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Comparison on Mimi Generation 1 and Mimi

I have both versions of Mimi and I wanted to do a comparison of the two products so I could help answer any questions that may have been thought about the two Mimi's and which one a person should buy.
Small, discreet, powerful, rechargeable
Vibrations are felt throughout not pinpointed.
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I know a lot of you are wondering about how the newest version of Mimi compares to the first generation Mimi, so I thought I'd try to answer some of your questions in this comparison review.

Both versions of Mimi are small, elegant, and discreetly designed to be a perfect companion to solo or couple play. I have used them in both instances, but I find myself enjoying it more with solo use than I do with my husband. However, if you prefer using toys with a partner Mimi is very easy to use. All you need to do is hold Mimi directly on your clitoris in whatever position that you enjoy and let it work its magic on you.

Mimi is designed as a clitoral vibrator, but can also be used to tease and caress your or your partners body during foreplay over all of your erogenous zones that love attention and stimulation such as the nipples, labia, testicles, perineum, etc. It is not designed for vaginal or anal insertion and does not have the proper shape for this.

It could be used as a whole body massager for achy muscles, but I do not use it for that purpose.

I believe Mimi would be great for beginners or advanced users alike because it has five levels of vibration and several patterns to choose from. The strength would be suited for most because it goes up to a good 4 Vroom, but offers lower levels of vibration as well. Beginners can also appreciate its unintimidating shape and that it is does not look like a sex toy. All users can appreciate the fact that both Mimi's are rechargeable and waterproof.

Je Joue has a few warnings that I thought I would mention. Je Joue advises to consult a doctor if you have a pacemaker or if any surgical operations have been carried out on the relevant body parts that you will be using the Mimi on. Also, do not use Mimi on any area that is swollen, inflamed, or erupted. Do not massage Mimi on the abdomen if it is painful or if you are pregnant. Do not massage on the upper neck area near the base of the skull. Do not use Mimi in the presence of poor circulation.

Material / Texture

Both versions of Mimi are made out of a smooth, soft, velvety 100% body-safe silicone. Silicone is one of the safest product materials on the market and is consider a ten on the safety scale because it isn't porous and won't harbor bacteria. It is also considered a food grade material, phthalate free, latex free, and hypoallergenic.

It is ideal for those who prefer smooth toys because there is no added texture anywhere. There is a small indentation of the Je Joue logo on the top of both toys, but that can't be felt while in use. It does not have any seams anywhere on the toys so you do not have to worry about anything catching on your delicate areas. If you prefer toys with a lot of texture, then Mimi is not the toy for you. The core of both Mimi's are very hard which means there is no flexibility to this at all so if you like your toys to be firm then Mimi could be perfect for you.

It has no odor or taste even directly out of the box.

Design / Shape / Size

Je Joue did not change anything when they redesigned the newest Mimi as far as shape goes. Both Mimi's measure the exact same and have the same thickness of silicone. The only thing I noticed is where they placed their name on the product. The older version of Mimi had Je Joue embedded upside down and in the middle of the toy, whereas the newest version of Mimi has Je Joue stamped right above the button controls and facing toward the controls. Je Joue knew exactly what they were doing when they designed the original Mimi because it fits perfectly on the clit so I would assume they did not want to mess with something that fits perfectly to a woman's anatomy.

Both Mimi's are available in four shades to suit a variety of styles, but right now only black and pink are listed for the Generation 1. You can choose from black, fuchsia, pink, or dark purple. I chose purple for both because purple is one of my favorite colors behind blue, but since blue was not an option obviously I'd choose the purple. It is a rich, deep, feminine purple that is very nice.

The Mimi is similar in shape to an egg and is designed perfectly. Mimi fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, is lightweight, and never leaves my hand feeling tired from using it. I love the way it contours to my body and nestles magnificantly on my clit so I'm able to enjoy the wonderful sensations it produces and allow it to work its glorious magic on me to achieve climax.

Mimi's measurements are shown below and as you will see it is perfect for travel as it would easily fit in a pocket, purse, bag, etc.

3 1/4" in length
5" in circumference around
2" in diameter
2" in width

It is not shaped like your conventional sex toy so I don't think you would have any issues with this if it was left out accidentally.

