The Destroyer!

This is a great toy all-around. I had some personal issues with it, but that doesn't mean the quality is any less. This would be GREAT for those who love bigger toys with a firm thrust. The slight flexibility is nice, but by no means realistic.
Pure silicone-body safe, great for those who love bigger sizes, beautiful, firm structure
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This is your fairly standard dildo, with harness compatability. It's made to fit in o-rings and to be used on its own. It's a bit on the big side, so it would probably not be suitable for beginners, but otherwise it's an all-around good toy! I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that it is far bigger than I usually like. It DID bruise my cervix with the first use, due to an accidental thrust while trying to insert it. This was due to MY mistake and not to the design or quality of the product which I will go into detail on later.

Material / Texture

This product is made of pure silicone, making it totally safe for the body and super easy to care for. It had no scent or taste to it at all, which is nice. The texture of the outside of the toy was fairly smooth aside from the veins that are part of the design. When squeezed, the toy had some give, but was much like a firm rubber toy in that way. It wasn't super bendable, but did flex some. It wasn't realistic by any means, but was pleasurable in its own way. Being that it is silicone, you won't want to use silicone lube with this toy, but I will go more into that in the care of the toy. It is non-porous and totally body safe, making care super easy and taking the worry and irritation out of playtime that some products leave behind.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is absolutely beautiful. The color of the material also helps, but the thick shaft and head are just magnificent. As beautiful as it was, I wasn't able to work with it very easily. The head is way thicker than what I am used to and with the material being so firm, my body just didn't rock it that well. I had such a hard time getting it in that I went ahead and tried lube. I tried more lube later and still couldn't make it work. Does this make it a bad product? Not at all. It simply just felt too big for me to be comfortable with it. It took several tries and warming up with another toy before I could make it work. Once I got to that point, it was a great toy. I just feel that it's a lot of work for something so big.

Apart from the size, the toy didn't have a lot of bends, bulbs and curves. The veins added texture, but it was fairly straight and simple. It seemed realistic to me as far as the outer texture, but the silicone was much more dense and firm than real flesh. It also doesn't look particularly realistic, although it's a realistic design.

It's a bit big and bulky, so I would imagine it would be hard to hide or travel with. There is NOTHING discreet about this, so if you need something that could pass as a regular object, you might want to look a bit further. The stats that the site provides are accurate, so I won't repeat them. It's just as hearty as it sounds.


This is a sturdy product made with top materials. It's definitely worth the money. The toy should last you as long as you can imagine. The care for this product isn't rocket science, but you will want to maintain it properly. As far as the usage goes, this product would rock a size queen's world! It's firm, thick, long and would thrust very well. I have no real complaints about this toy. I do wish there was a smaller version of the same mold, but that's a bit much to ask when there are products of all shapes and sizes out there.

It feels a bit heavy in a harness, but with the right harness, it shouldn't be a problem. It wore decently and thrusted well while offering great control.

Care and Maintenance

Being a silicone product, you don't want to use silicone lube on it. This has become common knowledge, but it's always good to point out the material again. You don't want your new friend falling apart due to the wrong lubricant!

As far as cleaning goes, there are a few ways to go about it. First of all, you can simply just clean the toy with soap/toy cleaner and warm water. Since this is a silicone toy, you can do even more than that! You can clean it with a %10 bleach solution (rinse well!), boil or set on the top rack in the dishwasher. Silicone holds up well and can take a real beating from cleaning.

Storage is also easy. You can store with other silicone toys or alone in a place with reasonable temperatures. I suggest giving your toys their own bags or boxes to avoid dust and lint sticking to it. All jelly, silicone and TPR toys have this issue and it is best to avoid it than to have to clean it SO thoroughly before use. Nobody wants lint down there!


This product is packaged perfectly! I saved the package for storage, as it cradles the product and keeps it dust-free. It's basically a clamshell case inside a box. You get the suspension that keeps it from rattling around as well as the security of the box itself. It had some information about the product and the brand and such on the outer box (which is plastic). It's not tacky, but it is obvious. If you are gifting it, it will need to be covered until it gets where it needs to go. The plastic box is clear, the clamshell is clear and the dildo just shows itself proudly. Again, it's not tacky, but it is obvious.

Personal comments

I really enjoyed this when I had the time to work up to it. It's worth the work, but I do wish it was a bit easier. I gave the product 4 stars due to it being a great product, but not really working for me personally. I just think it's geared more toward size-queens.
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