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Tentacle jr

Dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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I don't know why this works so well, but it does!

If you don't need much g-spot stimulation, don't mind that it's kind of hard to insert, and really want a toy that looks like a tentacle, this toy may be for you. While it's certainly not for everyone, and is actually not really for more than maybe 3% of the population, this is a really bizarre and fun toy to play around with.
Looks like a tentacle, silicone, easy to care for, flexible, if it works for you it's awesome
Only worth it for a select few, looks like a tentacle, not great for g-spotting, weird to insert
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This toy is a dildo that is made to look like a 'realistic' tentacle. Being a dildo it does not contain a motor, and this particular model does not contain a spot where you can insert a bullet to make it vibrate. While similar, most people either like dildos a lot more or a lot less than vibrators.

The main purpose of this toy, and of dildos in general, is insertion. I personally found the best use for this to be vaginal insertion. The small, curved tip looks like it would be great for g-spot stimulation, but it was not as effective for that as it seems. The light texture and smooth design make it great for thrusting.

While this isn't technically anal safe (there is no flared base or handle to keep it from slipping inside of you), experienced anal users could insert this shallowly and be safe. The wide girth and length make this easy to hold on to, but it should not be used as a plug ever.

As far as I'm concerned you CAN use this toy for clitoral and erogenous zone stimulation, but the question is if you'd want to. This toy has no motor or power at all, so you really can't use it to add more stimulation than a finger would. Similarly, this is really not good for all-over body massages.

If you're looking to introduce toys into a relationship, this would certainly not be my first choice. While I usually suggest a slimline style vibrator, I think that trying to spring a giant tentacle on your partner is a bad choice in almost any relationship. You'll want to work up to this one!

I feel similarly about this being your first toy in general. While it wouldn't be a BAD choice, it's not very good at g-spotting, is a really odd shape, and is expensive if you find out the shape or material don't work for you.

This toy 100% passes Ryu's dorm seal of approval. It's silent and an easy to care for material, and you could totally pass it off as art if you have a reputation as a weird person already. While it's not an easy size or shape to sneak into the shower with you, once you get it there it will be right at home.
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Material / Texture

This toy is made of very soft, plush Whipspider silicone. Every company does silicone differently, and this brand is no different. Their silicone is a bit 'tacky'er than some, but it still very flexible. It's easy to bend and manipulate at the thinner parts, but at the thicker base it gets much denser.

This toy is a bit of a lint magnet and has quite a bit of drag. If you have problems producing your own lubrication you're going to need to use lube, but even if you don't it needs a bit of warming up to get going well enough to insert the Tentacle JR.

There are small 'suckers' on the side of this toy, but they can barely be felt during use. If you dislike textures or are a texture wimp this will work well for you. If you want something with texture, the larger version of this toy would probably be a better bet.

Silicone is rated a 10 out of 10 on the Eden safety scale. It's body safe and nonporous, which means that it won't leak ucky materials into your body or retain bacteria. It can be sanitized by boiling it, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, and can be washed in the dishwasher.

When I first pulled this out of the bag it did have a very distinct smell to it. After a few uses and washings, as well as letting it air dry, this scent is almost gone. It's probably just the way that they cured their silicone, but it was still a bit worrying at first.

It's hard for me to say if this toy feels realistic or not. Does it feel like an actual octopus limb? I don't think so, but I also haven't touched one. Does it feel like a penis? No. Does it feel like what I would imagine a giant tentacle monster arm to feel like? Pretty much yes.

This would be a great material for beginners or advanced users. It's safe and flexible, and it's not going to cause any bruising if you or your partner get too enthusiastic while thrusting with it. Silicone is by far my favorite material.

Here's a picture of the blue coloring:
Tentacle Color

And of the flexibility:
Tentacle Flex
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

This is the smaller of two toys made by Whipspider. The Tentacle JR is much thinner and less intense than the original, but they are similar in length. The main hurdle to get over when you try this toy is the appearance, especially if you're not very into tentacle hentai.

This toy is about 7.25 inches long. It doesn't have a handle or anything, so technically you can insert as much of this toy as you want to, especially if you aren't holding it and have it set on a chair or something. The widest part of this toy is 6 inches around.

While the listed girth is pretty huge, the majority of this toy is much thinner than 6 inches around. The first 2 or so inches of the toy are about 2 inches around. At 3 inches down it is about 3 inches, and at 4 inches down it's about 3.75 inches around. Because most people won't want to insert it much more than that, I can say that this is a good toy for people who like thinner toys.

The design of this really intrigued me because I really like toys that are very soft and that have g-spot curves. The tip of this looked like it would be perfect for gentle g-spot stimulation. While the tip is good for very light g-spot stimulation, the shape was really bizarre to use. Most toys are either thicker at the tip or the same length throughout the shaft, but the fact that this has a tiny tip and a shaft that gets thicker as you insert it, it was both hard to insert and hard to keep inserted.

