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Glowing Aura

Aura's a good warm-up toy; if you orgasm easily, this is definitely more than just a warm-up toy. The material it's made of is great, there's an (over)abundance of patterns, and it's waterproof & rechargeable. It could be stronger, perhaps a bit thicker silicone (around the beads), but overall, Aura's lovely on its own.
Beaded Rabbit
Battery drains quickly while off
Almost indistinguishable patterns; too many
Could be stronger
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First impression

Aura came in EdenFantasys' typical plain cardboard box, cushioned with brown paper. Inside, was a gorgeous box - Aura's container. Inside the box was the rabbit itself, a storage pouch (hell yes), and a usb charging cable.

Aura Box
Box Contents & Size Reference

The first thing I noticed was the texture of the materials (silicone and ABS plastic) - so beautifully put together that it was actually aesthetically pleasing; to say Aura felt smooth is an understatement. Unlike Eden's other products, Aura did not come with a charge, so I promptly plugged the beauty in, and busied myself with work.

First Use

My first use was in the shower - I figured I should test if Aura was truly waterproof. I grabbed my favorite bottle of water-based lubricant and got started. I have a similarly styled rabbit, but Aura is far stronger. A good 20 minutes passed. Then 30. I tried thrusting Aura and keeping it still over my clit. I tried all the different settings and virtually every combination. I even tried rotating it at different angles, did full 360's - and I didn't climax. It felt very pleasurable, nonetheless, even without orgasm. I'm not sure if it's because I have a hard time coming, or if it's incompatible anatomy, or something else, but after almost an hour of frustration, I reached for something else that could finish the job.

Further Experience

My further experiences haven't changed the fact that I can't orgasm with Aura. The toy itself is ridiculously pleasing to use - the rotation beads are easily felt, the vibrations are unexpectedly strong (a bit buzzy for my tastes), and it leaves my legs shaking uncontrollably - but no orgasm; no squirt, either. I can't use another toy in conjunction with this one, so I'm kind of forced to deal with the fact that this can only settle to be no more than a warm-up toy for me.

That aside, this toy doesn't do very well when it's off. I left it (fully charged) for 3 days, (without using it) and at the end of that, it refused to turn on until I charged fully charged it again. I know some products don't hold charges for very long, so I'm not sure if this is just an actual issue or if this is 'normal' for Aura. I thought I simply hadn't charged it after my first 2 sessions, but after repeating that test (leave it off for 3 days without using it), it yielded the same result. This is also probably why it arrived with a completely drained battery. In other words, if you get this toy, charge it and use that charge within 3 days - otherwise, you'll end up horny with a dead battery in the shower.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are kind of buzzy. The upper half of the shaft has beads inside, and they rotate in both directions, so you can choose what you like. I went through all the vibration patterns, and they're rather standard - there are 2 "strengths", followed by 10 patterns. One thing I don't particularly like is that it's really difficult to "find" the constant patterns, as Aura has a memory function - which is good and useful once you find something you enjoy - but until you find something, you need to shuffle through all the patterns to get what you like.

Here are the vibrations as I understood them:
1) Constant (low)
2) Constant (high)
3) Pulsation (short & quick)
4) Pulsation (long & slow)
5) Fast Escalating (medium>high>medium>high)
6) Slow Pulsating turning into Escalating
7) Pulsation (short & quick x4 > long & slow x2)
8) Slow Escalating (low>high)
9) Short Pulsating (x6) > Fast Pulsating (x2)
10) Fast Escalating (again; I see no difference to no.5)
11) Long Pulsation (x3) > Medium Pulsation (x5) > Short pulsation (x10)
12) Long Pulsation > Short Pulsation alternating

I just tend to stick to no.2, which is the constant high vibration. Frankly, I feel like 12 choices is a bit overkill, as they feel repetitive after some point, and it's very difficult to distinguish one from the others.

There are 4 rotation patterns, and they are as follows:
1) Constant (clockwise)
2) Constant (counterclockwise)
3) Alternating (6 right, 6 left)
4) Alternating (12 right, 12 left)

Again, I just tend to stick to the constant options - either clockwise or counterclockwise. My body tends to like clockwise better, but my brain keeps trying to convince me that it makes no difference. I don't really like either of the alternating options; they feel very... distracting. They might be good for bondage play or for a situation where the receiver won't have much control, and you just want to tease, but they don't cut it for me when I play solo. The vibrations travel a little into the handle, but it's not really noticeable, so I won't even be putting a marker down - it doesn't leave my hand numb like how other toys have in the past.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

As always, I struggle to orgasm; anorgasmia's a thing, after all. After some 2 weeks of testing, I wasn't able to orgasm or squirt a single time with Aura. I can't tell if it's because of the lack of strength, or incompatible anatomy, or if there was something else, but it just never happened.

That said, if you do tend to orgasm easily, this will probably make you melt in a heartbeat because it did leave my legs an uncontrollable, shaking mess rather quickly - which only really happens if something feels plenty good. The toy itself gave a very pleasurable experience and can be used to warm up for a steamy night later on, but it's nowhere near enough to get me off on its own.
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  • Contributor: Soundside46
    Sorry, it didn't work for you but a great review nonetheless.
  • Contributor: frisky069
    This looks very interesting! I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I'm that someone who orgasms rather easily as you mentioned. I'm guessing I'd like this! I wonder when it will come back in stock. Great review!
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