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Midnight Pleasures

The Midnight Twist is an inexpensive glass dildo that should offer something to most users. The texture is pleasurable for me, the curve is good for shallow g-spot stimulation, and the price makes it possible so every budget can experience body-safe sex toys.
Amazing price!, body-safe material, texture, pretty, comes with pouch, slight curve, bulb handle
Only good for shallow g-spot stimulation, slightly large diameter
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The Midnight Twist Dildo is a glass dildo made by SSA Glass. It's made from Pyrex glass. It's a little less than eight inches long and has a diameter of about an inch and a half. The dildo has interesting textures added to it as well as it comes in a blue/black color. The price of this glass dildo makes it affordable for even the most broke of college students and other people.

The packaging for this one is pretty basic - it just comes in a basic Toy Pouch sold here on EF. I can't say I can complain too much - I got this for $15, and the Toy Pouch regularly costs $7, so this dildo only actually cost $8 which is amazing for the quality of the toy I'm holding in my hand. Aside from the toy pouch which is a soft mix of polyester and a satin lining on the inside, the Midnight Twist did not come with any other instructions.

Despite the price, you do not have to worry about this dildo breaking on you. It's made from Pyrex glass - which is a strong form of glass that is intended for lots of heavy use - heavier use than your vaginal or butt for sure. A good thing about Pyrex is that it doesn't actually chip - if it breaks, it breaks in half, not into lots of tiny pieces. This means that if you drop it, nothing to really clean up - just giant chunks. Aside from that, Pyrex is known for being able to take varying temperatures, so you can use this for temperature play as well which is one of the nice features of glass sex toys.

The texture on this is so much more gorgeous in person. I will let you know that the blue you see in the picture of this glass toy will probably never be the blue that you see in your own version. Mostly because EF uses really light lightbulbs as well as a white backdrop to get the pictures to look so pretty. Yours is going to look more of a dark blue, almost-black, unless you get it out in the direct sunlight. The white stripes look about the same.

The neat thing about this one is the texture. While it does have the stripes along the body that look pretty, those stripes aren't actually flush with the blue glass they're laid on - they stick out a bit for a nice texture. It's a texture you can barely feel in use, but it still feels nice to grasp (and helps with holding a lubricated toy!). Along with the stripes, there are five little bumps along the top-side of the toy. Not quite sure why since they don't seem to enhance use much and make me think my dildo is some sort of dinosaur, but they exist none-the-less. Along with that, the head of your dildo (which isn't really pronounced, but you can see where it begins) is slightly curved to one-side, so if you have a sensitive g-spot, this will end up rubbing your g-spot. (Lucky girls.)

To grip the toy, since it is glass and can end up getting slippery, SSAGlass added a bulb at the end of your dildo. This bulb makes it really easy to get a grip on your dildo fur use. Even if your hand is covered in lube, this little bulb is so much easier to grasp than the body of the toy. It was a neat idea on the company's part. Those who are a bit more adventurous may choose to use this end as another dildo, but I don't think that was the original intention.

So how did it work? Well, I never inserted the full length, but I rarely ever do that with any dildo. The slight curve didn't work to stimulate my g-spot, but those things never do, so I didn't have hope. However, some women seem to be able to get straight toys to stimulate their g-spot, so this is a good choice for them. I liked the texture of the shaft of the dildo quite a bit, but I didn't really find much of a use for the little bumps lined along the top of the glass dildo. The white-paint texture along the body did seem to provide a little extra oomph, but it was barely noticable. For insertion, though, most people will enjoy the sensation as long as you enjoy a dildo that doesn't have any give since this is glass. I will mention that this is a pretty-large-in-diameter dildo for glass at about an inch and a half, so make sure that's something you think you'd like before ordering since glass doesn't have any give.
It is a well-made piece of glass too. You'd think the price might effect it, but nope. There are no cracks or anything that could harm you during use. (If there is when you receive it, EF will refund it.) There are a couple places where the white paint isn't perfect, but the paint doesn't seem to be chipping off or anything. It seems to be an amazingly high-quality piece of glass without any problems. For cleaning, you can boil this as long as you are careful or you can also use some antibacterial soap and some water. Any type of lubricant is compatible with this dildo although you shouldn't need as much lube as you'd imagine. (Always err on the side of extra though.) For storage, you can keep it in the original pouch as long as you are light on your toys. If you are afraid of dropping it, I'd invest in a more-padded pouch.

The Midnight Twist provides an answer to those who want a body-safe material toy at a ridiculously inexpensive price. If you enjoy texture, have a shallow g-spot, or just enjoy firm toys, you will get the most out of this toy, but as long as you are okay with a 1 1/2 inch diameter toy, you will be able to get something out of the Midnight Twist.
Follow-up commentary
The Midnight Twist is still an amazing glass dildo. I haven't found any cracks or anything in the dildo, and I've figured out that glass is easily one of my favorite materials. The Midnight Twist has such a neat texture that it's still one of my favorites, but I wish it had more of a g-spot curve so I found a reason to pull it out more often.
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