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69 reviews

If you're a beginner to intermediate user who prefers a wide tip and a slimmer shaft, then this is the perfect toy for you.

The Vamp is very cheap for a 100% silicone, realistic dildo. It's great for a sexy vampire roleplay or just making corny vampire jokes. I've made so many terrible jokes when I've used this on my period because of the whole vampire thing. It is pretty stiff and feels more rock hard than a squishy, human penis. It's not a very fun toy to practice oral sex on due to it's lack of give.

It's a fantastic sort of basic dildo - the white button-down of dildos, if you will. Versatile, useful and aesthetically appealing, it's great to have around.

I really like this toy! It took me a bit of time to warm up to the toy and get comfortable with the size and how realistic the toy is - but once I got used to the size and look of this toy, it is hands down one of my all time favorites!

The Vamp by Tantus is just slightly more than your average everynight dildo. It sparkles! Its size is what sets it apart from other toys, however. It's an all-around great toy that advanced/intermediate users will LOVE using in their butt, in their vagina, in their mouth, in their ear/nose, and in their threehole (not necessarily in that order).

Regardless of inspiration, this is a great inexpensive, harness compatible, silicone toy that will be perfect for those who may be sensitive to textures.

The Vamp dildo is an all around lovely toy. It is appealing to look at, but it is also very versatile. It is good for solo play, strap on play, and anal.

The Vamp by Tantus is a wonderful and affordable silicone dildo inspired by sparkling vampires that would be a great addition to any collection regardless of vampire admiration.

Whether you’re into the undead or not, Vamp is a remarkably beautiful semi-realistic dildo which is sure to catch the eyes of many. It’s girth and large head make it a superb toy for those who want a little extra fullness. Tantus’ high quality silicone ensures that this sparkling beast will be lasting decades to come.

This is a great toy all-around. I had some personal issues with it, but that doesn't mean the quality is any less. This would be GREAT for those who love bigger toys with a firm thrust. The slight flexibility is nice, but by no means realistic.

We love the Vamp's combination of the beautiful color, length and width. The gentle curve is great. It's not nearly as intimidating as some of the options available.

I am in love with this toy. It is large enough to satisfy me and not so large that I feel like I am being torn apart. The subtle shimmer is very ascetically pleasing and its silicone, what more is there to love?

Oh Vamp, you're pale, shimmery, salivatingly amazing. However, you're not the toy for me. This toy has every single pro I was looking for. Easy to clean, allergen free, completely safe for a number of uses, but you're just too firm for me. I feel like I'm bordering a glass toy when I use you. Being so true to its size, I just can't get past the minor pain I feel when I use this toy, it's just too bad. I wish I could have loved it too.

The Vamp dildo by Tantus is a beautiful, pale pleaser for those of us who can handle larger diameter toys. With its versatility in use and ease of cleaning its sure to be a great addition to many toy boxes. The material feels great but is a lint magnet so be sure you store it properly.

Live out your vampire fantasies with this themed dildo by Tantus. Firm enough to hit the g-spot but not too firm to cause bruising or discomfort with normal use.

This toy is one that people pass links around as a joke; the “Twilight Dong” and all. But when you get past the joking, this is a well-designed and very good toy!

Vamp is a great buy, it is an affordable beautiful dildo. The shimmering sparkly color looks undead, and the veined texture feels realistic. Even if you do not have vampire fantasies, Vamp will still fulfill your desires. The size is a good medium, which will please all users.

The Vamp is a filling (read: kind of big!) but flexible silicone dildo that is easy to care for and made of safe materials. The enlarged tip took some getting used to, but stimulates my g-spot very well and I love it! While it was my first toy, it stays at the top of my toy box. I would recommend it to anyone!

After all the toy reviews I thought The Vamp was going to be a blinding trophy of a crafter's/sex toy reviewer’s dream. You see, I’m a glitter whore. Anything that blings, sings – and I must have it. There was nothing but disappointment when I realized that this was merely a slightly shimmery dildo. Bleh. I wanted its sparkle to shine so brightly that when it was being used, the neighbors would think that my vagina had just gotten engaged. But no - it’s just a dildo.

Fulfill all of your glittery vampire fantasies with the girthy Vamp! This dildo is large and in charge. It also offers plenty of pleasure even if you're not looking to fulfill your vampire fantasies. If you have a shallow g-spot, he can take care of that too. There really isn't a damn thing not to love about him.

If you've never tried a Tantus dildo because of the high price-point, treat yourself to the affordable and amazing Vamp. It's the best silicone on the market, in a medium size and shape that offers good g-spot stimulation and is anal-safe and harness-compatible. It's cheaper than many inferior toys, and offers plenty of possibilities with options for temperature play, gender play, partner and solo use, and vaginal or anal use. When you want one dildo that does it all, the Vamp is sure to please.

I love Vamp. This realistic dildo is a great size for intermediate and advanced users. It's also very safe to use and easy to care for. It worked like a charm on my partner during strap on play. My only con with it is the amount of glitter in the silicone. I was expecting it to be a bit more glittery. I won't hold that against Vamp, though, since it worked so well for us.

