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House of Wolves-Part 3 *O2 Mikey*

The O2 Mikey is a short yet stout dual density dildo. It comes in vanilla, caramel, and black. The head is pronounced, but the shaft is smooth except for one or two raised bumps/veins. The head never catches on my pubic bone. The shiny head slides in without effort. Since the surface is a bit tacky, the dildo acts like a lint roller picking up every bit of hair and dust bunny. The larger than average girth fills up your hole of choice without leaving you uncomfortable or sore the next day.
Dual Density silicone, Realistic without crazy veins or exaggerations, Filling, Stretching
May be too short/too thick/not curved enough for some, Lint and pet hair magnet
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Mikey is the shorter version in Tantus' O2 line. It is a realistic dildo that is made for vaginal or anal penetration. The flared base makes this safe for anal insertion. The thick base is also very big and round, which makes this a little difficult to use for double penetration purposes. We find the base to be super uncomfortable during DP play, so we tend to leave this for foreplay and masturbation sessions only.
Mikey has a very, very slight curve to his shaft. This might be able to stimulate and rub the G-spot, but I don't think it will give anyone any G-spot orgasms unless that person has a very shallow and easy to stimulate G-spot. The same thing goes for P-spot stimulation. Because this doesn't have any motors or any inner workings, Mikey can be taken into the shower. The matte silicone shaft causes a lot of drag, and water doesn't help. If playing in the shower with Mikey, always be sure to have a really good water based lubricant with you. The flared base is harness compatible, and I imagine that he would work very well in one. Mikey is very friendly for couples and more advanced players. He is a little too thick for beginners in my opinion though.
    • Anal
    • Vaginal

Material / Texture

O2 Mikey is made out of Tantus' O2 dual density silicone. This means that the dildo has a firm inner core and an outside layer of life-like squishy silicone. When the two come together, it feels like a for real erection in your hands. It feels even better in your orifice of choice! Silicone is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and phthalates/latex free. The surface of Mikey has a tacky/sticky feel to it, and it attracts lint and pet hair like crazy. The head is super squishy as it is only made of the outside silicone. The inner core begins right under the head. While the shaft does feel firm, it also feels sqiushy on the surface. The head has a slick and shiny appearance while the shaft has a matte appearance. The shiny head becomes super slick very quickly and easily when lube is applied, so insertion is hassle free and easy. Mikey can be flexed in half, but it takes a lot of effort to make it happen. He isn't floppy in the slightest, and he will not droop when held in a harness. The base is thick and sturdy, but it can bend a little. Mikey came without any smells or tastes. That being said, he does tend to retain some smells (especially when used anally). When you notice this, a good boiling or cleaning via the dishwasher is all it takes to rid Mikey of any offending smells. While Mikey is a realistic dildo, he does not have any extreme realistic texture. There aren't any super big veins or anything like that. His shaft is pretty smooth. This is perfect if you aren't a fan of veins or even testicles on your realistic toys.
    • Harness compatible
    • Not porous at all
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

Mikey may be a realistic dildo, but he lacks certain realistic textures. This is a good and bad thing. Some people love feeling the exaggerated veins and ridges, while others don't. Me? It doesn't really matter. I don't feel like Mikey is missing anything because of the lack of texture, but I am also one of those who loves texture.
Mikey's head is thick and blunt, which could potentially make for a difficult insertion. However, the shiny head gets slippery easily and glides in perfectly most of the time. The ridge where the head meets the shaft is slightly raised. It isn't as raised as other realistic dildos, but it still manages to give that little pop when it is removed. This ridge doesn't cause any issues for me when it comes to my pubic bone, but other sensitive users may have a few problems. The shaft is almost completely smooth. It has a few raised bumps (veins) toward the bottom of the shaft. The underside also has a defined vein that almost runs down the entire length of the shaft. The base is thick, which is perfect for harness play. However, the base poses issues when wanting to use it for double penetration play. Mikey is not good for those who needs to be discreet or for those who prefer abstract and non-realistic designs. Mikey was made to look like a cock, and he certainly aces that job description well. Mikey is not for beginners as the thick shaft and realistic look could very well be intimidating.
Total Length- 5 3/4"
Insertable Length- 5"
Diameter- 1 3/4"
    • Realistic


