also makes it safe to leave in for a bit while you engage in other play. It's not a great size for a plug, and it would be a bit massive, but if you like anal play and use lots of fun I see where the appeal would be.

I wouldn't recommend the Tsunami for a full-body massage because that would just be silly. The material is way too soft and smushy, and it's way too phallic to be a good shape. I also wouldn't recommend the bullet that goes into the base unless you like very pinpoint wrist massages or something.

As far as using this vibrator to introduce vibrators into a relationship... I would test the waters a bit first. If you whip this giant toy out without any warning, don't expect a negative reaction. While silicone is the best and it's a lovely toy, I would recommend something smaller and more whimsical for your first toy to use together.

I feel similarly about this being your first toy in general. While it would take a lot of gall to get something like this as your first sex toy, I would suggest going with something a bit less intense. It's a lovely silicone, and it is fairly versatile, but unless you are extremely experienced with intercourse this isn't something that beginners should go for.

This toy 100% passes Ryu's dorm seal of approval. It's a lovely material that's easy to care for, and the included bullet it very quiet. It's also waterproof and awesome to sneak into the public dorm showers, but you do need to be careful about hiding it because it is a bit large.
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Material / Texture

This toy is made of a combination of silicone and plastic. Plastic is rated an 8 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale, and silicone is rated a 10 out of 10. The body of this toy is made of silicone, and the bullet that comes with it is made of silver plastic.

Silicone is body safe and nonporous. This means that bacteria can't get inside the surface of the material and thrive, and also that it doesn't contain any ucky chemicals that can leak into your body during use. Silicone is a fairly flexible material, and it also tends to feel a bit 'tacky' and pick up lint and gunk from where you store it.

Plastic is also nonporous and body safe. While silicone is very plush and flexible, plastic is entirely rigid. No part of the bullet has any give at all to it. The bullet has almost no drag to it at all, and it also is not a lint magnet.

If you want to disinfect this toy you really have two choices. There is the option that you have to just wipe the entire thing down with a 10% bleach solution, which won't harm the plastic or silicone material. You also can just wipe the bullet down with bleach and then boil the sleeve itself. The bullet shouldn't be boiled because the silicone can melt. Either way, this toy should be sterilized every time you switch partners or orifices to prevent the spread of infection.

If you have any other Tantus products, you know just how amazing their silicone is. If you are fond of very flexible and squishy toys, this is certainly one to put on your wishlist. You can easily bend the entire toy onto itself, so you shouldn't expect as much pressure as a lot of firmer toys provide.

The nice thing about this is that while you're thrusting you don't have to worry about bruising yourself with soft silicone. This is often a problem that I have, so I really appreciate how flexible it is. On the other hand, if you prefer something steel, glass, or plastic for g-spotting this toy might just not have enough pressure behind it to get you off.

Overall, silicone and plastic are wonderful materials for all users. You should consider weather or not you want to use something soft like this or you need something firmer, but I think that everyone will be able to appreciate how safe it is.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

When I first fell head over hells for the Tsunami after seeing a picture online, I really didn't realize how large it was going to be. Luckily now that Eden is carrying it you can check out their 'view size' feature and have a better idea, because sometimes measurements aren't enough.

The Tsunami is 7.25 inches long altogether, making it long enough for those who like very deep thrusting. The insertable portion is about half an inch less than the total length due to the base, so this is quite a bit larger than the 'average' penis. Around the thickest part, the base, this toy is a bit over 5 inches around. The widest crest over the base might be more like 5.25 inches around, but it's hard to figure out where to measure it because the waves are at an angle.

This toy is really great to work for those who either have a fairly shallow g-spot and like about 4 inches around in girth, or for those who have a deep g-spot (deeper than 3 inches) and like a lot of girth and texture. If you are okay to only use the tip (before the second 'crest') it's about average in girth and not too textured, but if you need to thrust deeply expect to have to take a lot more girth and intensity.

This toy also has a very thick, flared base that is great to use for anal sex (if you can take something like this) and it's also perfect to place on a chair or pillow and ride that way. My one qualm about the base is that with the bullet inserted you can't place it on a flat surface like a chair without the bullet sticking out, but I don't know how else they really could have designed that to work better.

The very tip of this is curved in an awesome way to use for g-spotting, especially if you don't need something super intense. The entire toy is also made at an angle that helps it to hit you where you need it to, so I would certainly recommend it for g-spotting.

The bullet is simply the 80mm bullet that comes with a lot of the larger Tantus toys. It's a great size that you can also replace this with a similar bullet with more settings and power if you are so inclined. You just unscrew the base of the bullet and you remove the tab over the watch batteries before you're ready to go.

If someone saw this on your desk they would certainly be able to tell it was a sex toy. While it doesn't look 'realistic' it does have ridges and a bullet poking out the bottom, so I would keep this toy away from prying eyes. It would also be okay to travel with because it's sturdy and doesn't look like a weapon if it gets x-rayed, but at the same time it would take up a lot of real estate in your suitcase.

Overall, this is a great design for a toy that really will work for 2 different types of people. It is still a bit big for me to recommend as anyone's first toy, but if you either have a shallow g-spot and like a bit of girth or have a deep g-spot and love intense girth and texture, this is for you.

