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Spiral Stairway to Shangri-La

The Cyclone Wand is a quality product with an affordably low price, which makes it a great buy for those who wish to experiment with glass and temperature play. While the smooth surface and gentle curves make it ideal for those just beginning to explore with hard materials, its respectable girth/length and its delectable slipperiness offer pleasure even to advanced users. Finally, it is made from one of the most body-safe materials available and, with minimal care, will last a lifetime.
Smooth thrusting
Temperature play
Differently-shaped heads for double the fun
Internal bubbles which do not affect functionality
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I wanted the Cyclone Wand because of its beauty. I was enchanted by the suspended solid aqua helix encircled by translucent deep blue and golden yellow swirls, all of which spiral ever-so-dreamily ‘round each other like ribbons on a maypole. Upon first beholding this tempered glass stunner, my first thought was that it looked like a colorful and elegant DNA model (if you imagine the very center portion of the aqua helix to be a representation of hydrogen bonds). My husband was a bit more whimsical and poetic in his imaginings: he mused that the spiral design looked like a “Stairway to Heaven” (or to Elysium, or to Shangri-La, or to whatever your version of paradise may be). As it turned out, his reflections on the aesthetic design provide an eloquent analogy for the blissful sensations the Cyclone Wand evokes during use.

After my husband and I both experimented with this toy, we decided that its best usage is for vaginal stimulation. While my particular anatomy demands a more curved toy for G-spot stimulation (such as the Njoy Pure Wand or the Don Wands Bent Graduate), I discovered that the Cyclone Wand excels as a vehicle for temperature play, for vaginal thrusting, and for rubbing the clitoris and vulva. It can also be used for Kegel exercises to provide feedback when clenching the PC muscles.

In my play sessions with the Cyclone Wand, I found that the optimal positions for best usage are either while standing up or while lying down. I often enjoy play sessions while sitting up in a relatively firm chair, but the straighter lines, length, and absolute rigidity of this toy made this type of maneuvering difficult for anything other than the shallowest of penetration while in this position – even when slouching considerably.

The Cyclone Wand can be used for both solo sessions and couple’s play. Just bear in mind that if glass toys are used too roughly, it is possible to bruise the cervix and/or the tender flesh beneath the pubic bone. When wielded gently, however, glass toys are a delight to use.

I do not own either a Liberator Wing or a Liberator BonBon, but I would love to try the Cyclone Wand in conjunction with one of those position aids for hands-free fun. In the meantime, however, I am more than happy to use it as an easily maneuverable and fairly lightweight hand-held wand. The head on the end opposite from whichever side that I am inserting serves as a decent handle.

The Cyclone Wand, while not realistic in appearance, is certainly phallic in shape, so it is not exactly discreet. Since it is so pretty, visitors are certain to notice it. So, unless you want to engage in show-and-tell with your lovely toy, you might want to keep it tucked away in its storage pouch in whichever “special place” that you have designated for it.

This toy is perfect for temperature play. Also, it can easily be packed for travel, so long as it is stored in its protective pouch and placed between layers of soft clothing in the center of your suitcase. Additionally, it can be used in the shower, tub, or pool – just be careful not to drop it on a hard tiled floor!

NOTE: This toy is not recommended for anal penetration because it lacks a flared base and can be lost in the anal canal. If you are determined to use the Cyclone Wand anally, please refer to the Experience section below for safety tips.
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    • Couples
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    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Kegels

Material / Texture

The Cyclone Wand is made from Pyrex glass, a tempered glass which is so exceptionally strong and durable that it has been used for decades in labs, as well as in commercial and home kitchens. It is one of the most body-safe materials on the market, rating 10 out of 10 for safety. It is non-porous, so it does not harbor bacteria and is thus very easy to clean. It is also hypoallergenic, as well as phthalate- and toxin-free. Thankfully, glass does not retain smell, nor does it have any discernible taste.

One other trait that really sealed the deal for me in choosing the Cyclone Wand was the fact that it is perfectly smooth in texture. Prior to receiving this toy, I already owned five glass dildos of varying textures and shapes, but I often wished that I had a completely smooth one. So, in my quest for a smooth glass toy, I also appreciated the fact that, while the bulbous heads on each end of the Cyclone Wand are substantial and noticeable, they are not so pronounced that they disrupt the smooth outline of its gently undulating curves.