This toy is not at all discreet. It looks like a weird, giant tentacle and unless you have a really weird room it's going to attract a lot of attention. While you may be able to pass it off as a Halloween decoration this time of year, it's still kind of weird to have a phallic octopus arm sitting on your table.

While the thinness is good for beginners and people who aren't size queens, the strange shape and having it be hard to insert, and to keep inside, might not make this the best first dildo. It's also best for people who know they or their partner won't be bothered conceptually by the shape.

Here's the Tentacle VS A pen:
Tentacle VS Pe

The suckers:
Tentacle Detail

The base:
Tentacle Base

And showing how it stands up:
Tentacle Sitting
    • Whimsical / artistic


This toy is pretty much a one-trick pony. Not only does the shape and design make it less versatile, but it has no motor or place to insert a bullet. This toy is really meant for a very special group of people, so it's not for everyone.

While this toy does have a thick, flat base, it is not harness compatible. If you want to feel like you have a giant tentacle penis, unfortunately you'll have to look elsewhere. The flat base does make it possible to ride this toy on a bed or chair, though, if you want to.

This toy also has no suction cup base. Some flat based toys incorporate a weak suction cup in the base by making it slightly concave, but not this one. Even though it would help you feel like you're having sex with a tentacle monster to stick this to a shower wall, again you'll have to look elsewhere for those thrills.

While you can use this toy for very light g-spot stimulation, it's really not ideal. While it does have a bit of a curved tip, it's less effective for g-spot stimulation than a lot of straight toys out there. Especially if you need firm g-spot pressure, this is not for you.

In total, this toy can really only be used by holding it and thrusting, or putting it on a flat surface and riding it. If you're looking for something to use with a suction cup or harness look elsewhere, but I think that the weirdness of this toy excuses it from not having a million uses.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The Tentacle is fairly easy to clean and care for. Because it is so smooth, and even the suction cups are fairly flush with the toy, there isn't anywhere that gets gunk stuck in it. I use an antibacterial toy cleaner, but you also can wash it with soap and water or use a few toy wipes. While it's not a total lint magnet, unless you keep it in a totally clean area you should probably wash it both before and after every use.

You can also disinfect this toy several ways. Because it's silicone and has no electric parts, this toy can be boiled for several minutes to kill any germs on it. You also can wash it in the dishwasher or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. This toy should be disinfected every time you switch orifices or users to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection.

This is actually the only toy I have where the original packaging is ideal for storage. You should store this out of contact with other silicone based toys because the two could potentially react and leave you a sad person. Similarly, you should not used silicone based lube with this toy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This toy comes in super minimal packaging. Whipspider obviously put all of their effort into making quality, if really strange, silicone toys and didn't feel the need to come up with super fancy packaging. This toy comes to you in a sealed, Ziplock bag.

The only marking on the bag itself is a small barcode. It is a thick bag, and can be resealed to use as packaging. This is actually the only toy that I find convenient to keep in the original packaging. One problem I've heard is that people feel like the toy could be used or tampered with and they wouldn't know, but I trust both Eden and Whipspider, so I don't have an issue with it.

Inside the bag is a two sided card. The one side has their brand, mentions that all products are made in Maine, and gives their web address. The other side of the card gives basic care instructions. It also mentions a bit about the brand and gives their website again.

While this is a convenient package to store it in, it may not have the 'luxury' feel to match the price tag. If you are looking to give a gift that FEELS fancy you may want to take this toy out of the bag and do something special on your own.

Here's the bag:
Tentacle Package

And the card:
Tentacle Card
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


For some reason, this toy has always really appealed to me. I LOVE soft, silicone toys with a curved tip, the main examples being my Tantus Theta, Tantus Tsunami, Tantus Splish, Fun Factory Bandito, and Fun Factory Mr. Pink. I thought that the Tentacle looked like something I would love, and it is... Just not quite for the reason I thought.

One of the main reasons that I like such soft toys is that I have a very sensitive, easy to reach g-spot. Often toys are too firm or too curved for me and feel uncomfortable. This is the first toy that I've ever tried that is too SOFT to reach my g-spot.

While it wasn't good for g-spotting, this toy was good for thrusting when I wasn't in the mood for a super intense session. Even though it's not going to be my new favorite toy, it's really neat to have a toy that's NOT great at stimulating my g-spot.

Because of this, this is really for a select few. If you like tentacles, don't want something for intense g-spot stimulation, and don't mind that this toy is a weird shape to insert, I say go for it. On the other hand, if you don't meet all of the criteria I just listed you may want to look elsewhere.
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  • quackbuster
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