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Little Mikey, Short & Stout

If you've ever wished that someone would make a realistic dildo that has lots of girth but not so much length, your wish has been granted. What Mikey lacks in length he makes up for in girth, packing a very hefty diameter to fill the orifice of your choice. Better still, Mikey has a realistic shape and feel that makes it hard not to love him.
Hygienic material. Realistic feel that's neither too firm nor too soft.
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Sex toy fans around the globe have been waiting for Tantus to expand their O2 silicone toy line, and once people experience this new line, they're likely to agree that it was well worth the wait. Mikey is part of the new generation of non-vibrating realistic dildos that are made in a unique fashion to simulate the feeling of a real penis.

It's designed for people who enjoy a wider-than-average toy without having to deal with a lot of length. In fact, this toy has enough girth that it may take some users a fair bit of preparation to insert it!

Mikey also has a flanged base for harness use that is wide enough to make it safe for anal play as well.

Material / Texture

The medical grade silicone used to make this toy has the same qualities that Tantus users have come to love and trust. It's seamless, odorless, and durable enough that it could last for many years with proper care.

Interestingly enough, the shaft and base have a matte finished surface while the head is glossy. It doesn't affect the performance any, but does give Mikey a stylish "polished knob." Both finishes are smooth in texture and not sticky, though they do create some "drag" against the skin much like a smooth pencil eraser would.

Mikey is also very tough. We pressed a fingernail into the side to test it, which did mar the surface in a way that appeared to be permanent. But after a minute of rubbing the indention in a circular motion it completely disappeared. That's not to say that you should deliberately abuse this toy, but if you get a little overzealous Mikey isn't likely to tear apart.

Design / Shape / Size

Mikey is made out of two different densities of silicone; a firm inner core covered in a more squeezable outer skin that we guest-imate is around 1/4" thick. This makes it feel more realistic when you grip it, much like a human hard-on. The core stops at the base of the head so there is quite a bit of squishiness there; not *too* much though, just enough to make it compress more flush to the shaft so the toy is easier to insert.

The overall design is fairly realistic, with a gentle curve, slightly pronounced head, detailed indented urethral opening, and a bit of a soft ridge underneath. It's all visually appealing, though users will need to take the time to check that they didn't miss anything in the urethral area when cleaning it.

Packing a modest 5", Mikey may be short on length, but he makes up for it in girth. Even though the pliable outer layer makes this toy easier to insert than other toys of this size, it probably wouldn't be the best choice for beginners. 1-3/4" might not sound like much, but it's a lot meatier than the average penis.


The soft head of this dildo helps make insertion easier and isn't pronounced enough to cause any discomfort or be overly distinguishable during use. The ridge on the underside isn't all that noticeable either. This would be very good for people who prefer smoother toys with only subtle variations to the feel. And even though Mikey's curve may not be useful for direct G-spot stimulation, the size and weight provides enough of a sensation of fullness that it's still very satisfying.

Once inserted, Mikey warms quickly to body temperature and flexes with your movements just enough to be comfortable without losing the sensation of riding a very hard cock. It feels pretty realistic overall, though not *exactly* like a real man.

Mikey does not have a hole in the base for a vibrator, so whatever joy you get from him is in your hands... literally. Fortunately, the base is thick and firm so it's easy to hold on to for thrusting, and the shorter length makes it easier to do so.

Though there is harness compatible, you need to consider its length before you attempt it. We're told that fitting a dildo into a harness can reduce a toy's insertable length by as much as an inch, so Mikey may be too short to please some harness users.

Care and Maintenance

This is a low-maintenance dildo that only needs a couple of special considerations to keep it at its best. Never use a silicone-based lubricant with it, and don't store it where it can come in contact with sex toys of a lesser quality material, particularly other silicones. Doing either can permanently damage Mikey's surface.

Other than that, this toy is an easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner, boil it, bleach it, or even put it on the top rack of your dish washer for cleaning. It does not require powdering like some realistic skin toys do.


Michele says:
I REALLY like this toy. I'm not quite as fond of it as I am my VixSkin Johnny, but it's a close second to that one and it's better than the O2 Revolution. Don't get me wrong, the Revolution is an awesome dildo in its own right, but the shape and smooth texture of Mikey just feels better for me. The only thing I wish they would have done is put a hole in the bottom for a vibrator. The base and core are big enough for one, so I don’t know why they didn't.

Alan says:
Since I can't personally comment on this toy's boinkability, I'm going to do a quick comparison for those who are wondering how this new O2 line stacks up to the old one. Like Michele said, we have the Tantus O2 Revolution and Mikey seems slightly firmer when you squeeze it, but I believe that the veins on the Revolution is what makes it feel more cushioned. The head is firmer too because the inner core comes up closer to the end than it does in the Revolution, and you do notice the core more with Mikey if you squeeze around the middle. Mikey does have a remarkably realistic feel though, and I'm only aware of one other company that produces a dildo worth comparing it to.
Follow-up commentary
I thought it would be a good time to post a follow-up review for anyone who has it on their WishList but is still on the fence about it. More than a year after our original purchase, Mikey is still one of my two favorite dildos. After multiple washings, bleach wipes, and random boilings, it still looks like new. This is one toy that really is worth the money, whether you manage to catch it on sale or not.

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  • namelesschaos
    Thanks for the review. I've been waiting on reviews for these new O2 ever since they where announced. Good to hear they are worth the wait.
  • bzzingbee
    Mikey is definitely on my wishlist! Thanks for the review!!
  • Selective Sensualist
    I'm glad you mentioned how this compares to Johnny because that was *exactly* what I was about to ask you!
    Great review, once again!
  • Waterfall
    Great review
    Mikey is 2nd on my list of the new Tantus O2 line.
  • Kynky Kytty
    I really need to try one toy from that new line, and I can't pick.
  • Tuesday
    Now I wonder whether there's a lot of variation between different units of the Revolution. My Revolution is definitely firmer than Mikey, both in the shaft and when squeezing just the O2 part of the head. (Revolution's head is firmer than Mikey's head)
  • Carrie Ann
    Rawr. Jealous. Want!
  • Alan & Michele
    Thank you for all the great comments!

    @Tuesday--- we've wondered the same thing about the Revolutions based on how others have described theirs. Like Alan said, the difference in the shaft may just be because of the Revolution's texture, but our Mikey's head is definitely firmer. It's likely that they (the Revolutions) wouldn't all be identical since it would probably be near to impossible for a manufacturer to duplicate every material mixture exactly the same for different batches. We've had duplicate toys from other companies that were slightly different from one another too.
  • Alegria
    Great review!
  • alayamae
    great review!
  • Sera
    Excellent review, and truly detailed. I love your writing style.
    This looks like a great product as well, and actually reminds me a lot of my husband's size. I love it already!
  • Love Perpetua
    Great review! I like the fact that Mikey is girthy but not very long.
  • Kallisto
    Excellent review! Too bad there's nothing higher than 'extremely useful'
  • Brandonn
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thanks for the review
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    Thanks for the review.
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    Great review, and thanks for the comparison to the O2 Revolution (which I have also been looking into)!
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    I really enjoyed reading your review.
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