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Deep and Strong

The G4 Elegance offers strong, deep vibrations in a stylishly designed vibrator. Its large size adds to the sensation. If you are looking for an easy to use, quality vibrator that delivers both strong vibrations and size, this toy will please you. It can be used for vaginal, clitoral or anal stimulation.
Strong, deep vibrations, rechargeable, waterproof, girthy, silicone.
Makes a creaking noise during use.
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The instructions included with the G4 Elegance state that it's suitable for vaginal, clitoral or anal use. Exercise caution when using it anally to make sure it isn't fully inserted. Keeping fingers through the handle should prevent that.

Anyone who enjoys strong vibrations in a vibrator that is also delightfully filling will enjoy this toy.

Material / Texture

The insertable portion of the G4 Elegance is covered entirely in silicone. The handle is constructed of hard plastic with a softer material for the control buttons and a chrome finish on the inside of the hollow portion.

It has no scent or texture other than the slight asymmetrical ridge that wraps around it.

Design / Shape / Size

G4 Elegance is 8 1/2 inches long and has a circumference of 5 1/2 inches. Its cross section shape is that of an irregular oval. It has a raised ridge that swirls from one side of the back to the other side of the tip along the back, then continues around the vibrator in a curved line across the front.

The motor extends 3 1/2 inches into the silicone part. The last three inches of the vibrator appear to be all silicone. The motor appears to be located between 1 1/2 and 3 inches up from the handle. The outer 3 inches is bendable. The several inches near the base can be bent somewhat, although you will definitely sense the hard working parts inside.

The tip of the G4 Elegance comes to more of a point than most vibrators, although the silicone is soft enough that this doesn't result in a poking sensation during use.

The handle has a hollow portion which would seem to be where you could insert fingers as you hold it. Due to its asymmetrical cross-section, it rotates to the right upon insertion so that the flat part of the side facing up is level and the buttons on the handle angle toward the right.

For this reason, inserting fingers in the handle during use probably only works for left-handed people. The most comfortable way to hold it with the right hand is with fingers and palm wrapped around the white plastic, avoiding the interior of the handle completely.

Touching the vibrator near its three buttons causes them to light up with Fun Factory's Magic Touch technology. It's difficult to figure out exactly what triggers the lighting. Repeated squeezing in the same areas doesn't always result in the button lighting effect.

The top button has an asterisk shape on it. This button moves the G4 Elegance through its vibration patterns. A plus button increases vibration intensity. A minus button reduces vibration intensity or turns it off.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The G4 Elegance has four patterns of vibration:

1) rapid pulsing
2) slower more forceful pulsing
3) transition from slower to faster pulses
4) steady vibration

It can be started by pressing either the pattern or the plus button. To move to a stronger vibration setting, either press the plus button once for each increase in vibration strength, or hold the plus button down until the desired vibration strength is reached. The same methods of moving to a lower vibration strength or turning it off apply as well.

It's very easy to change vibration patterns or strength during use.

To charge the G4 Elegance, simply attach the magnetic end of the charger to the word 'Fun' on the back of the handle and plug the charger in. The word 'Fun' will glow red on the back of area where the charger attaches to the vibrator until it's fully charged. The word 'Fun' on the charger must align with the word 'Fun' on the back of the handle. Like all Fun Factory Click 'n Charge vibrators, once the light goes off, if you jiggle the charger slightly it will go back on and continue charging.

The instructions state to charge it fully before the first use and that this could take up to 6 hours. Mine required only 4 hours to finish charging. A charge should last for 30 minutes of use if used on the highest vibration setting and longer on lower settings. In practice it lasts at least that long.

It makes an average amount of noise during use. You will be able to cover the noise it makes with music.

It's completely waterproof. There don't appear to be any seams or gaps that would allow water to enter. The silicone part fits tightly against the plastic handle.

Vibrations are most strong in the middle section, although they travel well throughout the toy. It is not immediately apparent where they are most strong. G4 Elegance's vibrations are deep and strong. Users who want a girthy vibrator with deep, strong vibrations will be pleased with this toy.

The one quirk of this toy is that the handle sometimes creaks as it's used. If you're thrusting with it something inside the handle or where the handle meets the silicone creates a creaking sound.

Care and Maintenance

G4 Elegance is completely waterproof. To clean, wash it with soap and water, then dry. You may want to store it in a plastic bag since it is a tremendous lint magnet. Even towel drying it leaves fibers all over it.

Use only water based lubricants with this product in order to avoid damaging the silicone.

The G4 Elegance uses a high quality lithium battery that is not subject to the memory effect. It can be charged at any time without worry of shortening the life of the battery.


This product works remarkably well vaginally. My first experience with it was truly amazing. The fact that it's larger and will likely fill you means that your clitoris will be closer to the vibrator while it is inside you than smaller vibrators. It requires only a light touch to bring my clitoris onto the vibrator and achieve dual stimulation.

Used for clitoral stimulation, the middle of the shaft can be placed on the clitoris. Since vibrations transmit throughout the toy so well, this results in significant labia stimulation also.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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