With its large ridged head, girthy shaft and pearlescent colouring, the Tantus Vamp is not just pleasing on the eye but is also fulfilling in use and very well suited to certain fantasies, harness compatible too!

Moonlights as a spanking device. It will make someone a great workhorse, basic largish dildo. I only marked it down because the ridge on the top of the head is very difficult to navigate around my pelvic bone. I've read how others love it, and how it works great for them. For me, it was a bit of an old fashioned horror show.

I am very conflicted about my Vamp. I didn't buy it because of what it is themed from. I bought it because it was a more reasonable size than some of the other toys that I own for days when I don't want something huge. I can't really use this for that because of how firm it is. I like the feel and size of this, I just don't like how firm it is.

The Vamp is made from safe material, is large and will fill you up, and shimmers gently in the light. It's also great for role play, for those who may be vampire fans. For the size, as well as being made of silicone, the Vamp is a great buy for the price.

This item is definitely worth the money if you're looking for a rather inexpensive silicone toy that's easy to maintain and body safe.

It is my cunt's desire to own this dildo. If you can take the texture and the girth, this is one exciting stud.

The Vamp is the perfect dildo in size and shape. The Vamp is the champ to give you some fun and fright on your special night.

The Vamp is a great dildo for multiple reasons. It's a beauty to look at, it has a great, big, wonderful head, it's silicone, a fantastic size, and it feels awesome. The only issue I had was with the extreme firmness causing some discomfort, but for that I give it a 4.65/5. Still, the Vamp is definitely worth adding to any toy collection, especially at such a reasonable price.

Even if you don't have a vampire fetish, the Vamp is a fantastic choice. This realistic dildo is realistic manages to bring in a nice hint of "whimsical" to it's realness. When you take the realistic shape, and you add the whimsical, shimmering color, you end up with one beautiful cock. The best part? The material is extremely high quality. I highly recommend that you give the Vamp a try today, even if you don't daydream about screwing Edward.

This dildo is positively amazing. It's beautiful, the perfect length, and has a great curve to it that is reliable. It will work as a packing dildo it's so flexible, even though most might think you've got an erection when you wear it as a packer. It's great as a strap-on dildo, it's great vaginally and anally as it has a base. It's material is silicone and safe, and it's just such a great choice. So realistic and safe!

Vamp made by the Tantus company is something that I am so happy that I experienced for myself. I didn't really know what I was getting into. It was almost hypnotizing on how much I wanted to use this product. I feel like it just looks at you, and it takes control over you. Vamp, you have control over me. I will forever use you and take care of you. It feels pretty big to me but maybe I'm just a big baby. I love how it looks, it makes me want to use it more.

The Vamp would be a perfect sparkly addition to anyone’s toy box. The size is more suitable for intermediate and advanced users, but anyone who wants this can surely enjoy it.

It is totally worth it. It is a good choice for Solo, Strap-on, or harnesses. It is perfect for couples who are into pegging, femdom, or whatever! Plus, it is a hit with Twilight fans.

The Vamp is a pretty standard dildo with no g-spot curve and little texture, but the color is unique and it's good for any use!

The vamp is just a wonderful dildo for beginners, or the more advanced. The size and texture isn't overwhelming. It's made of silicone so it can be fully disinfected. It can be used anally, or used with your favorite harness. I don't have anything negative to say about this dildo. The vamp is the perfect addition to his or her toy box.

The Vamp is a very good starter silicone toy. Whether you want to move on to bigger toys, or just have a nice go to, the Vamp is your toy.

Vampire obsession or not, Vamp is really the perfect dildo. The flared base makes it ideal for everyone, every use. Body-safe silicone and a fleshy, sparkly sheen make this toy an addition to your collection that you don't want to pass up. With a non-intimidating size, Vamp is bound to please every level of user's undead fantasies!

The Vamp is a very high quality dildo. While I found it to be a bit big for pegging, my wife does enjoy it. It has a very silky feel and my wife likes the slight sparkle to it. If you are looking for a Dildo on the slightly bigger scale you will really enjoy the Vamp.

When searching for my first dildo, I had a checklist so detailed one might think that I was shopping for a mate! I wanted something of similar width to my Tantus Ryder plug (bonus points for other Tantus products). I needed something silicone for material safety and easy clean-up. It would also need to be of "average" or longer length, safe for anal play, harness-compatible, and affordable. Impossible, I thought. But the Tantus Vamp fit the bill in every respect!

This toy isn't only for Twilight fans! Although this toy wasn't the best for me due to its firmness, it still makes a wonderful affordable realistic dildo. Because of the girth, it may not be for beginners, but should be perfect for intermediate users.

The Vamp is a great realistic dildo made of high quality material. You don't have to love the undead to love this toy!

The Vamp is a gorgeous silicone dildo, suited to please your every desire. It can safely be used vaginally or anally, on yourself or on a partner with a harness. It provides a full feeling and along with the shape, it is likely to satisfy most average users. There is a ridge at the head that some people may enjoy, but it does not work for every body.