I think the size is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. It is more sophisticated and classy in appearance than your realistic toys and other clitoral vibrators so beginners wouldn't be intimidated by having either Mimi in their collection. Advanced users will appreciate Mimi's silky appearance and wonderful design that fits well to a woman's body.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls on the newest addition of Mimi is where there are some changes. The first generation Mimi had two button controls one is the on-off switch and the other is to go through the vibrations and the pulsation patterns. The newest Mimi has three raised button controls: one for on-off, one for vibrations, and one for pulsation patterns. Also, the newest addition of Mimi has 6 pulsation patterns versus the original Mimi's 5. I know most are wondering if the controls are easier to use on the newest Mimi, and my honest answer is I can't tell because I am used to pressing the controls on Mimi and Uma that it has never bothered me. I did notice that they were raised higher than the original version of Mimi so I'm going to go with I think they could potentially be easier than the older version due to this fact.

The operate the newest version of Mimi, hold the + for three seconds to turn Mimi on. To increase the vibration levels continue clicking +. To decrease the vibration level click the -. To turn it off, hold the - for three seconds. There are five total vibration levels from a low subtle rumble to a powerful 4 Vroom. There are also six different pulsation patterns to choose from. To change from constant vibration to a pulsation pattern, click the ~ in the middle. You can also change the intensity of the pulsation patterns while in pulsation mode by clicking the + and - symbols. The levels of power are the same as they are in vibration mode, but you are using the increase or decrease in power to control the power of the pulsations.

The vibration patterns are as follows:
1) on-off-on-off
2) increase and then decrease in power
3) slow pulse
4) very fast pulse
5) fast pulse
6) drawn out pulse.

I'm not a fan of pulsation patterns so I do not use these, but I know there are some that enjoy pulsation patterns over steady vibrations.

The older version of Mimi has five vibration levels that increase in intensity and five pulsating vibrations. The controls are as follows:

1-5) Start off slow in vibration and then steadily increase in vibration with mode 5 being the strongest
6) First pulse pattern on-off-on-off
7) Fast pulse pattern
8) Roller coaster pattern
9) Faster on-of on-off
10) Fastest on-off on-off pattern

To use the older model of Mimi, is pretty much the same as the newer version of Mimi. Initially, hold the + symbol slightly hard for a few seconds to turn it on and again to increase the vibration intensity. After the fifth vibration level, click + through the five pulse patterns. To return to the previous level or pattern you can click the -. I find this feature to be a wonderful addition because I'm not having to go all the way through the choices again to find the level I like if I accidentally bypass it. You can also do this in the newer version of Mimi. To turn it off hold the – symbol for a few seconds.

The vibrations on both models are concentrated at the smaller end, but can be felt throughout the entire toy and delivers powerful stimulation. I would consider both versions of Mimi to have the same 4 Vroom power capacity. I would consider the vibrations to be a mix-breed between rumbly and buzzy. They are deep enough to achieve enjoyment out of it, but still considered buzzy because if you hold it for a long period of time does make your hand tingle. However, it does not cause any ill affects to the parts that are being stimulated so that is great because it won’t leave you sore.

It is water resistant and safe in the bath or shower. Do not submerge for prolonged periods of time. Also, in the user manual it mentions not to use in extreme water temperatures. I have not used mine in the bath because I did use my very first Mimi this way and soon after it started acting up so I didn't want to chance the same thing happening to my replacement and the newest model of Mimi. I'm not saying for positive the water caused my original Mimi to act up, but I want to safeguard these just in case.

Comparison photo of the two adaptors. The thinner one is considered a travel adaptor and came with the newest model of Mimi, but both have the same length of cord. The newest model has a blue light that glows when charging and to allow the user to know that it is charging properly. You can see the small circle area in the above picture where the blue light glows.

The good and bad thing about the Mimi's is they are rechargeable using magnetic clips on the end to charge. I mention this as a good and bad aspect of the toy because although it does not require batteries, if it is losing its charge it will go through a cycle where it will not hold the intense steady vibrations that you are on. This can be very annoying when you are close to climax and it starts to cycle up and then down over and over again with the speed and you're not able to finish. That being said, it will hold its charge for about 1 1/2-2 hours and it takes approximately 2 hours to charge. If you happen to own both models of Mimi or a model of Mimi and Uma, the chargers are interchangeable.