Since the Cyclone Wand is made of glass, it is silky smooth and very hard to the touch. The hardness of the material has a notable impact during penetration, as the non-yielding rigidity provides a more substantially filling sensation than the sensation provided by a softer, more yielding toy of identical circumference.

Since glass is so hard and unforgiving, I would recommend a toy made from a softer material for those who are absolute beginners in exploring their bodies with sex toys. But for those who have the tiniest bit of familiarity with penetrative sex toys and who wish to try glass for the first time, the Cyclone Wand is an excellent choice due to its smoothness. It is also an excellent choice for those who are more advanced with glass play, but who simply crave a slippery smooth toy for easy thrusting. Due to the combination of smoothness and simple shape, there are no sharp angles that can easily catch on the pubic bone. Thus, this is a great go-to toy for more lazy masturbation sessions or for warming up to play with a more textured toy.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

As striking as the Cyclone Wand truly is, its colorful helical beauty was not the sole feature which lured me into selecting this particular glass toy. After all, there are plenty of other glass beauties amongst which to choose in the smorgasbord of glass toys that EdenFantasys offers. I chose this wand because it is double-ended and offers two differently-shaped heads. However, please note that, while this wand is indeed double-ended, its design is not ideal for two people to use simultaneously – eight inches of total length would provide only four inches of length per person if you are both incredibly flexible.

The dimensions I obtained upon measuring the Cyclone Wand are as follows:

Round-shaped head:
Circumference of head: 4 1/2”
Diameter of head: 1 7/16”
Circumference of neck: 3 3/8”
Diameter of neck: 1 1/8”

Bulged center of wand:
Circumference: 4 1/2”
Diameter: 1 7/16”

Teardrop-shaped head:
Circumference of head: 4 1/8”
Diameter of head: 1 5/16”
Circumference of neck: 3”
Diameter of neck: 1”

Total overall length: 8”
Insertable length: ~6.5” (allowing a fingertip grasp on one head as a handle)

I believe most people (with the exceptions of those who have difficulty with penetration and those who are self-proclaimed Size Queens), will find the Cyclone Wand to be practically ideal in size. While the wand does narrow at the neck, it gradually increases in girth toward the center, creating a very nice, full sensation during penetration and thrusting.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


Prior to receiving the Cyclone Wand, I had enjoyed using the Tantus Alumina double-ended metal toys. I have found that differences in the shapes of the heads, particularly those made from hard material, can provide a great deal of tactile interest. While the tactile differences between the two heads on the Cyclone Wand are a bit more subtle than those on my metal toys, I am definitely able to feel them. The rounded end provides more of a popping sensation while the more aerodynamic teardrop-shaped end allows for smoother thrusting. I don’t always want the popping sensation, so I love the fact that I have a choice. I find that I use the teardrop shape most often for thrusting while I prefer the rounder end for rubbing the vulva and clitoris. I also appreciate the undulating curves during use because they feel wonderful when thrusting.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Pyrex glass is very easy to clean and maintain. When your glass toy is not shared and is only used vaginally, it can be washed with warm/hot water and antibacterial soap, alcohol, or toy cleaner.

While it is generally safe to go from using a toy vaginally to using it anally, you should never go from anal use to vaginal use without first disinfecting your toy. Furthermore, you should never share a toy with a partner unless you have either disinfected it first or placed a new, unused condom over it.

You can disinfect Pyrex glass with a 10% bleach solution, by washing on the top shelf in the dishwasher, or by boiling for a minimum of three minutes. Boiling is my favored method. If you choose to boil your glass toy, I recommend placing a cloth in the bottom of the pot on which to rest it to safeguard against scratches. Start out with room temperature water and then, after boiling, allow the toy to gradually return to room temperature inside the pot, as sudden temperature changes can cause the toy to crack. Once the water is cool enough, remove the toy to dry it and store it away in its padded bag in an area where hard objects will not bump up against it.

Never place a glass toy inside the freezer to cool or into the microwave to heat. The best ways to cool glass toys for temperature play are by placing them in either a basin of ice water or in the refrigerator. You may heat glass toys by running them under hot tap water for a few minutes. The glass serves as a wonderful temperature retainer.

