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I don't think these are exciting enough to warrant a purchase! I think if you want to build up your vaginal muscles, Kegel exercises or the pod-like toys they make would be better.
Nice weight to them. Easy to clean.
The can get lost.
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These silver balls are very well weighted and a great way to build up your vaginal muscles. The only thing I can say about them is beware of losing them! I have inserted them and had them fall out at inopportune times! I like what the details here recommend, putting them in a condom and tying it shut before use. Great idea!

They can not only fall out, but they can get stuck up near your cervix and need to be removed, which can be difficult. I have heard others say the same thing about losing them, internally or externally. (remember that the vagina is a closed area and they cannot be sent throughout the body, but can get wedged up in there and you will need to stick a few fingers in to remove... could add to the fun, if you have your partner help!)

All in all, I do not see them as useful. They can be difficult to work with. When inserting, be sure they go in deep enough to stay in. Do not get alarmed if you cannot find them for removal! They will not travel through your body. Just relax and insert a finger or two to locate them. You can also try bearing down and that might make them fall out or get closer to the entrance of the vagina.

I think if you wanted to build up your vaginal muscles, doing Kegel exercises would be your best bet! Just contract your muscles like you have to pee. Hold it tight. Try doing this throughout your day, while driving, sitting, walking. Building up these muscles can really add to the man's enjoyment! Try tightening and holding while he is in you...he will notice and love it! Try contracting the muscles repeatedly...tighten and loosen...see how he likes that!Winking
I have had them fall out while walking, as well as get stuck up near my cervix and I had to go in and remove them.
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  • tantric
    not sure I understand why you only gave them one star, you listed quite a few positive attributes. you give good info on use and how to info, but I would like to know more about the product its self. what is it make out of, how it safe it is, packaging, ect.
  • Gary
    I have read a lot of good reviews on the Smart Balls. They are of a significantly different design, and might be worth checking out if you are looking for something to strengthen your internal muscles.
  • LittleMissBliss
    I think it is important for users both new and experienced to be aware of all the qualities of these types of products. I, speaking as a yet to be experienced user, must say I found your review helpful in the fact of the lost balls and how to insert them far enough. I am also thankful you suggested Kegel exercises before or without the use of the silver balls. Very Valuable Information!!! Thank you for the review!!!
  • jakhammer
    i have just ordered my first pair
  • Mistress Jezebel
    I wouldn't like them getting lost.That's scary. Anyways thanks for the review
  • AndromedaJane
    not sure about losing them. I think I'll stick to ones with retrieval chords.
  • Dvine Decadence
    Still considering but more wary, thank you for the review.
  • Jon S
  • mrs.mckrakn
    Wanted these but not after reading. Thank you
  • Undead
  • funluvinmama
    I have put off getting some because of the worry of them getting stuck inside. THANK YOU. I will look for a set with a strap or leash to remove them.
  • ViVix
    Kegels also work to intensify the woman's pleasure (stronger orgasms and such). I hate to think that women are doing all the work for none of the rewards!
  • anobscureallure
    Thanks for the great review!
  • iabicpl09
    Thank you for the review
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thank you
  • Thomas90
    Thanks for the review
  • tortilla
  • deltalima
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