To charge, make sure it is aligned properly with the charging dock and Mimi's magnetic buttons and you will feel the magnets pull into place. When charging the red light will flash. When fully charged, the light will be steady.

The noise level on both models is basically non-existent at the lowest setting which I know is wonderful for those that have roommates or thin walls. The only time they become loud is on the highest setting, but that can be easily muffled under covers or with background noise. It is not so loud that it becomes distracting which I find to be wonderful because I need to concentrate while playing with myself.

Care and Maintenance

Due to its small size, both Mimi's can be stored anywhere though Je Joue recommends not storing with other silicone toys due to possible break down of the silicone. I store both Mimi's in my lingerie drawer in another toy pouch, and it does not take up much room at all. Je Joue advises to keep Mimi and the charger cords away from heated surfaces.

It is compatible with water-based lube and you can use warm water and soap to clean it or your favorite toy cleaner or toy wipe. Do not use with silicone based lubes because silicone can break down other silicone products. IF you choose to use silicone based lubricants, I advise to patch test before using it all over the toy.

Always unplug before cleaning and make sure it is completely dry before reconnecting the charger and plugging it into an outlet.


Je Joue made a few changes in their packaging with the newest model of Mimi. As you can see in the pictures below, the newest box of Mimi is a brighter purple than the previous version and smaller. Also, the newest version does not have a ribbon on it. The included instruction manual is also smaller on the newest version than it was on the older version of Mimi. The instruction manual features information about the product and their warnings in several languages.

Both Mimi's come with a one year warranty from the date of original purchase against any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. If this happens, Je Joue will replace it free of charge. As with most warranties, dismantling or tampering with either version of Mimi automatically invalidates the warranty. I have worked with Je Joue in the past, and I can say they stand by their products and will work with the customer to get a replacement to them in a timely manner. I corresponded with them via email, and their customer service representative returned my emails in a timely fashion and the replacement product was sent to me immediately.

Personal comments

Overall, if you already own the original version of Mimi I would not consider getting the newer version unless you absolutely have to have it. The vibration levels are the same, the only difference between the two is the newer version has three controls, the controls are slightly raised allowing for easier pushing, and it has six pulsation patterns versus five. The newest version of Mimi has the ability to increase and decrease the power of pulsation patterns that the older Mimi was not able to do. I don't use this feature at all because I'm not a fan of pulsations, but I know others will like being able to control the intensity of the pulsations felt. If you can justify getting a new Mimi for those reasons, then more power to you, but I don't see why it would be worth it. I know that others had issues with the original Mimi bubbling, but that is not my case with any of the Mimi's that I have owned. The newest model is supposed to have a new layer of silicone that is supposed to prevent the bubbling issue from the first model.


I love both models of Mimi, but I've found I love Uma more because Uma's motor is slightly stronger and is pushing the 5 room mark whereas both versions of Mimi are 4 Vrooms. If you do not require 5 Vrooms to achieve climax or do not want the ability to insert it, then I would highly recommend getting a version of Mimi. Je Joue exudes quality and you are able to see that through their toys.

A little background about me if you have never read one of my reviews before. I came to Eden at the age of thirty on the hunt for something to achieve orgasm. I had not experienced an orgasm and a friend of mine suggested that I look into sextoys. The Mimi's along with the Eroscillator Top Deluxe, Uma, and Vibratex Mystic Wand are the only toys that are able to bring me to clitoral climax so I will always have a place for Mimi in my toybox.

I consider both models to be highly crafted from a fantastic company that I love getting items from. Je Joue has fantastic customer service if you happen to have any issues that cannot be covered by Eden. In the instruction manual it states Mimi is the perfect first toy; I don't care if this is your first toy or not, but I highly recommend buying this product because I cannot say enough good things about it. I believe it would be great for beginners or advanced users alike. I know there are contributors on here that do not like Mimi and what she has to offer, but as for my needs both versions of Mimi by far meet my expectations from a toy.
Follow-up commentary
I've tried many clitoral vibes that have been on the market and this is in my top 10 favorite list. I've always had trouble achieving climax, but not with Mimi. It produces the kind of vibrations that I need and I will never have any complaints about that.
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