Here's a picture of the Tsunami versus a pen:
Tsunami VS Pen

Here's a picture of the base where the bullet goes:
Tsunami Base

Here's a picture of the bullet and the toy:
Tsunami Bullet

Here's a picture of the bullet open:
Tsunami Open

Here's a picture of the detailed ridges:
Tsunami Detail

And here's a picture of me putting just a bit of pressure on it:
Tsunamil Flex


Performance wise, this toy really depends on if you are looking for a vibrating dildo or a dildo that buzzes a bit. The bullet that goes into the base of this vibrator is very powerful in it's own right. Of all of the 'cheapie' bullets I've felt (meaning anything under the $30 range) this one certainly holds its own.

The bullet is controlled by a small push-button on the base of the toy. You simply have to press the button, and then you activate the one setting. Because it's so small and in the center of the toy, if you are thrusting with this toy it's hard to accidentally press the button.

Outside of the Tsunami the bullet is about 2.5 bees and 4 vrooms. When you insert the bullet into the toy, the delicious Tantus silicone absorbs both a lot of the noise and the power. When assembled, the Tsunami is about 2 vrooms and 2 bees.

This means that it's good for a tease, and the vibrations may be a bit stronger around the base, but if you are looking for a toy where the vibrations transfer well to the tip I would suggest looking else where. When inserted I can mainly feel the vibrations around my entrance, and not much on my g-spot at all.

One thing that you can do with this toy that is actually pretty stellar is that you can take the bullet out of the base and use the dildo portion internally and use the bullet externally. If you're a fan of dual stimulation this is for sure the way to go, though the bullet was a bit too intense for me to use clitorally with the one strong setting.

One issue I have with this is that you can't put the dildo on a chair or pillow to ride while the bullet is in there because of how it is designed. This means that every time you press into the toy, the bullet will turn off or on. It doesn't make for a very sexy time trying to play like that, so if you want to ride this toy on a flat surface, do it vibrationless.

This toy is also harness compatible, though I would recommend using this only with a 'heavy duty' harness. If you use one of those strappy thong harnesses the sheer size and weight of this toy will pull it away from your body and cause it to sag.

Overall, this is a good toy performance wise. As long as you don't go into it expecting there to be serious vibrations in the entire shaft and you don't mind that the bullet only has one setting, this toy has way too many pros for me to get hung up on that.
    • Comfortable
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Being made of silicone, this toy is fairly easy to care for and will last forever if you just treat it right. The material is a bit tacky and does grab onto lint pretty badly, so even if you keep this in a fairly lint free environment, you still might want to wash this before and after every use.

I wash this toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner, but soap and water or a toy wipe also do just fine. If you plan on switching users or orifices, you can also wipe the entire thing down with a 10% bleach solution or you can remove the bullet and boil the Tsunami on its own.

I keep this vibrator in a cool, dark place with the rest of my toys. One tricky thing about silicone is that you should try and keep it from coming into contact with other silicone toys. Similarly, the material can have a reaction with certain silicone lubes so you should try and stick to water-based products with this one.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This toy came in a standard Tantus box. The box is entirely transparent and very easy to see the toy in, but it doesn't have any images other than the red typset on the clear plastic. It has no naked women or lewd sayings, and it's also fairly informative about the material it's made of and the toy itself.

This would be an okay package to wrap up and give as a gift, but it doesn't really scream 'quality.' On the other hand, I feel like the money that they save not having the hard, classy boxes like Lelo and Jopen they pass on to the consumer in having such low prices for such lovely toys.

The plastic on the boxes is a bit flimsy, and I feel like the little tabs are going to break off every time I open it up. I also really don't like just how huge they are in comparison to the toy, so I really wouldn't recommend storing this toy in the box you get it in.

Here is an image of the front:
Tsunami Front

And the back:
Tsunami Back
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


When I first saw the Tsunami, I was in love. The curve in the tip reminded me of my favorite toy the Banditio by Fun Factory, and the silicone was just so pretty, even though I had never tried anything Tantus before I just had to snatch it up when I saw it open for a manufacturer sponsored review.

As soon as I tore into my package my gut sank. This thing was HUGE! I showed it to my boyfriend and he right away was upset about the size, and I started having doubts about if I could even really review something this large. Fortunately for me the people at Tantus has this thought in mind.

The way that the tip isn't too thick and is perfectly angled for my g-spot is just awesome. I don't have to insert it to the point where it's painful like I thought I would, but this is because I have a very shallow g-spot. If you're one of those people with a deeper g-spot, I would really recommend only getting this if you like intense toys.

Even with the tip being so thin and awesome, I really have to be worked up to not feel like this toy is too wide at my entrance. I just wish that it was maybe a quarter inch less around because then it would be perfect, but also am a bit of a 'girth wimp.'

Overall, this is a total 5 star product. While it does bother me a bit that I can't ride it with the bullet in, that's countered by the fact that EVERYTHING else about this is perfect. If it looks like something you would like to play around with, I highly recommend the Tsunami.
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