Patchy Paul II - g-spot vibrator by Fun Factory - review by Mitsouko

Cecil the Sea-Sick Serpent

It's not as exciting as it appears. But it may be good for a beginner who wants to have a cute or stylish vibrator.
Easy maintenance, cute appearance.
Weak vibration.
Rating by reviewer:
worth reading, but not useful review
Its really cute appearance originally attracted me. It's green and has eyes! I've never bought a sex toy, but my husband said to me, "I want to use a toy on you." That made me curious and interested. But as a beginner, I didn't want a realistic vibrator. The color of this product is unreal green and it doesn't present erotic appearance. I thought it was something I could keep in my drawer without feeling too awkward.

When I showed it to my husband, he said "It's Cecil the Sea-Sick Serpent." I didn't know, but he explained to me that it looked like a cartoon character he saw when he was a child.

When I actually saw it for the first time, it looked awfully big. I didn't know I could put it inside of me, as I am a petite Asian woman. With the use of lubricant it did slide in easily. I felt the overwhelming feeling that my vagina was filled with the toy, but didn't give me that much sensation, as I expected, even when I turned up the vibration to the max.

I found out that I feel better when the vibrator was actively moving in and out. It is a kind of difficult task if I am using the toy by myself. But with the help of my husband, the toy is more enjoyable.

I recently used this toy with a bullet type vibrator. While I am inserting Patchy Paul II inside of me, I use a bullet on my clit. Even if I don't move Patchy Paul II quickly, with a help of the bullet, I can get wonderful excitement.

Besides the appearance, probably one of the best part is its easy maintenance. Even though I've never used it in the shower, the product is waterproof. Before and after I use it, I can simply wash with soap and water. It's so quick and simple.
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  • Juliettia
    I think that your review could be improved if you added some specific details about this product. Such as the material type, how big it is, lubrication compatibility (can it be used with oil, water, silicone etc). How many and of what kind of batteries it takes. Did the curved end provide any sort of g-spot stimulation?

  • ~miss.heather~
    I agree with Juliettia, more details about the toy and uses and maybe not so much specifically about your experience, at least in the body of the review, there is the experience portion of the review for your comments on how it worked for you.
  • El-Jaro
    Entertaining to read, try the extended format

    Welcome to the Community!
  • MuffysPinguLove
    Take your time when writing the reviews. Make sure to provide information that will help others when considering this product. The more detail you can provide about a product, the better. Welcome to the community!
  • J's Alley
    I would add more info regarding how to care for the toy, what it is made of and what lubricants are safe to use with it.

    Also, did you feel the texture of the toy or not? I would also try it out in the shower at least once (since it is supposed to be waterproof), just so you can say that you know for sure it holds up in water.

    The more reviews you write the more you will learn. I would also use the extended review just to know what you should add.
  • LicentiouslyYours
    I'm with Mr. Sauce, I think using the extended review format would help increase the usefulness of your reviews by providing a guide for what to think about including in it.

    And welcome! Smile
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I agree with Julietta. Your writing style is nice and readable, but I found myself wondering about how the material felt, smelt, tasted, etc., and I was definitely curious as to how high and how variable the vibrations were.
  • Darling Dove
    I'm agreeing with the other commentors here- I think you need some more technical details. Plus, you could comment on the soft or hardness of the toy, and how easy it is to clean, how you think it may work for other women, etc.
    You are off to a good start but you just need a bit of work. Keep trying! Smile
  • Mitsouko
    Thank you everyone for the comments. I truly appreciate your valuable inputs. I actually tried to rewrite, but didn't find the way to do so. Can I rewrite my review which were already published?
  • MuffysPinguLove
    Yes, you can rewrite your reviews that have already been published. To do this go to your account, click review program on the left, and then click reviews on the left and you should see all of your reviews and be able to edit them.
  • Airen Wolf
    Aren't silicone toys the best for cleaning?? Soooo easy! Still might wanna stress that a condom is great if you plan to share the toy during play or is you like to use anal play and vaginal play in the same session with the same toy!

    If you are a bit unsure that you would like to play in the shower with the toy you can try a little experiment that I use to test water proofness...while cleaning it submerse it in water and turn it on. Leave it to run a bit then carefully dry the outside and take the toy apart. If the batteries are dry then it's waterproof if not then it's just another piece of the puzzle you add to your review. Beware of condensation though, if you have a hot moist bathroom try taking the toy to another room to open it just to be sure the batteries don't show water from the air in the room.

    I like your writing style and look forward to seeing more, welcome to the community!
  • dezzydezire
    Thanks for the review.
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