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He Says "Too Small", She Says "Just Right"

Silk Medium provides just the right size, shape, and texture for a beginner to vaginal or anal play. It is harness compatible, so those interested in harness play can also get their feet wet with this toy. The floppy material makes it very hard to get it to hit just the right spot and then keep it there, however. It's also a toy that some may quickly grow out of. Nevertheless, it's a good stepping stone.
Good beginner size and shape, Smooth surface, Safe material, Comfortable to wear in harness
Overly floppy, Very light curve that does not stay in position
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Silk Medium is the second size of three in the Silk line by Tantus (preceded by Small and followed by Large). It is a good beginner size dildo that has many possible uses. It has a slight curve, making it possible to achieve G or P spot stimulation for some users. It's base makes it harness compatible and anal safe. Silk is made of high quality, safe silicone. The flexible material aids in its beginner friendly abilities and means it will be near impossible to cause injury (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't always be careful).

Silk is best suited for beginners to vaginal or anal play that want a soft, flexible material. The small size isn't intimidating and is a good introduction to sex toys or a new type of penetration. It's also a good first harness toy. It can be used with a partner or solo.

You can choose between pink, lavender, and black. I have the pink, which is a very pretty pink pearl.

Material / Texture

Silk is made of 100% silicone. Silicone rates a ten of the safety scale. It is non-porous and can be disinfected by boiling.

The silicone on Silk is draggy. You cannot glide your hand up and down the material. Rather, your fingers will jump around when you run the across the toy. It is a soft, pliable material. There is no inner core to it that makes it firm. The silicone itself has a somewhat firm quality to it that stops this from being the same level of squishy that you would find in a jelly toy. That being said, the toy has a lot of flop to it and can be bent in half. On the other hand, it cannot be squished inward quite so easily.

While it will jump back to its original state when bent in half, it will sway from side to side with movement. This amount of flexibility in the material may not work for all users. It is ideal for a first toy, especially a first anal toy.

The texture is smooth. There are no bumps or ridges to be found. This also lends itself toward beginner use or even use for those that are texture sensitive.

There is a medium amount of silicone smell to Silk, but it is only apparent when held to the nose. There is no taste.

Design / Shape / Size

Silk Medium is so named because it is the size between the Small and Large Silk toys. It is still on the smaller side, however, and can be used as a first toy despite the "medium" title.

The product page and I have some disagreements on the size of Silk Medium. At my measurement, the total length is 5.25". The product page lists 6". For my measurements, this puts the insertable length around 4.5" while the product page lists 5.5". The diameter is 1 1/4" according to both my measurements and the product page.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

This was purchased as a first pegging toy for my husband. So instead of just my opinion on the size, you get two!

My personal preference on toys is between 1"-1.5" in diameter. For me, this size worked well in girth. The length was just about what I needed, but I would have been okay with a little longer as I can handle more length than girth.

This was my husband's first toy for me to use on him, but not his first toy in general. We weren't sure what size would be good and decided that this would be a good start. His opinion of this was that it was good as a first time introduction, but that after the first time it was too small. The length didn't quite go deep enough and the girth didn't end up being his personal preference.

What's good about the size of this is that it did work well as a starter. While my husband ultimately decided he wanted something bigger, I don't think he would have liked it if I started with a larger toy to begin with. For those who are new to vaginal or anal play, this is a good starter size. It's also a good size for those like me who happen to just prefer smaller toys.

The toy is small enough to be easy to travel with. It isn't realistic in appearance, but it does look like a dildo. I don't think there's any mistaking what this is. In that sense, I wouldn't call this discreet.


You get a few different perspectives here. While this is my husband's toy, I did try it out first just for review purposes. So I'll go over how it worked for me, how it worked for him, and how it performed in the harness.

Silk Medium has a curve to it that can be used for G and P spot stimulation. The curve is very light and can bend out due to the flexibility of the material.

I have a picky G spot that demands an intense curve. This came no where near my G spot and certainly didn't give me a G spot orgasm. I found that every time I tried to curve it up, it would curve a different direction. I just couldn't seem to get it to flex the way I wanted it to. The material just had too much flop and a mind of its own.

My husband said much of the same for his P spot. Unlike me, his isn't impossible to hit, so we were able to get pressure on his. He said that this would hit it for a second and then it would move in a different direction and the pressure would be lost. There seemed to be no way to get this to cooperate in order to keep the pressure where it needed to be for any length of time.

For wearing in a harness, this was very comfortable. The weight was light and easy to wear. The base was large enough not to have issues coming out but small enough not to cause discomfort. My issue with using this in a harness came down to the length of Silk. When thrusting with this, I didn't feel like I had enough insertable length to get a lot of range of motion without slipping out. I was basically limited to what seemed to be a 1" thrusting range. Not really ideal.

What I will say is great about Silk is that it was comfortable for my husband to use as a first toy. While we weren't able to get any great, orgasmic results from it, it did make him comfortable enough to want to move on to toys that could bring him to orgasm. It serves as a good starter toy and also a good warm up toy. So while it's no finisher, it has a good place.

Care and Maintenance

Silk is easy to care for. You can clean this with simple soap and water or use a toy cleaner. If you're looking to fully disinfect this, you can boil it for no more than three minutes. It can also be cleaned off with a wipe.

You should use only water based lubes with Silk. Silicone lubes can damage the silicone material.

You can store this in the original packaging, though this is not ideal. You can also get a pouch or baggie for storage.


Silk Medium comes in a clear plastic box with red and white accents. The front says "Tantus 100% Silicone" on it. It says "The World's Best Soft Toys For Adults" making it not the most discreet packaging, even if it weren't for the see through box. The back has information on Tantus.

The box can be used for storage, but it doesn't hold up very long and isn't ideal. It's probably only good for gift giving if you don't mind the see through quality and obvious wording.

Personal comments

While Silk Medium may not be an orgasm machine, it definitely has a purpose. That purpose is to serve as a good beginner's toy or even a pretty solid toy for someone that prefers a small,more flexible dildo. It works well in a harness, but could really use a little extra length to make it perfect for that use.

For those interested in pegging, Silk Medium offers a good introductory toy. If your partner has had no anal experience, Silk Small may be a better bet. For those who are more anal experienced, this may end up being a little on the small side, in which case you may want to take a look at Silk Large.


For me, this toy was basically okay. It was too floppy for my personal tastes and I got frustrated trying to angle it to hit the places I wanted to hit vaginally. When I finally gave up on any type of pinpointed stimulation and just went for general thrusting, I had a lot better luck. The shape just wasn't exciting enough to hold my attention long. The size worked well for me, but I tend to like more curved shapes or at least something going on in the shape department.

We didn't get this for vaginal purposes though, so that's neither here nor there. We got this as a first pegging toy and for that it served its purpose well. It was flexible enough not to cause my husband any pain and small enough not to be scary looking.

What ended up happening, however, was that we learned my husband is a fan of a bit more size and that he needs something more firm to hit his prostate. You live, you learn. Can I just say that finding out my husband prefers larger sizes than I do makes me feel like I fail at life? 'Cause it totally does!

While we grew out of this in just a few short uses, I don't think we would have been successful without it. Had we started with the larger sizes, there might have been more of a chance of causing pain or discomfort upfront which may have lead to us not being able to continue. Even though this didn't end up getting a ton of use, it was well worth the money. For that reason, this gets four stars from me. For being overly floppy and failing to be able to give either me or my husband a decent orgasm, I just can't justify the five star ranking.
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