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Tentacle jr

Dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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Glow in the dark fun!

Even though I don't quite enjoy the whole tentacle fetish thing, I really love this toy. It hits the perfect spot every time, and I absolutely love using it. Not only does it hit the right spots, but it also looks amazingly beautiful. The colors of the toy are just great, and it glows in the dark!
Flexible, Good size, Tapered head, Great curve for g-spot stimulation, Lightly textured
Lint magnet!, No bullet hole
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The Tentacle Jr. is a fantastic, whimsical dildo. Yeah... it's shaped like a tentacle. Now, I'm not someone who has a tentacle fetish. In fact, I've always thought that was kind of weird... I'm also not specifically into whimsical looking dildos. What I am into, however, is amazing dildos that hit all the right spots -- and this one does just that. So, if you don't mind that this one looks like a dildo, it's a great choice.

The dildo is good for both beginners or advanced users. There's nothing specific about it that makes it best for just one experience group. It has texture, but the texture is subtle, so those that don't like (or aren't used to) texture won't be overwhelmed by it. It's also a fairly soft dildo, making it non-intimidating as far as feel goes. On the other hand, it does still feel firm enough to feel amazing.

It's good for both solo and couples situations, although it should be noted that this toy is not harness compatible.

While you can't use it in a harness, you can use it vaginally. The curve of the tip makes it AMAZING for g-spot stimulation. You could also use this toy orally, if that's your thing. As for anal use? Well, it doesn't have a flared base, but the way the toy is designed makes it very unlikely to get lost in your bum. I would say this toy is okay for anal use, just as long as you exercise caution. Make sure to keep a good grip on it!

Material / Texture

The Tentacle Jr. is made out of food-grade silicone. Silicone is super safe, earning a 10 on Eden Fantasys safety scale. The material is hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. It's also non-porous, which means that this toy can be fully disinfected! That means that you can share it with a partner, just as long as you disinfect it.

The silicone on this toy has a little bit of drag, but it is otherwise very smooth to the touch. The little bit of drag is nothing that a bit of water-based lubricant can't fix.

This toy is a bit squishy, yet it is still firm enough to get a lot of pleasure out of. It's also incredibly flexible, which I think is a fantastic thing. If you prefer harder toys, however, you won't be too thrilled with this one.

There is some texture to this toy, though it's very limited. If you're someone that needs texture, you might want to look at something else. On the other hand, if you're someone that tends to hate texture, don't feel like you need to run from this one. The texture is very subtle!

There are two "sides" to talk about with this dildo. First, there's the dark blue side. That side is completely smooth. Next, we have the lighter side. The lighter side features the little "suckers", which can be felt during use.

I didn't detect any scent or taste from this toy at all -- another wonderful thing!

Design / Shape / Size

The size of the Tentacle Jr. is one that should be doable for most users. It's slightly over 7" long, though I don't think that most users will be able to take all of the Tentacle inside of them. The toys girth is what really makes this toy amazing. The width starts out girth small, being only about 3" in circumference. It then slowly increases, until it reaches the base -- which is 6" in circumference. The fact that the size increases as you go down the base means that you can work your way up to taking more of it, and that you can still enjoy the toy even if you're not that into thick toys.

My favorite thing about this dildo is that it has a curved tip. The curved tip is squishy and flexible, but it does an amazing job at hitting my g-spot every time.


bottom -- no bullet hole
The bottom of the toy is, as you can see, completely flat. There is no suction cup, and there's nothing that would make it harness compatible. There is also no hole for a bullet -- instead, you just have the company's stamp.

This toy doesn't seem like an obvious sex toy, and it could pass for art -- as long as you don't mind it attracting a ton of lint and dust!


I absolutely adore this toy. I find that the tapered head of the toy makes it very easy to insert, and that the curved tip works for me every time.

In my opinion, the Tentacle Jr. feels better when thrusting lightly with it, but it can be used well in a variety of ways.

Care and Maintenance

Like most silicone toys, this one is a piece of cake to care. It washes off nicely with some antibacterial soap. You could also use a toy cleaner or wipe, if you prefer. Of, if you like, you could disinfect the toy by boiling it, or by putting it in the top rack of your dish washer.

As for storage, I would recommend that you store this in a Ziploc bag or pouch. This toy is a major lint magnet, and it picks up any bit of lint and dust that it can find. So, take proper storage precautions to try and prevent that. And, of course, give it a good rinse before using it to make sure you don't get any of that nastiness inside of you!

In regards to lubricant, it's best to stick to water-based lubricants for this one. Silicone based lube could degrade the material, and this toy is too nice to take that chance with!


The packaging was minimal but effective. It came packaged in a plastic bag, with only a simple little card. Very basic, but I like that.

Still, if you are going to give this as a gift, you're probably going to want to wrap it.

Personal comments

As a final note, I'd like to tell you about one cool feature... this toy GLOWS!

The lighter side of the toy glows in the dark! The darker side, however, does not. It looks very, very cool.
Follow-up commentary
I love this dildo. It hits the spot every time I play with it, and it's absolutely beautiful. My partner does think it's a little weird, though, but who cares? He doesn't have to play with it.
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