This is an overall great dildo. If you enjoy realistic toys, this could very easily become a favorite. The silicone is very firm, but is flexible enough to allow for comfortable penetration. Featuring an anal safe base, all you need is your favorite water based lube to have a sucking good time!

You don't have to be a Twilight fan to love this vamp. Not only is this dildo beautifully made from high-quality silicone, it's a fantastic toy for beginners wanting to move up to a toy with more girth. The head may catch on your pubic bone, but the feel of this toy and the soft silicone is worth it.

Being high quality, a fair price, and silicone, the Vamp is a steal. Aside from the large head, which can be either troublesome or excellent, the only other quirk is that it is simply a dildo—no more, no less. If you want a simple, effective toy, I would highly recommend this to advanced anal players and anyone looking for a quality dildo.

If you're looking for a dildo that is eye-catching, realistic in shape, and comes at a great price, then grab a Vamp. It was my first toy/dildo I ever bought and I don't regret the choice.

You don't have to like Twilight to enjoy this sparkly glamourcock. It's a fantastic all around strap on dildo for any kind of penetration. Silicone means easy to take care of and it'll last all your undead days.

Even though I am still laughing about the name, The Vamp is a surprisingly wonderful dildo. The shape is perfect for men and women and it doesn't have that usual silicon smell.

If you're not worried about the head catching on your pubic bone, give The Vamp a try. Really, that's the only possibly bad thing about it. Realistic without being intimidatingly so; it has a bit of 'veining', if you wanna call it that. It really is a nice, basic dildo...and it's shimmery! It would definitely be a great toy for those looking to try something a little girthier, as the pliable silicone has some give to it.

This is my absolute favorite dildo. The size is perfect. This is a great dildo to use in a harness and used on a partner or solo.

Vamp is your perfect realistically molded dildo - with a glittery finish as a bonus. Made out of silicone, he's perfect for room temperature or cool play, and can easily be cleaned and sterilized.

The Vamp is a high quality silicone dildo that is not only well made, but harness compatible as well. Because of the average size it is good for anyone who enjoys dildos. Period.

In the far off land of Spoons, Becca Yawn is desperately horny. Lucky for her, the Tantus gods made The Vamp: a deliciously delightful dong that was both pretty as well as functional. No girl should go without one, whether her boyfriend happens to be undead or not!

This is one of my favorite toys, and a great dildo for newbies and hardcore dildo enthusiasts alike. It's the perfect size and firmness for nearly any vagina. It's beautiful, versatile, and is made of wonderful body safe silicone. Even if you (like me) hate Twilight, this is one hell of a dildo.

If you're looking for soft or subtle, the Vamp isn't it. But if you want intense sensations without the going to intimidating textures or uncomfortable sizes, this could be for you. It's especially great for people who are ready to explore high-quality dildos who had been using only smooth, basic ones up to this point. It's an average and comfortable size but is made of high quality silicone and is harness compatible. This simple dildo won't disappoint!

The Vamp is a soft, slick, silicone dildo, that is also harness compatible, with just enough firmness for easy insertion and g-spot stimulation. It size (both length and girth) is good for both beginners and advanced users. A great all around dildo.

It looks just like a vampire cock should... pale and sparkly! And it retains cold temperature! Its perfect for fantasizing.

The Vamp is a great realistic dildo for beginners and advanced users. It is harness compatible and can be used for multiple orifices.

The Vamp is a Tantus toy that was created to help with some of the vampire phase. For being a vampire-created toy, it actually works well. The silicone is high-quality, and the Vamp itself is pleasurable to use. It's sold at a great price for what it is.

A straight dildo that's somewhere between realistic and stylized. Beautiful to look at, and easy to take care of. The Vamp is a great quality, versatile dildo – definitely a keeper.

Overall, a great toy with many applications for a great price. An enjoyable challenge for a beginner and no frills elegance for the experienced. A truly worthy dildo for any collection.

This item is worth to buy because its affordable & quality is def included. If you want to please yourself in the room alone to just having a fun time with your partner.. this is your dildo! There is really nothing negative i can say about the vamp.

The Vamp is a quality silicone dildo that will last a long time and provide lots of pleasure and fun. It can be used however you wish and is very easy to care for.

For a high-quality silicone toy this one is a steal. It's designed well for vaginal, anal and harness use and has a pretty finish to it, which looks great in person. Whilst vampires might not be your thing, I don't think there is any reason why you shouldn't sink your fangs into the Vamp! (Or is it the other way around?)

Despite its Twilight Reference it's one of the best non buzzing toys I've used, ever. Worth it if you easily distracted by all things shiny or orgasmic.

The Vamp is a beautifully shaped and colored dildo. It's creamy color is infused with sparkles, and it is wonderfully flexible. The length and width are nice without being too large. The Vamp can be used alone as well as in a harness.

The Vamp is damned near the perfect realistic style dildo; silicone, body safe, retains temperatures well, has subtle texture due to the exaggerated head and veined shaft but not too much texture, is sized to please nearly any level of user and it sparkles! Whether or not you're into vampires, the Vamp is sure to please. And if you are? Happy fantasizing! The Vamp really does seem like a bloodless, beautiful, undead cock.

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