Icicles No. 32 - dildo sex toy by Pipedream - review by Beck

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The Prettiest Icicle Ever

The Icicles No. 32 is a stunning glass dildo with a familiar performance. It's curved and aligned with bulbous texture that might not work for everyone. Unfortunately, there is no storage pouch that comes with this toy. However, that is pretty much it's only con!
Pretty, good size, curved, texture, and safe material!
Familiar performance and no pouch!
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The Icicles No 32 is a glass dildo that can be used anally and vaginally by male and female anatomy alike, but the design might appeal more to those of a feminine crowd. The heart shaped base acts as if it's a handle. Allowing for yourself or your partner to easily handle this toy in just about any situation you desire. The heart base is a large enough difference from the shaft to protect you from the anal cavity sucking it inside. It's made of Borosilicate glass, so it can open the doors to the magical world of temperature play. But you'll want to be careful with hard thrusting because glass is a firm and unforgivable material that will bruise the cervix. Those who are texture sensitive might not enjoy this toy, but if you own a Amethyst or Bent Graduate and know the bulbous texture works for you; you'll thoroughly enjoy this dildo as well.

Material / Texture

Icicles No. 32 is made of Borosilicate Glass which is known as Pyrex glass. (Pyrex is the brand name.) This is made by mixing boron, ground lime, soda, and sand together to make a inorganic and non metallic material. This is said to be a solid liquid that is cooled at a rate crystals can't form. That way the end result is a completely smooth glass piece. By adding boron to the mixture it reduces stress that is caused from drastic temperature changes. This type of glass is less dense then usual glass, so when it's dropped it shouldn't shatter into multiple pieces or splinter. However, it can still break, but these should be large pieces.

Glass is rate a 10 out of 10 on the safety scale because it's a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free. It is also completely non porous, so sharing is made possible. However, to help protect yourself you should use condoms or properly clean your toys in between users or orifices.

A proper cleaning would include being washed with a 10% bleach and 90% water solution. But you can also boil it for 3-5 minutes in a large pan. Be sure to allow the piece to completely cool prior to using again. You should never boil a glass toy for temperature play.

Temperature play is my favorite quality about glass. The best way to change the temperature of glass is to soak it in warm or cool water. Remember if it's too hot in your hands, it shouldn't be inserted! You can put glass toys in the fridge for temperature play, but don't put it in the freezer. A drastic temperature change isn't great for your glass toy.

The Icicles No. 32 is completely smooth aside from it's texture. This dildo has 5 bulbs to the shaft. These will create a popping sensation as they are inserted and pulled out.

Design / Shape / Size

The product pages really don't do this toy any justice! They don't showcase the toy as it should be. Hopefully they images will be updated! The first thing I noticed was the shaft is curved! That is definitely not something you can tell from the product page images. I actually had the impression that this toy was going to be petite as well, but to my surprise it's perfectly average.

This is 8" long with 5.75" being insertable. The thickest it's insertable is 4.75" in circumference or 1.5" diameter. This is the fourth (out of five) bulb along the shaft. The first bulb start off with a round and pointed tip to allow for easy insertion. Each bulb is between 1"-2" long with a circumference that builds up to the 4.75" until the final bulb with is smaller then the fourth. The end of the dildo has a flat heart that is 2" long with a 5.5" circumference or 1.75" diameter. This is meant to act as if it's a handle and a flared base. It could be inserted, but this isn't it's purpose.

This toy looks like a piece of art work. Those who know sex toys will spot it out, but everyone else will be intrigued by your new piece of art. It's really stunning. If you are going to travel with it; be sure to package it so it doesn't get damaged.


I love this Icicle! It's one of the prettiest dildos I own. And I own a large collection of glass dildos. The performance really isn't that much different from the Amethyst or bent graduates bulbous end. It provides a popping sensation along with a firm pressure on the G-spot. The only differences are the Icicles can be inserted more and the Icicles is girther in some places. Otherwise they are very close.

The shaft is curved at a 30 degree angle that helps to apply firm pressure on the upper vaginal wall or anal wall. This will allow for the firm material to apply pressure with thrusting along the G-spot or the P-spot. The bulbous texture allows for the lovely popping sensation. You can pop it in and out at your desired speed and enjoy the sensation. The tip of the dildo is pointed, but not too pointed, so it doesn't poke you. Which is an issue for some with the bent graduate and the Amethyst. The pointed tip allows for really easy insertion and the size slowly builds up!

I really enjoy popping sensations with glass toys. I like to cool them in cold water and pop them in and out. I insert as much as I can (which varies daily) and pull it right back out. I continue this pattern to my hearts desire. Sometimes I angle toys to help apply more pressure to the vaginal or anal walls. This is really nice also. I really enjoy this Icicle anally and vaginally. I do have to watch what positions I am in for vaginal because I do find that the firm material goes grind my pelvic bone sometimes. This must be the way I am shaped. I have this happen often with curved toys.

As per Tuesday's request; I tried out the heart end. I was a little intimated at first to do so, but thought what the hell she asked about it? I had a hard time initially inserting the heart, so I had to insert it one side at a time. I got the first side in easily, and twirled it for some stretching. And then was able to insert the second half. I could not insert any farther then the edge of the heart. But it did prove a nice stretching sensation. I enjoyed twirling it around stretching all over. It was more pleasureful then I thought it would be. So, you can safely insert this end.

Since the Icicles have no controls or a battery unit; it can be completely submerged in water. Making it completely waterproof. Be careful in the shower not to drop it. This could break the toy. But it could also get stuck in the drain. And remember water and lube make the glass slippery!

This dildo is not harness or suction cup compatible. Please don't try this!

Care and Maintenance

Glass is very easy to care for. You can clean it using soap and water, toy wipes, or toy cleaner. If you are sharing be sure to follow the directions is the Material section above! You will want to be sure your dildo is completely dry before storing it away.

You should store glass somewhere it can't be easily broken. I'm currently using and Eden Toy Pouch that has some padding in it. Then I store it inside my toy box.

Glass is compatible with all lubes! So, enjoy with the lube of your choice. But remember lube will make it slippery!


This Icicles dildo comes packaged just like all the other Icicle dildos. It's a large box with the item pictured multiple times. It opens like a book, so you can see the toy placed nicely inside. You open it at the top and pull out the foam insert. Your dildo is placed nicely inside the foam.

This is great for gifting, but it isn't discreet. You'll want to give this to another in private. You can use it for storage, but I find it bulky. So, it's best to get a toy pouch for the dildo.

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