Mikey is, in a word, awesome! His blunt head instantle stretches me out in a very painless and delicious way. The head gives a little popping sensation when removed, but most of all it rubs against my G-spot effortlessly. So maybe it doesn't give me any G-spot orgasms, but it sure does warm my erogenous zone nicely. It feels fantastic and real. Mikey reminds me very much of my husband's penis. Although Mikey doesn't feel exactly like the real deal, he damn sure comes close. I was very scared that Mikey was going to be way too short, but he quickly became one of my favorites.
I prefer to use Mikey during foreplay with my husband. I use him anally and vaginally in order to get warmed up for sex with my partner. The only thing that could make Mikey better would be a smaller base. The base gets in the way when we tried to use Mikey for double penetration play. He works the best for this when we are in doggy style position. Any other position causes the base to rub/scratch painfully over my husband's shaft/testicles. I absolutely love Mikey for solo play. I insert him vaginally, and use a wand on my clit. Feeling my muscles contract and grab onto Mikey's shaft is utterly amazing.
    • Comfortable
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Mikey can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. Of course, toy cleaners and toy wipes can work as well. Boiling, wiping down with a 10% bleach solution, or sticking it in the top rack of a dishwasher (no soap) are all methods that can be used to sanitize the toy. Mikey should only be used with water based lubricants. Silicone lubes can degrade the silicone material of the toy, and therefore ruin the toy. When sharing with a partner, I always suggest putting a condom over the toy in order to keep everyone safe. I also suggest cleaning Mikey properly before going from anal to vaginal play. As lint and hair sticks to him like a lint roller, I keep him in a Ziploc bag. The original packging would do, but I threw mine away as I was tight on space at the time.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Mikey comes in the typical Tantus packaging. The outide is a mixture of clear and red plastic. Mikey can be seen through a window on the front, so it isn't the most discreet. The outide has some information on how to clean and care for your new Mikey dildo. The dildo is held inside by a tray. I threw the packaging away and opted for a smaller Ziploc bag instead.
    • Not discreet


O2 Mikey vs. O2 Adam
They are both made by Tantus. Adam is longer, while Mikey is thicker. They both feel the same as far as firmness, but Adam feels a little more flexible than Mikey. Adam's shaft has a few more raised veins for texture. Both have a shiny head and matte shaft. Both have a thick and sturdy base, and they are both harness compatible. I prefer Adam for G-spot pleasure, but I prefer Mikey for a full and stretched feeling. Either can be used anally.

O2 Mikey vs. O2 Mark
Both are on the short side and have minimal curve, but Mark has a bigger curve when compared to Mikey. Mark is slim, but Mikey has a full girth. Both are made by Tantus, and they both have shiny heads and matte shafts. Mikey has less texture, but Mark has the occassional raised vein. Both heads are pronounced enough to feel it during thrusting and insertion. Both can be used in a harness, and both are anal safe. Both have a thick base. Mark is a little more flexible, while Mikey is quite firm. I prefer Mikey when I want that something extra, but I want Mark when I am sore or tender. Mark makes a great anal dildo.

O2 Mikey vs. Goodfella
Goodfella is made by Vixen Creations. Mikey is definitely firmer. Goodfella is my go-to anal dildo. Goodfella has balls. Both are harness compatible. Goodfella makes a wonderful everyday dildo. Mikey is good for stretching. Goodfella is slim. Goodfella has more texture. Goodfella has more of a curve for G-spot/P-spot play. Goodfella's head is more pronounced. Goodfella's head and shaft are the same in appearance and feel but Mikey's head is shiny while his shaft is matte. Both have a tacky feel to it. Goodfella is more floppy and flexible.

O2 Mikey vs. Johnny
Both create a full feeling, and both are made of dual density silicone. Johnny is from Vixen Creations, but Mikey is from Tantus. Johnny is good for those who love length and girth, but Mikey is best for those who love girth but cannot take a huge length. Johhny has many more veins, and he has balls. Both can be used in a harness. Johnny has a huge curve when compared to Mikey. Both have a tacky/sticky feel to it. Johnny is more floppy and flexible, while Mikey tends to be on the firmer side. Johnny leaves me sore the next day if I am not careful, but I never have to worry about that when using Mikey.

O2 Mikey vs. Lonestar
Lonestar is made by Vixen Creations, so they are made from different companies. Both have minimal curves. Lonestar is super textured with veins when compared to Mikey. Both are dual density silicone. Lonestar has testicles. Both are harness compatible, and they both retain their shape very well. Lonestar feels squishier, but Mikey feels more firm. Lonestar's head feels more pronounced, and his shaft makes me feel more stretched and full. Lonestar is longer, and he tends to make me feel a little sore the next day.

O2 Mikey vs. VIP Super Soft
Both are made by Tantus, only VIP is made soley out of the outer squishy material. It doesn't have a firm inner core like Mikey does. This makes VIP a little difficult to thrust with and control. VIP has a wonderful curve, but no inner spine to provide pressure to the G-spot. VIP has balls on the base where Mikey does not. Both can be used in a harness, but the VIP wil droop horribly. VIP tends to let gravity do all the work. Both can deliver a full sensation. VIP is longer, but they both have smooth shafts. They do not have veins or anything like that. Special care has to be taken with VIP as its surface can be easily dented and scratched. Both are anal safe and could possibly stimulate the P-spot.

O2 Mikey vs. O2 Luke
Both are made by Tantus. Luke is more pronounced in the texture and head department. Luke's big head rubs my G-spot nicely, but it can also catch painfully on my pubic bone. Luke is longer and thicker. Luke has testicles on his base, so both are harness compatible. Luke's base is thicker and could therefore get in the way when it comes to partner/couples sex. Luke feels more firm than Mikey, but that could be because of his huge girth. Luke takes some warming up to and can leave me tender in my nether regions, but Mikey slides in easily and never leaves me feeling uncomfortable.
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