Though you may find that the slippery surface enables you to use the Cyclone Wand without any added lubrication, it is safe to apply any type of lube – be it water-based, silicone, or body-safe oil-based lubrication. If you choose to use lube, you will find that the glass becomes almost completely frictionless and even more deliciously slick, which allows for a wonderfully silky glide for thrusting.

NOTE: Always examine your glass toys both before and after each use. If there are any chips, nicks, or cracks in the toy, do not use it!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Cyclone Wand arrived safely packed inside a nondescript and discreet outer box. Tearing the box open, I found my new glass toy nestled inside packing paper and protected by a lightly padded drawstring toy pouch. EdenFantasys includes one of these pouches with every purchase of an SSA Glass product.

The pouch is sturdily constructed and generously sized. It is secured with silky black cords. The outer material is a polyester faux suede and comes in either black or purple. The lining is a fuschia polyester satin. There is a very light layer of cotton padding between the outer layer and the lining. According to my own measurements, the pouch is 5 1/8” wide (laid flat) x 11 1/4” total length. Measured from the base up to the drawstring, the length is 9 1/4" -- so this pouch can accommodate a toy up to 9" in length.

The pouch and glass wand were enclosed within a clear plastic bag that was sealed with a bar code sticker. There was no other labeling or information included.

Since I typically discard my product packaging, I appreciate the minimal waste. However, if you wish to give the Cyclone Wand as a gift, you might want to either avail yourself of EdenFantasys' gift wrap option or purchase a gift bag in which to present it.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

While I continue to enjoy this toy’s aesthetics, I will mention here that it does have a multitude of tiny bubbles, most of which have settled upon the solid aqua helix in the very center of the glass. None of the bubbles are on the surface and they do not affect the functionality of the piece.

It would be difficult-to-near-impossible to manufacture these wands without having any bubbles form around the solid substance constructing the aqua helix at the center. The bubbles are not quite as noticeable indoors, away from direct sunlight. Given that this wand is still very beautiful, very functional, and offered at such a very low price point, I am not complaining. I just wanted to share this information so that you will know exactly what you will be getting.


My husband’s experience with the Cyclone Wand for attempted prostate stimulation:

I am not very advanced in anal play, so I did not test this toy out in that department. However, my husband uses several toys for prostate stimulation, so he is much more advanced in anal play than I am. We share all of our glass toys since they are sterilizable. He has found that the rigidity of glass is excellent for milking his prostate (our Rainbow G, with its curved shaft and bulbous head, is particularly effective for this).

Since the Cyclone Wand does not have a flared base and is thus NOT considered “anal safe,” we double-tied a cord tightly around the “neck” at one end of the wand, making certain that it would not slip over the head of the toy when firmly tugging on it. We then made a loop to secure around my husband’s wrist for emergency retrieval, just in case. He also kept a firm grip on one end of the toy while in use. Such precautions when using the Cyclone Wand anally are a must. The lack of a flared base makes it possible for the anal canal to suddenly and unexpectedly “swallow” the toy during use. Such an unfortunate event would necessitate an embarrassing trip to the emergency room (and possibly even surgery to remove it – yikes!).

My husband patiently tried out each end of the Cyclone Wand over a period of two days, but he regretfully reported a lack of success in stimulating his prostate. He again commented favorably on the toy’s aesthetics, but said that he would not be using it in the future – particularly since we have other glass toys that do the job for him much better.

I have included a handful of glass toys that are similar in shape to the Cyclone Wand, three of which are smooth and one which is textured. If you are wanting a toy similar to the Cyclone Wand that is good for G- and P-spotting, I believe that the Eos (shown below) would perform excellently for this purpose because its head is curved similarly to my NobEssence Smooth S-Shape, which is an excellent G- and P-spotting toy. Don't forget: if using one of these glass wands anally for P-spotting, tie a cord tightly around the other end for safe measure and maintain a solid grip on it.

But if you are wanting a Heavenly smooth glass thrusting toy to set you on the stairway to Shangri-La, you simply can't go wrong with the Cyclone Wand.

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